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  1. Hi, I'm "Johnny", and I'm kind of new here so I'll try explain things as best as I can... I'm in a fairly recent relationship, just closing in on the 6 month mark, but I am getting increasingly worried with my girlfriend... At the 3 month mark it was her birthday, and from that on she started to act strange... She stopped texting me like she used to, she stopped showing care and affection towards me, we started being together only once per week, if at all, and I thought it could have been a rough week at work so I let it slide at the time... Two weeks have passed, and I've decided to confr
  2. So I met a girl online. same age as me 30 and nice girl. We met a few times and even i gave her ring in January and she accepted. Now problem starts afterwards as I asked if she would like to meet me on valentines day and she says she doesnt believe in valentines. ok , fast forward suddenly corona started and i was stuck in milan and she in the NL. from that time she has started ignoring me uptil the point i had to chase her and now she says she used to love someone from past and now that ex is back. How does this happen? Is it normal to go back to your ex when you are dating someone
  3. I have been with my boyfriend for 3 years. We are both 21, I know we are still very young, but we have both talked about getting married as if it is a certainty for some time now. Recently I have been thinking very seriously about this, however, and I'm not sure whether I am certain. What I know for a fact is that I love him. I know that neither of us is perfect and that good relationships are not made of two people who are "perfect" together, but two people who work to make it successful. The good parts of our relationship is that he does care about me, he understands who I am and accepts
  4. So me and my ex girl had a relationship of almost 2 years. Within this period she told me from time to time, that if we would break up she would not want to live anymore. She always been afraid of my normal girl friends. which i never touched. because she didnt like them she said. even they never spoke a word. she was always the jalous type and always seemde very needy to me. she always went trough my phone and would always become mad if i talked to girls publicly on facebook. she ment the world to me and i loved her alot. i could be with her all day but i always gave her spac
  5. tl;dr Me and my boyfriend were having a lovely weekend together and he called me by his exes name. I'm so hurt and can't get past it when I think about the other issues we've had with his ex, what should I do? I met my boyfriend in November, when he had been single for about 8 months after his ex of 2.5 years, Rachel, dumped him. He was really hurt over their break up and tried to get back with her but she wasn't interested. He doesn't talk about her often at all but I know they were in love and she was a big part of his life. By the time he met me he said he was 100% ready to move on, bu
  6. Tomorrow to Valentine's Day marked a very special time for myself and my ex - kind of like am anniversary. I'm terrified as to how I'm going to cope because I know how happy I was last year and the years before. I know people will say to stay busy - It won't stop the pain. I'm trying to stop thinking about the breakup it's been 3 months and 2 months 0 contact. Im still really struggling And I'm not ready to face these landmarks. Im at the start of the healing process better than I used to be - I don't cry daily anymore or want him back - but I'm still very sad over it and I wonder how someo
  7. So the girl I was sort of dating since December has went crazy at me. She was just out of a 2 year long distant violent relationship she was "single" 2 months. He controlled her every move even saying if she got a job in her own city he would never speak to her again. It started off well, we would date hooked up a few times. Then she would be distant obviously talking to her x again. For the last month, nothing physical happened, which I was fine with. I told her I didn't mind waiting. I also told Her from my point of view if she just wanted friendship that's something I couldn't just offer a
  8. Any cool ideas to do together? Some info So me and my ex girlfriend broke up 7 weeks ago. We're both 18 and had a relationship for 3 years. She broke up with me because the spark was gone, we didn't do much ''fun things'' together and the relationship always came to the same ''end'' and now she had enough of it. Her life is too busy and she just doesn't want to commit to a relationship anymore. I could possibly win her back by proving that I'm changed (this time for real) and by doing ''fun things'' every now and then. But yeah obviously she keeps saying she doesn't want a relationsh
  9. General question for the ladies (or guys)...for Valentine's Day, would you rather go out for a meal, or have your boyfriend cook a nice dinner for you at home? For the record, I know my way around the kitchen, so either way she'd get a good meal ;-) Thanks!
  10. So today is Valentines Day. And today my husband surprised me with a Michael Kors bag. I never owned such an expensive purse let alone a brand name purse. I showed my appreciation and told him how much it meant to me and we went to dinner. Then later in the night he wanted me to post a picture of the purse on social media(this is when it gets stupid) saying that he bought me the purse. I don't really like to brag and especially not on social media. There's nothing wrong with that if you do, my sister does it, cool, but I personally don't . He is just bothered by how recently his older brothe
  11. Hey everyone! So Valentine's Day is coming up and I don't know what to get my bf. So if anyone has some good gift ideas, or anything, let me know. It's a committed relationship. It's just that it's easy thinking of stuff for girls, but not so much of guys.
  12. The forthcoming Valentine's Day will be the second one I've spent with my partner. We both agreed at the outset that neither of us was into the commercial "romance", but last year I gave him a card which I'd drawn myself. His birthday is on Feb 13th, I'd had two ideas for a card and couldn't decide between them - so he got both, one on the 13th and one on the 14th. This year, I told him I'd got him a gift, something that is traditionally associated with Valentine's Day but not with hearts and flowers. I told him we'd need to talk about it. He looked both amused and bewildered, and I refused
  13. Hey everyone, I have been hanging out with this girl going to restaurants, bowling tennis and it has been pretty fun. I am a little confused though because I dont know what this means to her. I figure that if I ask her to a movie on Valentine's Day then if she says yes then she is interested. I was thinking also about asking her how she feels. Not sure which one or if either one should be better. Is it general better to let things happen or should I come clean?
