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  1. So I met a girl online. same age as me 30 and nice girl. We met a few times and even i gave her ring in January and she accepted. Now problem starts afterwards as I asked if she would like to meet me on valentines day and she says she doesnt believe in valentines. ok , fast forward suddenly corona started and i was stuck in milan and she in the NL. from that time she has started ignoring me uptil the point i had to chase her and now she says she used to love someone from past and now that ex is back. How does this happen? Is it normal to go back to your ex when you are dating someone else and have accepted ring even
  2. So the girl I was sort of dating since December has went crazy at me. She was just out of a 2 year long distant violent relationship she was "single" 2 months. He controlled her every move even saying if she got a job in her own city he would never speak to her again. It started off well, we would date hooked up a few times. Then she would be distant obviously talking to her x again. For the last month, nothing physical happened, which I was fine with. I told her I didn't mind waiting. I also told Her from my point of view if she just wanted friendship that's something I couldn't just offer as I have to many feelings involved. She had told me at one point she was scared to fall for me. We had arranged Valentine's Day plans. She then had to cancel due to other commitments. She then cancelled another date, so I messaged and said I can't keep doing this. I told her I felt she was over her x and that I couldn't keep putting myself on the line. She messaged back, thanking me for all I had done for her. And wished me luck for the future. Fast forward a week, she messages me again. Saying "you was right, you always are" turned out she has went to see him again. They had argued and she had flew home. We spoke, and agreed to meet up. We started talking about relationships. She said she could definitely see herself with me. Thanked me for being her rock and said she finally feels over her x. She had been ignoring his messages. She also messaged and said "I would love to Go out with your March 14th (I said that'll be our Valentine's Day) I should have been with u on the last Valentine's Day" All going well. Then we meet on Monday for a double date, she's telling the other couples we are with that we are just friends. One of the guys told me that, and said all the girls was laughing as they could see how close we where. Anyway night goes on and I see her texting her x. We spoke about it, He was saying things to mess with her head. So I said don't message him as it'll ruin our night. This carried on and near the end of the night she's glued to her phone. So I said if u keep messaging him I'm leaving. She keeps messaging so I leave. The next day she's messaged me saying "I never wanted to be in a relationship with you. It's all in your head. You keep forcing yourself on me. Don't contact me again" she blocked my number and Facebook. I replied with "it was obvious I wanted more than friendship. Good luck with everything" She then goes on to say she will bring the Valentine's Day presents I got her over, I told her to keep them. She replies with I don't want them. I also play sports with her brother during the week. She's told me not to play anymore as I'm a bad person and she doesn't want me to have anything to do with her life anymore. I told her I would be continuing to play, I wouldn't bring her up to him though. As we never speak about her. She again said she doesn't want me to play and said she wished she seen this side to me before telling people how great I was. I asked her to stop the messages and let's just move on. Next day I got another message saying she had left the presents I got her outside of my place. She had brought back the gifts and also put in the Valentine's Day card. I didn't respond to her. I know she was using me as a distraction. Which is fine, we all do it. I don't understand why she was so angry with me. It's a shame as we got on so well. She isn't over her x. I'm going no contact. I'm not expecting her to message me either. Just confused. She wanted to come to Scotland for my sisters wedding in June, since the incident she's deleted my mother off Facebook as well. Which I find extremely immature
  3. So today is Valentines Day. And today my husband surprised me with a Michael Kors bag. I never owned such an expensive purse let alone a brand name purse. I showed my appreciation and told him how much it meant to me and we went to dinner. Then later in the night he wanted me to post a picture of the purse on social media(this is when it gets stupid) saying that he bought me the purse. I don't really like to brag and especially not on social media. There's nothing wrong with that if you do, my sister does it, cool, but I personally don't . He is just bothered by how recently his older brothers were giving him crap at work for planning to have a drink with his coworkers after work which I was completely fine with. They just kept nagging at him that whole day like why is he doing that and that he should be spending time with his family and not drinking with coworkers. He doesn't go get drinks all the time. I let him have his freedom too and if he wants to hang out with coworkers, who I know, for a bit to enjoy himself, I don't mind. He asked me beforehand. It was stupid that his older brothers were giving him crap. But the dumbest part is that he really let that get to him and won't drop that I didn't want to post a picture of me showing off the purse 'his' way. I ended up posting pictures but in a "comedic" way by having my dog with his paw on a box of chocolates and the purse in the picture. Saying thanks to my dog and husband for the gifts. The way he took it was that I was comparing him to a dog. I told him then take a picture with me and (I know he feels insecure about his weight) but he was just like no you should have just took a picture of the purse. I'm sorry but this is the most stupidest pathetic argument I ever had, and on Valentine's Day. Am I wrong in any way? Because I don't understand what I did wrong here.
