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  1. So I met a girl online. same age as me 30 and nice girl. We met a few times and even i gave her ring in January and she accepted. Now problem starts afterwards as I asked if she would like to meet me on valentines day and she says she doesnt believe in valentines. ok , fast forward suddenly corona started and i was stuck in milan and she in the NL. from that time she has started ignoring me uptil the point i had to chase her and now she says she used to love someone from past and now that ex is back. How does this happen? Is it normal to go back to your ex when you are dating someone else and have accepted ring even
  2. Here is the story I have been in this relationship for a year and a half for the last four years he hasn't been in a serious relationship the last relationship before me he fell head over hills for this girl although there relationship lasted less then a year she was the one to end it and break his heart. he has remained in contact with her over the four years my concern is I dont think he ever really has gotten over her and for the most part he calls her often and texts messages her little notes saying how much he misses her and other similar texts. I have questioned him about it, he assures me that there is nothing to be jealous of and that its just an insecurity. But on Valentines Day she was the first person he called not me and last night when he went out with his friends he text messaged her kinda drunk miss you unbearably. shouldn't I be concerned. need advice what would you do.
  3. what are you going to do for the special someone on Valentines day? any Romantic ideas? gift ideas? the person that i think im going to be going out with has always had a bad valentines day...i want to make this awesome for her. I want it to be one she'll remember. what should i do?
  4. So, question for the general public. There's a girl I'm interested in, and she knows I'm interested. But she tells me at this time that she just wants to be friends because she's just gotten out of a relationship. We chat all the time online, and I've met up with her, as friends, a couple times as well. Do you think she'll interpret sending her flowers (I'm thinking yellow roses, not red) for Valentine's Day as a bold move to reenforce how I feel or a desperate attempt that would make me look too anxious?
  5. Heya guys & gurls Just wondering what you'd be doing on Monday with it being valentines day? I mean I'm single and I'm getting a bit fed up about people going on about what their going to do with their gf or bf. Doesn't anyone else feel the same way? Theres nothing for me 2 do because I haven't got a boyfriend. Well just curious! Miya
  6. Anyone else out there who does want to mark Valentine's Day in some way but without pandering to all the hype and commercialisation? The past month was quite a difficult one for my relationship, where my boyfriend and I went through a very bad patch, almost splitting up. I feel that, because of that, it would be somehow inappropriate to put on a lavish display of affection for Valentine's Day, with extravagant gifts etc. I'm sure we will definitely celebrate it but I would really like to give him a gift that is simple yet meanigful. I don't know if anyone else out there is in the same boat, but all ideas are welcome!
  7. I have been with my boyfriend for almost 1 & 1/2 years. I'm 24 he's 28. We've had a bit of a rocky relationship for that past few months, but things had been going surpisingly well for the past few weeks. A week ago, I hinted to him that Valentine's Day Weekend was coming up. And since we both have work and school on Monday (the 14th), we both had come to the conclusion that we might not be able to do anything on that day. Well, that made me assume that we would be having a nice romantic weekend. I have to mention that last year, Valentine's Day was wonderful. He gave me 3 sets of beautiful roses, 3 teddy bears, and took me to a wonderful fancy restaurant. Well, this weekend came around, and on Friday he picked me up. He brought roses that he got from a supermarket. They weren't nice looking at all and they had a weird wrapper and the white label that tell you what kind of roses they are. You can tell he just grabbed those at the market and didn't bother to make it look nice. When he handed them to me, I was kinda taken aback because those are the kind of flowers you buy so that you can put it in a vase and make your own nice presentation. They were ugly and kinda cheap looking, and the wrapper was hideous. There was absolutely no thought put into it. There was no card either. Then he took me to his friend's house, where they made pizza. His friend's girlfriend was there too. I got drunk because I had never done shots before and I had about 3 shots and ended up throwing up in the bathroom and then wanting to go home. He took me to his place, and there was nothing special there, no candles, it was still a bit of a mess. The next morning, I thought there had to be something special that we're going to do. But no, we had breakfast (nothing special at all), then we went to the mall, went bowling (at my request), watched the movie Hitch, and then ate a restaurant in the mall. Twice he said, well this is your Valentine's Day. And I was like "what the????" I couldn't understand how a day at the mall was a nice sweet romantic Valentines Day? That's what you do on a normal Saturday. I kept my mouth shut for the most part and just tried to enjoy the day. But while we were getting coffee we started talking a little bit about how I felt. To be honest, I was kinda upset because he had taken an ex-girlfriend (who he said he wasn't really serious with) to Atlantic City just for fun (it wasn't even a special occasion). But with me, he hasn't taken me anywhere that special or done anything that exciting and fun. We spend most of our weekends running errands for him, and going to Ikea so that he can buy things for himself. And it just made me upset. We didn't fight that night, but I expressed to him how I felt, and told him that if he really cared and loved me (as he says he does) then he could have shown it a little better with his actions. He said he understood and he's going to make it up to me. Then yesterday, I kinda had hope that maybe we'd do something. And we just ended up doing laundry, buying chicken at a drive-thru, watching the Pro-Bowl (while I did homework) and played a game of Scrabble. I tried to keep my mouth shut, but at the end of the night, he asked if I was going to get my period because I was acting edgy. I told him that I was fine but I was a little disappointed in the weekend. And that started a huge fight. I mean, I guess there's still today. But he didn't call last night, didn't call this morning, didn't send me an e-mail this morning. We both have to work and then go to school tonight and won't be out until 10:00 pm. My question is, is it me? Did I expect too much? Was all of this romantic and I just couldn't see it? Or is he a bum?
