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  1. I went on the Progesterone only pill last week and its starting to make me INSANE!! There is no point on being on the pill if my boyfrined dumps me for being so irrational I was horrible to him last night, I am so lucky that he is such a patient, loving guy. Does anyone have any strange hippy teas or anything that I could take to stop being so emotional? Keeping in mind that St Johns Wort makes the pill less effective. Yep, so, any help would be very appreciated!!
  2. Hey all I might like to ask about a guy trying to initiate a conversation with a girl but couldn't because of some friend (usually female) talking with her and keeping her occupied like a wild chicken on steroids. So what is the best way to join into a conversation when a girl you want to talk to is busily chatting with someone else...without appearing impolite? And also, when the girl is in a group of girls madly chatting away, is "girl's chatter" that sacred, it must never be interferred with by a guy? This is because one of the biggest reasons why I keep missing "opportunities" is because of me not being able to talk to them enough before another guy hooks her up out of nowhere. I'd appreciate any suggestions, thanks.
  3. I recently purchased some creatine protein shake mix. I was just wondering, are there any harmful drawbacks from creatine as with steroids? I have heard it takes oxygen away from the brain and supplies more to the muscles, later to find out that was not true. Then I heard that it simply pumps more water into your muscles, so water is much more of a necessity. Not sure about that one yet. I've always wanted to bulk up a bit more. I'm not small or self-conscious, just something I enjoy doing and it makes me feel good. I just want some bigger/faster results and I was wondering if this is a safe way to go. As far as I know all it is, is basically a big boost in protein, which helps with muscle mass and weight loss. Does anyone know anything else about this that would help me?
  4. I was sat watching the TV last night in my pjs and my shorts had ridden up, I looked at my thighs and noticed tiny little pink and purple veins, tiny broken veins on the surface. They are sporadically spread about, but nonetheless bothered me. My boyfriend was like "Where?!!" so its not like they stick out obviously, but when I pointed them out he was like "oh yeah.. alcoholics normally get them on their face!" So I googled em this morning, and they can be inherited or from oestrogen. I have only been on an oestrogen pill for a month! having previously taken Progesterone only pill for a year. My mum hasnt got these. Im really self conscious and upset about them!! Has anyone else got anything similar and what do you do?
  5. If one was taking Prednisone for an allergic reaction, will this mess with the affects of their birth control pills?
  6. Only a few people know about this, two close friends and now you. To start off, I'd been lifting weights for about 7 years, never tried any supplements other than protein, vitamins, and creatine. Well, a friend of a friend asked me if I used steroids, and I said no. He replied back that he has some and would sell them to me cheap, but I turned him down. Come on now, we all know theyre bad for you right? Well, curiosity got the better of me and I started reading up on them, and turns out health wise they are pretty safe in moderation, so I figured what the heck, I've been lifting for a long time, maybe I'll just see what the hype is about, they can't really be the miracle that ppl make them out to be can they? I started injecting 2x a week with the max recommended amount. By the 4th week, my strength was WAY up, I had gained almost 15lbs, my shirts and pantlegs were getting real tight, and was feeling/looking better than I ever had. I went and had my blood pressure taken, and it was higher than normal, but still pretty good. Heart rate was still normal, cardiovascular was good, I felt perfect. One of my lifting partners who was steroid free, who had always been stronger than me, was now on par with me. It was cool at first, but then something snapped. I cheated. Two more months of this and where would I be, 10-15 more lbs heavier, would I pass my friend up even farther? It seemed so easy, and noone knew! I hate cheaters, and I became one! All of these guys in here busting there asses to get shown up by me who gained more in a month than they do in a year! After I finished the 5th week I stopped. The steroids continued working for another 2 weeks, and during this time I felt fine, everything was fine! Round about the 3rd week, I started taking meds to get my natural testosterone production back up, anti-estrogens, etc. Couple my now low testosterone with breast cancer meds (synthetic engineered estrogens, and estrogen blockers), and I fell into a DEEP depression. I hated myself for cheating, and for the first time felt suicidal. It was a strange sensation, something I wont forget. I realize it was 'only hormonal', but WOW, I had no idea how big a role they play in mental health. Until this time, I believed everyone should be happy, that there is no reason why anyone would ever feel like commiting suicide. I now know different, and I hope and pray for each and every one of you that is going through this, for WHATEVER reason, that you can make it out of this, and your life WILL get back on track. DON'T EVER GIVE UP!!!