  4. Hey everyone! So Valentine's Day is coming up and I don't know what to get my bf. So if anyone has some good gift ideas, or anything, let me know. It's a committed relationship. It's just that it's easy thinking of stuff for girls, but not so much of guys.
  5. Hey everyone, I have been hanging out with this girl going to restaurants, bowling tennis and it has been pretty fun. I am a little confused though because I dont know what this means to her. I figure that if I ask her to a movie on Valentine's Day then if she says yes then she is interested. I was thinking also about asking her how she feels. Not sure which one or if either one should be better. Is it general better to let things happen or should I come clean?
  6. Hi friends, So...there's this woman who I absolutely fell for (hook, line, sinker and more) many years ago. It was so tumultuous. I told her of my feelings and she told me only friendship was possible. Then we became even closer friends and there seemed to always be signs and signals. Eventually we had a MASSIVE fight and stopped speaking for 2.5 years. Now we're friends again. It's been about 8 months or so. We don't text everyday or hang out every weekend. We're just friends and hang out every few weeks or so. Anyway, this Valentine's Day, I received an e-card from her. It was really beautiful. Very poetic card, and in her message that she wrote, she said she loves me dearly. I can't for the life of me tell whether it was just a sweet gesture or if it means more. What would you think if that happened to you? Thank you for any feedback. I'm soooo confused by this!
  7. Hi y'all. This is a realllyyyy longgg post so bear with me. I'm a 16 y/o male and I like a 19 y/o girl. To tell some background we've been friends for probably like 3 years. I've been attracted to her before but never really seriously liked her because she had a serious boyfriend. About 4 or so months ago her boyfriend broke up with her. Since then we've become pretty close friends. About a month and a half ago I really started liking her. Here's the deal though... I only see her every once and a while because she's off at college and I'm still in high school. So all of our communication is through text. Anyways I flirted with her a little bit and I saw her around Christmas. I thought she was flirting back a little bit. After that I texted one of her best friends and asked her what the girl I like thought of me(which was dumb and I shouldn't have done) and she said she was pretty positive she thought of me as just a good friend and wasn't attracted to me and felt kinda awkward around me(I hadn't picked up on that she didn't seem like she felt awkward to me). I said ok and that I wasn't going to give up on her that easily. I was pretty down... and she asked me if she could tell the girl I like that I asked and what I said and stuff. Looking back I shouldn't have told her she could but I did :(. After that I texted the girl I like and told her I was sure her friend had told her what I had asked and that she was an awesome person but that I was ok with just being friends. And she sent back that I was one of her closest friends and that she didn't want to ruin that. And that she just went through a lot with a guy and wasn't ready to get into anything else with anyone. And that it'd b hard to trust anyone if she ever did. Anyways so we still text like every day and she texts me and stuff it's not like I'm just texting her... anyways any tips on how to get from the friend zone into a girlfriend? And also another specific question... Valentine's Day is coming up should I text her happy Valentine's Day then? Thanks in advance.