  8. Well Valentine's Day is tomorrow and like everyone I know, I too want to make it a memorable one. I have been single for a solid 6 months and I feel like I am ready for another committment. There is this girl in one of my classes at school. I am not exactly close friends with her, but we both ran track last year and I really like her. I have a plan of asking her and everything, but I need advice on something else. Anyway, I woke up on this sunny Sunday morning and felt entergized and overflowed with inspiration. I spent two hours listening to music, jumping around my house, and writing poems. I just finished a poem about the girl I like that I think effectively conveys my emotions while also containing a romantic tone to get her attention, seeing as how she does not know that much about me. My first question is, "What words should I put in the parenthesis at the end of my poem, which will also serve as the title of the poem. This is the poem: Utterly astounded by your presense, Unconsciously surrendering as you seduce my senses, Staring into your beautiful eyes that are ceaselessly sparkling, I am shown heaven's reflection. Filling my mind with incredible aspirations Intertwined within a bundle of desires and wishes, Hopelessly blinded by the powerful white light Emanating from your angelic smiles. Lost in the surreal image of your glowing hair As it softly rests upon your forehead, Your endless blonde streaks flow Like the river of emotion that flows around my heart. All my prior thoughts and actions Leading me along this unknown path to you, Mesmerized by your movement, Captivated by the lovely song of your voice. Searching for an answer among the peaceful winds of chance, Unsure of your true nature that I attempt to uncover Yet undoubtedly certain of the decision I have made To pursue my longing for such an invaluable treasure. Memories of you eternally imprinted Within the confines of my imagination, Beneath the covers of my bed on a most magical night I hear the whispering words, " " That being said, I also would like to know if giving her this poem right away would overwhelm her. Should I wait to see if we form a meaningful relationship or should I just let her know of my feelings that are hard to express in person? Thanks for reading! Inside Info: We are both 18yr old highschool seniors.
  9. Two quick questions for everyone. Which would you prefer ladies, a single red rose, or a single white rose? Also, is it ok to give a rose on valentines day to a girl that you aren't in a relationship with, but you really like. The girl knows I like her, and we're still really good friends. Her parents just don't want her to date till she's 16. Ladies and gentlemen, feel free to answer both questions.
  10. yesterday my gf and i were walking around town and she was searching for a book. while we were in one of the book store's she asked me how much the necklace was that i bought her for valentines day, the reason she was asking is cos her friends were talking about it and they said it looked expensive..the thing is she doesn't like it when i spend too much money on her..that's why she asked! anyway eventually i told her how much it was (kinda expensive ) and she fliped out on me!!! she hit me over the head, pushed me and shouted a little lol! well after this we were kinda distant and then she asked me if she hurt me and i said not physically but emotionally yes! she said sorry and we had a little talk about it...after that we were fine, we sat down in the park and she layed down and rested her head on my lap..basically we forgot all about it! then i spoke to her on the phone that night (as we always do) and she mentioned how bad she feels by it...i told her that iv forgotten all about it and there's nothing to worry about..it was just a spare of the moment thing that happened! anyways we went out today and she mentioned it again, i don't know why but she just won't forget about it...i told her that it was one bad thing that happened on what was probably the sweetest day we've had out together!!! but she just won't stop beating her self up over it!!!!! i'v tried a million times to tell her it's ok, it's in the past, no harm done!!!! she just won't accept it!!!! how do i get her to realise that iv forgiven her? i just don't want her to feel so hurt about it especially after i've already forgotten about it!!! cos i hate to see her so down and it's realli starting to make me feel bad and hurt now..... yea so how can i try n tackle this situation??? thanks in advance....
