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  1. I (26M) and my girlfriend (25F) met over a month ago on a tinder-like app. Since then we texted nearly non-stop. Texted a lot... had our first date... which went great... -- and as we spent about an entire month getting to know each other, we decided to get exclusive after the first date. Which was 6 days ago. We both changed our relationship statuses on Facebook and all... The chemistry was awesome, we kissed, flirted a lot, she cuddled with me a lot... so we arranged our second date, which was also supposed to be the first day we would have sex. Our texts were full of sexting, exchanged lots of feelings... I Am her first real boyfriend, as apparently the other guys she met only wanted sex. She even created an IG account and posted a picture of mine there... she likes and comments all my posts and says she loves me every day. I asked her to call me when she arrived on the agreed spot so I could meet her... (as we did on our first date). The date was arranged for 6:30PM. She lives on a town nearby mine, 17km away. It only takes 26 minutes for her to get here. At 3:21PM she told me she was getting dressed... By 4:40PM she disappeared from WhatsApp -- I figured it was because she was on the road, so there's no tower. 5PM, 5:30PM, 5:45PM... still no sign of her -- My mind went "Something's wrong. Well maybe she just gave up on the date and didn't come at all..." The scheduled 6:30PM arrived... no calls, no texts, no nothing. 7:05PM I tried calling her with no success. Finally at 7:44PM, three texts and a missed call show up all at once on my phone. Turns out she forgot to charge her prepaid phone. Due to her having no data, I was unable to receive her call and texts...Nor to call her or text her myself. She told me she did show up were we agreed to meet and waited there for me for 40 minutes... Got tired of waiting and went back to her town. I accidentally stood my girl up... 😞 Since that faithful saturday she started pulling away from me, taking painfully long to answer my texts, she even got to the point of asking me for a "break" to think about our relationship. I stupidly entered "desperado" mode and dug the hole even deeper by sending her 5 or 6 texts on a roll trying to apologize... (Now that I think about it, for what?! Why was I apologizing?! This was caused by a failure on her phone, we were UNABLE to communicate due to her prepaid phone being out of credits...) Needless to say I made a fool of and humiliated myself by appearing severely insecure, needy and weak. Despite assuring me multiple times she doesn't want to break up and that she still loves me (didn't change her Facebook relationship status, didn't delete the picture of mine she posted on IG...) she pulled further away... Taking painfully longer to answer my texts/leaving me on read for several minutes or hours... Before she used to send me several texts in a roll... now although she still initiates texting... it's only one at a time... So I did the only sensible thing and pulled away too, by keeping my own texts to a minimum and not bombarding her with them. I tried arranging a new date... her reply sadly was the dreaded "Now I don't know when we'll see each other again...". Yesterday I tried again and her reply was "I have to check with my sister..." She says she still loves me but is upset because we can only see each other on saturdays, and that she is trying to find ways for us to date more frequently... Yet makes up excuses when I try to set up a date. Her level of effort now dropped by more than 90%. I think she'll break up with me soon. Or rather, wants me to do it to avoid feeling bad... To make matters worse, her lack of effort and availability suggests she is probably giving her attention to someone else. Is this reversible or should I let her go?
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