  8. Hi, I'm "Johnny", and I'm kind of new here so I'll try explain things as best as I can... I'm in a fairly recent relationship, just closing in on the 6 month mark, but I am getting increasingly worried with my girlfriend... At the 3 month mark it was her birthday, and from that on she started to act strange... She stopped texting me like she used to, she stopped showing care and affection towards me, we started being together only once per week, if at all, and I thought it could have been a rough week at work so I let it slide at the time... Two weeks have passed, and I've decided to confront her and ask her if something was going on. She became aggressive, saying that I was overreacting, everything was OK with her, and that it was perfectly find for her that we would be together once per week. We don't live together, but we do live in the same street, and both our parents think it is very strange that we are barely seeing each other now. I have spoken with her parents, to see if I could understand what was happening, and from what I've heard she seemed to be fine to them, and they though that I was the one who stopped wanting to be with her... We all get along wonderfully, and I've Ben friends with her family almost my entire life, so it was a pretty big surprise to them when I told them that she stopped showing any kind of affection towards me. Later I had another conversation with her, and I managed to get something our of her for once... She started bursting into tears, holding on to me saying that her birthday reminded her of how old her parents were, and that she would eventually lose those who have always been there for her in her darkest moments, and don't get me wrong, I completely understand that, and told her that she didn't have to worry about anything, by the time all that happened we would already be married and that it would be me standing by her to help her go through everything. It may not be the best thing to tell someone in a situation like this, but that is the best I could do at the time. The thing is... Almost 3 more months have passed, and she is still exactly the same as before, nothing has changed at all during these 3 months since her birthday except at valentines day, during the entire week of valentines she was actually caring, sweet, always trying to be in touch with me and actually be with me. For that single week, it was as if she went 3 months back in time back to how she was before her birthday. The very next day she was back to being silent and act as if I didn't matter much to her at all... Am I really overreacting? Is she losing interest in me? When we are together she is always very sad, tired, and almost feels like she does not want to be there with me, sticking to her phone through most of the time, more than she ever does speaking with me even if she has a day off or is free, and when she is like that I try to be supportive and make her forget everything that may have gone wrong throughout her day, which I don't know since she has also stopped telling me about her day, even when I ask her directly, and sometimes I manage to get a smile out of her, but nothing much other than that... On rare occasions she manages to show some affection and care, about once per month, and she even surprised me with an unexpected invitation to go have dinner with her once, but even then I felt she was very cold with her words, and she didn't look ok at all. She once said that I was the best boyfriend she has ever had, and knowing her former boyfriends I know she is telling the truth, but that is also why I think she may be taking me for granted since everything about us seems too perfect to go wrong... We have known each other since we were very young, our parents have known each other for the duration of our entire lifetimes and we all get along perfectly with everybody in both families, she knows I am caring and always available to support her at all times, and she knows I truly love her, but I am not getting the same feedback from her and I feel like I've been the one doing most of the work for our relationship for the past 3 months, with the exceptions being the valentines day week and this last dinner planned by her. Is there something I am doing wrong or should do to fix this issue?
  9. I dont know if this poem is good but i wrote for someone who wont be getting it so im posting it here. I hope everyone has a good Valentines day, even though i dont have a gf rigth now i dont hate valentines day. I hope everyone whos going through a break up, keep their head up and things do and will get better. My Valentines Poem You were mine I was yours Two lovers with no lost hours You and I had all the power Twice I gave you flowers Everyday was like Valentines Day You would never stay away We used to be so happy together Two birds singing love songs in nice weather Now we are both separated Still our love can't be faded Our hearts remain unbreakable Our souls remain unchangeable My love for you hasn't changed Our life's just got rearranged The love I had remains the same I see the word "love" and it spells out your name Now all we have is time Once again you shall be my Valentine That's when I know your all mine United together for a lifetime
  10. Well Valentine's Day is tomorrow and like everyone I know, I too want to make it a memorable one. I have been single for a solid 6 months and I feel like I am ready for another committment. There is this girl in one of my classes at school. I am not exactly close friends with her, but we both ran track last year and I really like her. I have a plan of asking her and everything, but I need advice on something else. Anyway, I woke up on this sunny Sunday morning and felt entergized and overflowed with inspiration. I spent two hours listening to music, jumping around my house, and writing poems. I just finished a poem about the girl I like that I think effectively conveys my emotions while also containing a romantic tone to get her attention, seeing as how she does not know that much about me. My first question is, "What words should I put in the parenthesis at the end of my poem, which will also serve as the title of the poem. This is the poem: Utterly astounded by your presense, Unconsciously surrendering as you seduce my senses, Staring into your beautiful eyes that are ceaselessly sparkling, I am shown heaven's reflection. Filling my mind with incredible aspirations Intertwined within a bundle of desires and wishes, Hopelessly blinded by the powerful white light Emanating from your angelic smiles. Lost in the surreal image of your glowing hair As it softly rests upon your forehead, Your endless blonde streaks flow Like the river of emotion that flows around my heart. All my prior thoughts and actions Leading me along this unknown path to you, Mesmerized by your movement, Captivated by the lovely song of your voice. Searching for an answer among the peaceful winds of chance, Unsure of your true nature that I attempt to uncover Yet undoubtedly certain of the decision I have made To pursue my longing for such an invaluable treasure. Memories of you eternally imprinted Within the confines of my imagination, Beneath the covers of my bed on a most magical night I hear the whispering words, " " That being said, I also would like to know if giving her this poem right away would overwhelm her. Should I wait to see if we form a meaningful relationship or should I just let her know of my feelings that are hard to express in person? Thanks for reading! Inside Info: We are both 18yr old highschool seniors.