  14. Hi friends, So...there's this woman who I absolutely fell for (hook, line, sinker and more) many years ago. It was so tumultuous. I told her of my feelings and she told me only friendship was possible. Then we became even closer friends and there seemed to always be signs and signals. Eventually we had a MASSIVE fight and stopped speaking for 2.5 years. Now we're friends again. It's been about 8 months or so. We don't text everyday or hang out every weekend. We're just friends and hang out every few weeks or so. Anyway, this Valentine's Day, I received an e-card from her. It was real
  15. Hi y'all. This is a realllyyyy longgg post so bear with me. I'm a 16 y/o male and I like a 19 y/o girl. To tell some background we've been friends for probably like 3 years. I've been attracted to her before but never really seriously liked her because she had a serious boyfriend. About 4 or so months ago her boyfriend broke up with her. Since then we've become pretty close friends. About a month and a half ago I really started liking her. Here's the deal though... I only see her every once and a while because she's off at college and I'm still in high school. So all of our communication is th
  16. So a little back story first: Me and my ex were together for over a year and a half. We lived together then she moved out in March 2016. We hadn't spoken since last August 2016. Except for her sending me a blank email and me responding to ask why. She just denied it. But other than that, I haven't reached out to her since she said she was done for good and that there was someone else. And she hasn't contacted me either. On this past Valentines Day, she texted me out of the blue "just wondering" about some old couch that she left stored in my Dad's shed. I texted her back and said nothing
  17. Long story short, I've been dating a rather shy, introverted man for about 5 months now. We've been getting along great and have spent a lot of time together. Up until the past 2 weeks or so, he was verbally expressing how he felt about me, gave me gifts, saying that he loves to spend time together, etc. In general I felt he really enjoyed being with me during this time we've been dating. Before Valentine's day, on the 11th, I drove by his house after work to give him a small gift. I was not expecting him to be home, so I just knocked on his door and gave it to him in person. He said thank
  18. I'm pretty sure my boyfriend of 3 years has depression, but he won't see anyone about it. His has a lot of things hit him at once but all are out of his control really to fix so his left just waiting for things to improve. I've tried being there for him as much as I can but it's really taking it out of me. I get snapped at over nothing if his been down that day. He never seems to want to do things with me anymore, barely gets in contact if I'm not with him, for my birthday he said he didn't have chance to get me anything not even a card, and valentines day again the same. It's not about prese
  19. So this weekend for Valentines day my boyfriend got me nothing. I didn t mind too much because we d agreed not to do anything (but a card at least would have been nice). I got him a card and a tiny present, I got it because I saw it out shopping and thought he d like it, regardless of Valentines day. However, what s annoyed me a bit was that after staying at mine for valentines day, he s left the present and card here instead of bothering to take it with him. I ve actually just found the present on the floor after tidying up. I m also a vegetarian and I bought meals with meat in (Which
  20. Hey guys, this is my first time posting in this section. Basically my girlfriend of almost 2 years broke up with me the day after Valentines Day. It has completely broken my heart. What hurts more is it wasn't even face to face. Today I dropped some stuff back to her as I can't handle seeing gifts from her around my place, I would break down everytime I saw something. When I saw her today to drop it off she couldn't stop crying. I'm not sure how to take it. I don't know if she's doing it to see if I'll beg her back (which I won't) or what. She told me that she will continue to talk to me as th
  21. Hi All, I'm here mainly to vent and perhaps gain some insight from other people in similar situation/situations. I'm pretty certain I'm a codependent. I just got out of a friendship with a friend I worked with for 2 years. I have had feelings for this friend and still do, so this is hard for me to deal with. For two years, my intuition has more or less screamed for my attention and I completely neglected it. The beginning of the friendship was a bit strange. As soon as I saw her, I fell in complete lust. She's the type of girl who get's attention from guys ALL the time and she tends t
  22. Hi, Let's say you have been dating a guy and during Valentine's Day he proposes to you with an engagement ring but you think he is still not the one yet or that you are not ready for it yet. What would you do? What would you say?
  23. Ok this is just a question for the ladies out there, maybe for the men too if you've tried this. I'm just trying to guage the kind of impact that my idea would have . Ok 1st thing. My girl is going to be away for Valentines day in Europe so she won't be in the country for me to give her the roses I was planning. Right, so I've found her hotel address in France so I was planning on sending them to her over there.How would you ladies out their feel if you partner did something like that for you? Thanks Oh yeah and one more thing, would you find a single rose or a bunch of roses mo
  24. Hi guys, I've been seeing a girl for around 5 weeks now. We've been going out 1 or 2 times per week and really hit it off. The thing is, Valentines Day is coming up and I don't really know what to do about this in relation to her. We are not exclusively dating, just at the "seeing each other" stage. I think this may move forward soon though. Should I take her out on a date on this special day or are we too early in the realtionship to make such a big deal? Should I buy her a gift? And how "big" should this gift be? I want to let her know she is important to me and make her feel spe
  25. Me and my boyfriend have been together for over 2 years and for the first year and a half it was perfect but there's little things that cause massive problems. Last summer he started going to the pub every evening which was fine at first but when I wanted to make plans with him he'd be too occupied with the pub and his friends - granted he doesn't go every evening now but that's mainly because of his work not because of wanting to spend time with me. We hardly do anything together I try to make plans on the weekends when I know he isn't working but every Friday without fail he is at the p
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