  11. I was wondering something. I haven't been feeling too well the last few years, but I'm somewhat of a private person, so nobody really knows about that. My birthday is coming pretty soon and I'm sure either of my parents would like to organise my birthday back home. The trouble is I'm really really really not in the mood for this . They mean well, but I haven't really tried to celebrate my birthday in years, as such days (along with Christmas, Valentines day, etc) really depress me more then usual, those days driving the idea home more that I'm only getting older, am still alone and things aren't going too well. I've been pondering on this, but I can't really think of a way to avoid my birthday, without hurting either my mom's or my dad's feelings or make them suspicious. Can anyone help me?
  12. Hey everyone, I have been hanging out with this girl going to restaurants, bowling tennis and it has been pretty fun. I am a little confused though because I dont know what this means to her. I figure that if I ask her to a movie on Valentine's Day then if she says yes then she is interested. I was thinking also about asking her how she feels. Not sure which one or if either one should be better. Is it general better to let things happen or should I come clean?
  13. I have this really good friend, and we've been really good friends for a long time now. This coming valentines day I'm going to ask her to be my valentine and I was just wondering if I should ask her out also. I don't know I'm afraid she might say no or get to shocked. What should I do? and should I even ask her to be my valentine? please help
  14. Well me and my girlfriend of 3-1/2 years have been broken up for 8 months now, im 25 shes 23. Ive had my fun in the "single life" in our breakup and have dated a few people but the love for my EX has not gone away and i miss her more as each day passes on. We hung out 2 days ago, i just showed up unexpectedly at her door...she was a bit shocked but gave a big smile and let me in right away. This was the 3rd time we had spoken in the last 8 months since we broke up in june. We hung out, smoked a quick one....then started talking about all of the good things in our relationship...one after another. There were a few points where i almost started crying, and i saw her well up quite a few times. She slipped up during our convo and said "I couldnt imagine ever being with someone the way i was with you"...I said "neither could I". That one got me thinking....*Could we possibly get back together?* I just sent her a box of chocolates and a card for valentines day through the mail, should be there by today or tomorrow. Now im thinking about her 24/7 since we hung out.....now what do i do? Ive consulted a few female opinions on the matter of "my big plan"...here it goes... Her Parents own a restaruant in the same town that we both live in and shes going to be working a double from 12pm-10pm (waitress) on valentines day. My plan is to show up while shes working with a nice shirt and tie on with a 50 dollar boquet of flowers on saturday afternoon. Im going to tell her i miss her alot, hand her the flowers and say...happy valentines day. If she still has enough feeling for me she'll probably give me another chance...i broke up with her. Or she'll be nice being that this will be in a public arena on a busy valentines day afternoon, and just tell me its not gonna work later on. Basically her whole family likes me and i got pretty close to during our relationship, theyll be surprised to see me thats for sure. Anyways i hope that maybe this serves as an inspiration not to breakup with that special someone becuse the grass is not greener on the other side. Ill let you guys know how saturday goes.
  15. Ok well my girlfriend and I have been going out for little over a month now. I am in University and she live in my hometown. So i dont get to see her every often. But since Feb 14 is coming up I though it would be a good time to show how much I like her, but early this week she tells me that she is not going to be around for Feb. 14. She is going away to she her grandma. Well that took me be surprise and I didnt know how to answer other then saying ok thats fine. What do you guys think I should do should just wait till she gets back and just do something special then. Or ask her to stay for Valentines Day and go see her grandmother the next day. Since I dont get much time at home ( about once every two weeks for the weekend) I almost ever get to see her, but I dont want to sound selfish by asking her to stay. What do you guys think please any advice would help. thanks
  16. There had been some problems starting back from the past few weeks or so, we were getting into arguments, but this past weekend, we had sex for the first time, and had a nice weekend. She knew how much i wanted to spend Valentine's Day with her, for the past few months, and she decided to go to work that day. That uspet me, so yesterday I told her she let me down, and i walked off from her. Then today, she told me "I dont think we should see each other anymore", and then after a little minor sparing, i walked off, went to a friend, and cried for 15 minutes. What makes thgis even worse is that this is a few days before Valentine's Day, and now i am going to be alone. She never really opened up to me, and later today I found out that she is goign through some very tought personal family problems. If I had of known this, I wouldnt have been as blunt with her yesterday. I know that this is for the best, nut I am going to face some tense times now until the end of the semester. I have a class with her, and we are in a couple of clubs, and sometimes go on extended trips. This is going to be soooo awkward, and I am scared of those prospects, and don't know what to do. All comments about this are much welcome. I would also welcome some words and phrases of encouragemnt and inspiration right now.