  11. Okay, I made this poem for my boyfriend for Valentines Day...I know he'll like the idea because he is a very artistic person. Plus I don't really have any other idea of what he would like lol. The problem is it doesn't really seem to flow for me. It's an open poem, so it doesn't rhyme. But if you see anything that you think I could make better, could you please tell me? I want it to be perfect for him It is impossible To put into words My feelings for you Ever since the first day I laid my eyes on you I knew it was meant to be Friends at first Then it grew Now I can't take My eyes off you Thoughts of you Fill my head Day in and day out It almost scares me How much I like you And I keep wondering How much do you like me? I hope it's as much as I like you But it seems almost impossible To match my love I keep thinking You're the one This is going to last You fill my dreams My every thought I hope you don't take this As me forcing you into anything It's okay that you don't kiss me I don't want to rush you into anything Hugs are enough I can't believe How hard it is To put into words how I feel It's not that I don't want to kiss you… It's just I like you enough To not rush anything. I hope you like me As much as I like you Happy Valentines Day Thanks for any comments and advice. - Melissa
  12. A CRACK another valentines day finds me here, in my room, staring upwards tht crack in the ceiling was there last year too, but wasn't it smaller twelve months ago? i look through the crack, and beyond to memories of one boy standing on a stage he looks at a girl, his mind filled with fire from a chilling heart. accross the stage is the girl. what does she see? does she see pain, powerlessness, betrayel, a feeling of being used? does she see her own deamon children? no. only herself i look farther, to one boy, even less years grace his face he stands in the chilly night air, looking up at the moon, the last cresent slowly waining away his grip loosens on the stem of a single white rose, petals paler then the last whispers of the moon float into the earth, now tarnished by their first taste of dirt. he smells the last whisp of car smoke. the van goes away, appearently swallowed up by night. he turns, all alone under hte muted greed street signs and walks homw with a small black dog at his side the crack may be bigger, but the roof will still hold out the droplets of a Febuary storm and it has the walls to keep it up, and those are strong and determined, holding up the roof and i sleep soundly knowing ill stay dry maybe next year the crack will be patched
  13. Hi, Let's say you have been dating a guy and during Valentine's Day he proposes to you with an engagement ring but you think he is still not the one yet or that you are not ready for it yet. What would you do? What would you say?
  14. Hi guys, I've been seeing a girl for around 5 weeks now. We've been going out 1 or 2 times per week and really hit it off. The thing is, Valentines Day is coming up and I don't really know what to do about this in relation to her. We are not exclusively dating, just at the "seeing each other" stage. I think this may move forward soon though. Should I take her out on a date on this special day or are we too early in the realtionship to make such a big deal? Should I buy her a gift? And how "big" should this gift be? I want to let her know she is important to me and make her feel special, but at the same time I don't want to come on too strong and scare her off... Any advice on what I should do would be awesome. Thanks. Firefly.