  7. Well i have a friend that I have known for about 2 years now. When we met you could tell strait off that he migh be using some type of steroid. My other friends and I have actually discussed it and have confronted him on it. He first claimed that he NEVER did them, then he admited to using and injected type of steroid( like a needle with chemical in it). he seemed ueasy and hesitant to ever talk about it. I can easiy pick up on things like that. He said he used the steroids once when he was on his 7th grade football team. Now i can understand high school athletes and college BUT NOT middle schoolers using steroids. We asked him why in the world would a bunch of 7th graders use steroids. (After he was confronted on the issue he quickly said it was " the rest of the team too" " everyone did them, the whole team) WHY would 7th graders do steroids. We all found this a little hard to believe. My friends and I really wanted to know if he sounds like the person that would sue them. Compiled a list: 1. He has TOO much muscle, when we met him he was overlly muscular for a 13 year old. He was built like he was a major athlete.( played football since he was in 6th grade) 2: He was MUCH to aggresive when we first met him, signs that steroids might be in play. We worked with him until he settled down over a few months and became les aggresiv. 3: He was OBSSESED with his body and worried only about how muscular he was and how many people he could " BEAT UP" 4: He can bench 205 pounds when he is 15(only once though) but that may mean he just works out alot. 5: He changes his story on how he used steroids, first its NO, then yes i did, then he fogets sometimes and has to quickly recover by saying : oh yeah nevermind I did use them once". 6: Behavior is much to suspicious when it comes to steroid talk and conversation of that nature. 7: Many teachers at school thought he may have some type of aggressive problem and if you read about how steroids affect ANGER and decission making abilities it becomes clear that something may be UP. Well i really wanted to know if this makes him a PERFECT cantidate for a steroid user. He may not be he may. He is my friend and we are all worried about him. I want to know if there is a problem here or not
  8. Because it seems no one was replying to my questions in my last post. I've moved this to its own topic! I went to the dermatologost and seem to think I have eczema but isn't sure so he wants me to take fluocinonide (a steroid cream) and the some oral medications that contain steroid. I do not feel comfortable taking the oral medication. I still don't feel comfortable taking the cream...but I can't just not take anything and go back to the dermatologist to see how my skin reacted to it in 3 weeks. Someone on another board said that steroid creams will not do anything for me and that I must take the oral steroid as well (I'm scared to death of taking it!!!). So is a steroid cream not all that effective? I feel so stressed about this crap. And no one will give me any real advice on anything. >.
  9. Hee'all there, Hey. Like, it's not that I've not gotten advice, professional foot treatment, home-herb therapy, etc. for my foot. My foot has been healing, but still hurts and keeps me from doing the high-intensity aerobics I need to lose the 20 lbs I want to. (Hey, no laughing...I mean, I'm told that you can't tell I've gained 20 lbs, okay? ) Okay, okay. I'm doing light-impact aerobics, pilates, free weights, alternately. Anything other than recumbant bicycle hurts the d*** foot! Ouch! ..sorry Hey, does anyone have advice other than what I'm doing and have already tried? I don't want to go back to the podiatrist because he'll shoot my foot full of steroid and who needs this? Well, as last resort maybe. I'm doing Lobelia and Mullien decoction compresses, which are excellent in like reducing inflammation. So, anyone else have any more ideas? Gotta lose; gotta run; gotta go! Go! Go! Nerd #2, 11flower
  10. My eczema is getting bad and I just discovered the medication the doctor gave me could cause cancer. It's been out for awhile, but I just learned of it. The FDA has even put a black box warning on it. I'm probably not supposed to be on it long term use...but who knows. My dermatologist just said to try it and see how it worked. I'm feeling hopeless because many have told me there is no safe treatments. I can't take steroids because last time I did it ended up making me so itchy! I just feel so hopeless right now. I do not know of any websites that I can go to about this. SkinCell or whatever I was banned from because I got irritated because everyone tried to force me on the steroids and I did not want to go that route. I was banned for flaming or something...though they told me I was banned for having two accounts. One was very old and I didn't know the password to it anymore but I admitted to having two accounts. And they knew I could not access one. Whatever... So anyway...this is my next best option since I know a few of you active guys might know some stuff. What can I do? I have maybe slightly moderate eczema...but it will get a lot worse now that winter is here. How can I keep it from becoming out of control? I do not want to go to the dermatologist anymore unless I know for sure what sort of medications I want to be on. He just seems to stick me on some random drug. I don't know...I just would rather not be on some random drug he picks. Anyone know what's safe? Any more natural things I could use?
  11. I have eczema...or supposedly. I'm going to be going to the dermatologist again on Friday and he will probably prescribe me something different. I have been on a steroid cream that I get to stop on Wednesday. I was supposed to take an oral steroid and I did not. But it doesn;t matter since I cleared up quite a bit on the cream alone. Some spots on my bottom are a little stubborn, but the redness is gone. I was wondering what medications are good and what to avoid before I go into my appointment. I don't want to get home and have some drug given to me I feel uneasy about taking. I know I don't want to take steroid again.
  12. Hello Ladies and gentleman, A quick question here, if you take steroids(Avanar in particular) for say a 12 week cycle then stop the roids completely, will you keep your gains or go back to your former physique if you don't continue with the steroids? Thanks.
  13. Hi, I would like to know is you've had any experences, good or bad, with creatine. I've heard lots of bad stuff about it, but ive hard a lot of good stuff about it to. The reason i am askin is because im a rower and the only reason i am, up until yesterday, in the 1st VIII (top crew) is because i have a pretty good technique. However for those of you who dont know much about rowing, being large is essential. Im only 65kg and am aiming for round 70-72kg. My friend and i were both going to take it. but my friend doesnt want to take it any more because when we looked into it there are alot of people claiming it has bad side effects however none of these have been proven to be caused by creatine and there are also alot of people claiming it works. Creatine is not a steroid and is not illegal. Could someone please help tell me there experences.
  14. I don't know what to do, I just discovered that my fiance likes to watch at muscular women on the internet. Not just fit, the kind that are so buffed that they look like men (must be because of the steroids). I would understand if he liked to look at normal stuff like Playboy, etc. But this, I just cannot see what turns him on! Is it a sickness? A fetish? It is just sooooo weird for me. I feel like he cheated on me
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