  17. Hi, My girlfriend will be busy on the 13th and 14th entertaining a friend from out of town. We've only been dating 3 weeks, so this is no insult to me on Valentine's day since she already had plans for this. My question. I'm seeing her on the 15th. Should I send her her gift on the 14th or give it to her in person on the 15th? I'm wondering if I wait until the 15th, if she may be deflated a bit on V-day if nothing arrives for her. What do you think?
  18. Guess what im getting for valentines day? death. I dont want to live anymore im sick of these holidays im sick of bneing alone while my stupid ex girlfriend has a grand ol time with her new b/f everyone else is happy except me. well i dont care about me anymore or my stupid pathetic life so im going to tyr and find a way to die. suggestions would be helpful.
  19. Please someone help me...I am doing so much worse instead of better. To sum up the story...It would have been a year on Valentine's Day. We had one small argument in January....Then he asked for a 30 day break...Told me though to keep the faith with us...Said I was the nicest girl he has ever met and was everything he was looking for...Said I needed time to work on myself. Which is true- but just finding a new job and buying my own place. I have already found a place and got a promotion at work so those things are done. Well, he called on Feb. 8th like he said he would but we have been playing phone tag since. His last return message last Wed. he sounded SO cold and like a different person. I didn't even recognize the voice. He said if I wanted to "talk about stuff" to call him back last Thurs. night b/c he had plans all weekend, and if he were home he would pick up. Well, his voice was so cold and different I did not call him back. I stayed strong and didn't call him Valentine's Day/anniversary weekend. I had sent him a letter last week thanking him for all he ever did for me b/c he was everything I was ever looking for and he treated me like gold...He really did. So I thanked him and I apologized for my moodiness around the holiday time which led to a fight...But that was our first real fight...and he just gets up and goes??? I did not ask him to come back to me in the letter at all...Just stated how much I did love him and how I know I need months on my own to grow some more and change as my own person. I don't even know if he read the letter! I am just in shock that someone who wrote me a card on Christmas saying this would be our first Christmas of a lifetime of Christmas' together just leaves me just like that....Without an explanation as to WHY?? Without the common courtesy of a call to meet up and give me my belongings back in person and tell me it is over os I can have some closure. How could the nicest guy my friends and I have ever known turn into this? Please help. I am down 23 pounds....still can't sleep...I can't focus at work...am afraid I won't make it in this promotion. I have been heartbroken before but it has never felt like this. I seriously feel like I'm dying. I just wish he would contact me and give me the respect I deserve. I did nothing wrong! Thanks to anyone for listening.
  20. I work at a restaurant. There was this girl that came in occasionally with her aunt and uncle. One day Her uncle came in and told me she like me then he gave me her number. I didn't call her because i had been busy then a week later he asked for my number. The girl called on Sunday and seemed really interested me. I asked her out and she said yeah. We chose a day and it was in place. The day before that i called her and she said she was sick so i canceled it. We have been talking on the phone for almost two months now. During that time i asked her out about 2 more times. I would call her about 3 times a week and we'd talk for about an hour each time. She seems interested always asking me about myself. Why doesn't she call me? The last time i asked her out she said that her parents had to meet me first before i could take her anywhere. So on valentines day i stopped by her house even though she wasn't home dropped off my gift and met her mom.She didn't no who i was. i also gave her a gift. I want to know why she doesn't call me? Is she purposely avoiding going out and why? Can someone give me advice. I at least want to take her out once. Also she's leaving for college in the summer.
  21. What, if anything, should I get for my friend that I am really close to and REALLY want to be with? A little background: She and I can talk about anything and are extremely close. She knows how I feel about her and I think she may like me too but she has a BF. I want to get her something but I dont know if I should. Please respond soon....tomorro may be the last chance I have to give a gift to her before V-Day.