  15. So I met this girl on tinder a few months back. We hooked up a couple times when we first started talking(late November) but have not done anything really sexual since. We were also cuddling a lot too. This semester(before it got cancelled due to COVID) we would still hangout with just the two of us, smoke together etc. Also on valentines day I asked if i could take her out and she said yes. That same day in person I asked what she wanted in terms of friendship/relationship and she said “with you…. uhhh… i think maybe friends because i like hanging out with you”. Then the following day after valentines day she asks to hangout at 2 am, we did but nothing happened sexually. Now since school is cancelled she texts me more often and snapchats me more. Sometimes she is flirty and other times she is friendly. She uses the kissing emoji and throws in small subtle hints but sometimes when i flirt with her she wont flirt back and vice versa. Also on facetime she’s always smiling at me lol
  16. My guy friend Christian and I met up on Valentines Day as friends, and then again a week later. I guess Cupid was visiting us on his holiday, because I couldn't stop thinking about him after his first visit. On his second visit I told him that, and that I had genuine feelings for him. (He's matured into a loving, sensitive 33-year old man. When I knew him in college and even 7 years ago he wasn't like that at all. He truly has become the kind of man I want to be with, and I'm not just saying that.) Long story short: He agreed to be a couple before he left on that second visit. I even made it Facebook official. However, when I went to visit him at his place he told me he'd rather take it slowly; that he'd rather go on a few dates for a few months. (Also save up some money as he just paid off his student loans; no joke, he said he paid $38,000 in one transaction.) If the dates go well after a few months, then we'll be a couple. Naturally, I didn't agree with that idea. I told him, "We get along fine, we don't need to wait a few months to know it." At one point I flat-out told him, "Forget it." But he wouldn't; he said he still had feelings for me. He just wanted to wait a little while to get some things sorted out. One thing that is also bothering me is that I have a little crush on an 80s actor who kind of looks like him. (Ok ok, I know this next part might sound silly.) I watched two movies of the actor today and it made me feel sad. Furthermore, his very first movie makes me feel super-nostalgic; the way the movie is filmed just has that "feeling" to it, you know? (Plus the actor is super-young in the movie and gorgeous, to say the least.) It makes me long to have that puppy-love we all enjoy. (The actor obviously doesn't look that way anymore. He still makes movies and he has written a few novels.) Interestingly, this is not the first time I have struggled with dealing with this kind of disappointment/nostalgia. I get my menses next week, so I highly suspect PMS is contributing to this situation. (One time I started crying over an episode of My Little Pony due to my PMS. Weird, I know, lol.) Some advice I got awhile back when I was obsessed with this one movie I couldn't stop thinking about: "Relax your mind, focus on something else." I've been trying that and surprisingly, it's not bad advice. BUT I still find myself floating back to the nostalgia/longing/sadness. Any and all advice/feedback welcome. Thanks for reading and responding, I appreciate it.
  17. This a text I got today... please share your thoughts!!! “So obviously I want to do something for you for this holiday they call Valentine's day. But my mother's birthday is actually on Valentine's day but she is in baton rouge because my grandmother her mother is dying as we speak. So I flew her out there to be with her mom and dad . So along with paying for a last minute flight for her and making arrangements for her dog who passed away as soon as they got there 🤦🏾♂️and all of my recent investments(Brand,business,etc)I'm broke for the next couple weeks. With that being said I want you to pick a restaurant you want to go to and I will make that happen as soon as I am able along with gifts and flowers. Just know you are thought of and cared for everyday not just February 14th. Thank you for your understanding. 🌹🌹🌹”
  18. Ol girl I've been talkin to for the last couple hitches is laying it on thick y'all. Last time we dated 9 years ago there was a lot of secrets, and she was kept her life in Fl and our relationship in two very different catagories. She'd come up to Alabama and see me for a week or so then go back to her normal life in FL, lots of questions left unanswered. But I got it, she was a high society socialite and I'm just a Redneck so I didn't push. It stung a little that she seemed to be ashamed of me. Back then I also had some pretty hardcore self worth issues. This time around its just like night and day differences. 1) I've grown much colder, I've only truly cared about one other woman since her and that was ⭐️la. Even with my last ex she'd get so upset and if just shrug my shoulders and walk off. 2) we've both grown a lot, or both of our kids pretty much grown. Hers is 16 mine is 15. 3) she's not near as reserved about me coming down or giving me her address. She was good with me sending her flowers for Valentine's Day this year then posted them on FB 4) she's invited me to come stay at her house when I get off work 5) she keeps saying things like it's going to work this time, telling me how excited she is about us gettin together in now 13 days and keeps goin on about how she feels like it's going to work this time. I'm tryin real hard not to get all wound up about this, but it's gettin harder and harder not to bc in all honesty I'd be lying if I said I haven't thought about the possibility of this happening. I'm doing my best to stay nonchalant about this but every time I try a little voice keeps whispering what if she's right, what if it will work this go round, what if the old saying that if you love someone let them go and if it's true they'll come back? But then I think what if we do decide to go forward with it and it becomes something serious? How will it really work? I couldn't live in Tampa surrounded by ppl and concrete, would she move to Western Kentucky? What would I have to offer her up there? It's true that I'm going to try and buy the lot my trailer is on and buy a new 16x80 but would that be ok for her? So many unanswered questions.
  19. my ex broke up with me back in September and we kept having sex until November when she found another guy meanwhile i thought we were fixing things, so a history of not being on the same page. Anyways from up December to now she has always been the one to reach out. whether its to reply to my snap chat story or even merry Christmas and etc. Never saw her really until the guy dumped her. He dumped her in February. I knew something was up as she face timed me on valentines day. Also she kept saying something was wrong but its too personal.( the whole time she kept the new relationship from me whenever we spoke, never said boyfriend or his name just a friend or someone when referring to him) Anyways she face time me the next day after valentines day to hang out. I said sure. we did it was fun and with a group of mutual friends. She came over the next day to "work out" but when she got here she didn't want to. She was glued to her phone and this was pretty much the day of the actual breakup and she was texting him while over my house and it was very awkward, rude and boring. I took her on a walk and she was like not engaging in any conversation but glued to her phone. She kept saying she wanted to tell me something but didn't. I eventually got it out of her and she cried and told me the relationship and showed me the breakup text which was very very awkward for me. Anyways the next week we got into an argument because I complimented her that she looked good on that Friday she was over my house. She basically laughed and said "ohh and you thought i wanted your attention hahaha" but when i tried to avoid this conversation by ignoring her she kept spamming me more and i fell in the trap into arguing back. So we did not talk up until last week. She replied to some candy that i put on my story and it sparked a convo. She face time me the next day to show me her prom dress and her shoes she got ???? then the next day she calls me while shes out with her friends high, saying she needed a place to stay. So I let her stay over. This time I could tell she was more comfortable and engaging in conversation a lot more but this real thing here, we slept in the same bed. Now I was not going to give up my bed lol. As for when the last time she was here a month ago she put a blanket on the floor and laid down separate from me so I don't know why she chose my bed let alone my house she had friends. especially i had couches to downstairs. now nothing happened, I could have made a move that day but it didn't feel right especially she was high so i did not. This was Friday the 23 of march. we talked monday as this was the first time i reached out as I was generally curious. she posted some snapchat story of her wearing pink captioned "pretty in pink" I replied to it, "definite white". As i'm colorblind, sorta inside joke as when she wore pink one day when we were dating she got mad I did not notice it, come to find out it looked white to me. She replied "LOL BLIND ASS" jokingly. I cut to the chase and said "friday was very random for me" she said "yeah so sorry about that " then i said "look it was confusing to sleep in the same bed too, so I need to know if there were any underlying intentions" she replied " no there were no intentions so yeah idek" my response was "now you're saying "idek" so be honest and straight forward about it" she responded " nah" so i left it on read. Now on tuesday I posted a story of some riddle on snapchat story to which so replied the answer to but i did not respond after that either. Now these last few months have been really tiring into getting all these mixed signals and just sleeping in the same bed is the icing on the cake for me. So I been thinking in giving an ultimatum when the next time she reaches out as in "look we can't talk anymore. I cant be friends especially ones that share the same bed together. I am just not interested in that type of thing. Look if your feelings change you know where to reach me but other than that please do not contact me for any other reason." Something on the lines of that. Its been a roller coaster to say the least, and yeah I know usually you will get breadcrumbs if one does reach out but least then ill know she has intentions rather now i'm guessing if she does. So my question is Ultimatum or keep playing the field? if you choose ultimatum do i just send it randomly or wait for her to reach out again? some background, shes 18 i'm 19. We dated for about 1 year and 7 months both our longest relationship and lost our virginity together. Secondly shes very attractive. like a 9. so she gets a loooot of attention especially on social media.
  20. I am beginning to feel as if my husband and I are merely room mates. He barely ever does anything special for me. The only time he pays attention to me is if he needs his fingers rubbed or wants sex. He forgot about Valentine's Day. I got my degree in the mail around the same time and I barely got a Congratulations. We didn't celebrate either one. I have told him about this before. Once he has even said that feelings can change. Also any time I try to get his attention he'll tell me he's busy. His job is very demanding and he is often exhausted too. What do I do about this?