  22. I asked out a girl for Valentines Day to go out with my friend and his girlfriend, they are going to dinner and bowling. and that sounds good to go but im not sure if my girl can go because it is kinda far away. so i was thinking about taking her to a movie theatre, its the cheap movie theatre (the one that gets all of the old movies), but i have a friend that works there and he gives me everything for free and i can go anywhere in the building. does this sound like a stupid idea? would she think of me as cheap for taking her to a place like this? okay that was the first part, now the second part is that i dont know what to get her. does anyone have any suggestions of good valentines gifts for a new girlfriend...(i thought about those kiss-kiss bears that blush, i saw the comercial) anyways i would like some help please thank you
  23. I dont know if this poem is good but i wrote for someone who wont be getting it so im posting it here. I hope everyone has a good Valentines day, even though i dont have a gf rigth now i dont hate valentines day. I hope everyone whos going through a break up, keep their head up and things do and will get better. My Valentines Poem You were mine I was yours Two lovers with no lost hours You and I had all the power Twice I gave you flowers Everyday was like Valentines Day You would never stay away We used to be so happy together Two birds singing love songs in nice weather Now we are both separated Still our love can't be faded Our hearts remain unbreakable Our souls remain unchangeable My love for you hasn't changed Our life's just got rearranged The love I had remains the same I see the word "love" and it spells out your name Now all we have is time Once again you shall be my Valentine That's when I know your all mine United together for a lifetime
  24. Well I"m really depressed and my health is getting bad because of this situation. My ex of four years broke up with Feb 11 of this year. We had broken up before and gotten back but the last time we got back together which was may of last year, we promised that this would be the last time we would do this. We would work it out and if anything went wrong then we would call it quits. Anyways, he broke up with me and i took it really bad, i was on the floor crying. He wasn't that upset about it, he showed like he didn't care. He said that he didn't see himself with me because we are two different people. he said he's been thinking about it for awhile but that doesn't make sense since he bought me a valentine's day gift that he was going to give me for valentines' day. I don't think there was another person involved because he's the type of person that would tell me. He was the dominant one in the relationship and i was the weaker one. He wasn't treating me good towards the end. He wasn't making me the priority and kept saying how he was unhappy and how i dodn't trust him,etc. He says he does love me and says that he's in love with me but can't be with me. I don' know what to do, i really want him back and I haven't called him ever since that day. He said that it wouldn't be healthy for us to speak to each other until we get over each other. but honestly he's a weird guy sometimes he doesn't go by what he says and that's why i'm still having hope that he would come back. Every time we break up for about a month, he comes back and starts calling me and we get back. this time we broke up, he called me the next morning to see how i was doing, he texted me late night of valentines day and called me, i didn't pick up, he called me about a week later and left a message, i didn't call back, his mom and sister called me to see how i'm doing and to see if they could fix this. and he called me on friday about two weeks ago to have lunch and i politely declined. Ever since then, there has been no contact. I haven't called and neither has he. He's talked to my cousin online and has not brought up my name. His mom called me two days ago to see how i was doing. I told her i was doing good and when he would call me i would act like nothing happened, happy like i moved on. I've pretty much done everything i could of but nothing seems to be working. I love him very much and i don't want this to be the end. We were each other's first everything. He's 25 and i'm 22. I have been a great girlfriend to him and i think he took advantage of that. I'm currently in med school and he's an engineer. This has affected my school work soo much so that i might fail out. Please help me! Is what i'm doing the right thing? Oh and i forgot to mention, tonight when i looked at his website i noticed a pic of him that has himself with new contacts and a pierced ear. He would never do that and now all of a sudden he's changing his appearance. WHat does that mean? does he even miss me?! it doesn't seem like it. Please reply morrigan and whoever reads this. I need advice! thanks!! sorry it's soo long...
  25. Hey, heres the prob.....i asked out this girl named Sarah a few weeks ago and i got turned down for it. Well i'm back up on the saddle and have decided to ask out her friend Mary. Now keep in mind i only asked out sarah like 3 weeks ago so should i go for mary now? Mary also gave me a valentines day gift...only two guys received this, me and the boy that she turned down when he asked her out. So did that valentine mean anything and if so how long should i wait before i ask her out.... P.S. i wouldnt mind some tips on how to go about asking her out in this situation either
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