  21. I'm dating a guy whose three years younger than me, he's 21 I'm 24. I'm studying in a foreign country abroad from America and we met out and about at a club. We've been getting to know each other as friends first, we've gone on a few dates and we talk almost everyday and I'm never bored. He's become one of my best friends here as much as I hate to admit this, but we have so much fun together. Even when I went back home to the states for the holidays we kept in touch, and when I came back, and reunited it felt like I never left. He's introduced me to almost all of his friends and this week I met his cousin who he talks about to me from time to time, and it was so nice to finally meet him. Another time we were out having dinner and his mom called him and he said he was with me and said my name (which is a small detail but means a lot to me because he's not afraid to tell his mom about me). I'm defiitely trusting my gut intuition and it's telling me he's not really talking to anyone else. Saturday Night came along, and my friend had a party at her place, we were playing drinking games and having wine and I got a little drunk and so did he. Some of the questions were about being single EXAMPLE: Raise your hand in you are or not etc. and I honestly didn't even know what to do.. so i raised my hand! and his friends were like Nahhhh you're not single!He then comes in the room and realizes whats going on and as Im giggling he puts his arm around me and says "Nooo you're not single" and then says it again "Noo she's not single!" when we left the house party to my friend Leila, who heard and she joked and tole him "But i thought she was my girlfriend!" So I'm super CONFUSED. He's been super busy with school lately as am I but he has not mentioned valentines day at all, and we have never talked about what we are. He's very aware that once I graduate in May I may not be here in Europe anymore but he also may have hope that ill get a job here after graduation but thats only because i told him thats another possibility. Although I definitely want to go back. I literally cried the other night (being drunk) as i got home because even though I've only known this boy for 3 months, we've had the best times together and I'm getting way too close., also subconsciously knowing it may end soon. We haven't even hooked up yet and we still manage to always keep this chemistry/fiery flame lit for whatever reason. ALSO ** last year around this same time of year I initiated the talk with my ex boyfriend around january and then broke my effing heart on valentines day so I'm feeling VERY traumatized** Should I leave it up to him to show me/talk to me about what we are? Im hoping when wednesday rolls around something will happen but if it doesn't then it'll be very (hurtful, not gonna lie) but clear to me. Does it sound from the text that he's serious about me?
  22. I haven't met this guy yet, but he asked if I wanted to meet up on Wednesday, which is Valentine's Day. I didn't realize it was Valentine's Day on Wednesday until today. He may have not realized this either. The thought of it makes me somewhat uncomfortable, while there's still a part of me that's looking forward to meeting him. Do you think it's reasonable for me to want to reschedule under the circumstances?
  23. Hi, My boyfriend broke up with me three weeks ago, he's not ready to settle down, he wants to move out on his own. Since our breakup he's expressed to me how he's been having a hard time. He's depress and crys for no reason. He's also told me that he wants to move away somewhere far away so that he can start fresh. I'm really worried about him....I love him so much and would like nothing more but to work things out. So my question is I would like to send him some flowers or candy on Valentines day for a little pick me up, to show that someone cares for him. Would that be out of line for me to do? Please let me know. email removed
  24. Ok this is just a question for the ladies out there, maybe for the men too if you've tried this. I'm just trying to guage the kind of impact that my idea would have . Ok 1st thing. My girl is going to be away for Valentines day in Europe so she won't be in the country for me to give her the roses I was planning. Right, so I've found her hotel address in France so I was planning on sending them to her over there.How would you ladies out their feel if you partner did something like that for you? Thanks Oh yeah and one more thing, would you find a single rose or a bunch of roses more romantic
  25. My boyfriend and I have been together for about a year and a half so this is our second valentines day. Last year he gave me a bunch of really sweet gifts and I gave him a lousy card so I wanted to give him something good this time. He really wants new camera so thats what I am going to get him. The problem with it is 1) He is very particular on what he wants so I had to tell him so he can chose his own. (I told him early because its a small town so I have to order online) 2) There really is nothing romantic about a camera So since both the romance and surprise elements are gone I was thinking of something I could do for him to make it more special. I am was thinking that maybe, since the camera is being shipped to my house, I could take some sexy/naughty pictures on it before I give it to him. The only thing is I am kind of self conscious and I do not really ever do that type of thing. I want to do it though, my only concern is...will it be weird or awkward since I don't do things like that very often or will it a nice surprise?
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