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  1. I've just met someone via a dating app and we've been on a few dates. We get on very well, have shared values and there is a lot of chemistry, but he happened to mention that he had just got out of a 6.5-year relationship (after ongoing issues for a couple of years in the relationship, she broke up with him a month ago and moved out of the city). We were both open about our dating history and I mentioned that I had been through a bad break-up last year and that I am keen to find the right person this time for something long-term. After that date, I sent him a message saying that I wasn't sure that we were both looking for the same thing and that I wondered if it was too soon for him, so perhaps we should stop seeing each other. I said that casual relationships didn't make me feel fulfilled and I thought that was perhaps more what he was looking for. He said he understood my being hesitant given my recent break-up, but that I shouldn't worry because he thought we were on the same wavelength: he isn't sure it's really "as casual as that," he likes me and the time we spend together is great. He said things are well and truly over with his ex and that if we cease being on the same wavelength, we can just stop seeing each other so we should "go with the flow." He has since gone out of his way to come and see me, not just for "Netflix and chill," but I'm unsure whether to take it slow and give it a chance, or to cut it off now to avoid any misunderstandings later down the line. Any advice please?
  2. I'm worried I might be rebounding... My ex and I broke up and I started seeing this guy at work shortly after who I was never really attracted to but had always really liked me and is super kind and sweet but not the typical guy I date and wanted to see. He likes me a lot. I think about my ex everyday still and we had a very connected albeit rocky relationship... I was talking to my ex alot still and sleeping with him when I was starting to date this new guy. I had also hooked up with my exes best friend right after we broke up and he forgave and tried to move forward, but he works a long way away and I was still hanging out with this new guy alot. I had told me ex to come and visit and we hooked up... but things got messy because I hooked up with the new guy when my ex was in town... I told my ex I hooked up with him and he finally had enough I guess, told me to tell this new guy what had been going on between the two of us... or he was going to do it himself. I had rejected this new guy once when I was starting to hook up with my exes best friend.... and then I had to tell him that I had been hooking up with my ex when we were first starting to date. I'm also the first girlfriend he has ever had. The new guy has forgiven me and we are now dating.... but I still think about my ex everyday. Mostly I am just curious... Do you guys think I'm in a rebound relationship? Has anyone ever had any good experiences with rebounds?
  3. Hello... I'm 34y old and I met a very cool and beautiful 31y old girl on a dating website, I really liked her a lot but I was emotionally unavailable due to my previous relationship, I was with a crazy person who were telling lies all the time, menacing me of suicide etc... I lost tons of weight, could not eat because of this bad person... So when I met this new girl, I let her know about the crazy relationship i had before, and I told her that I was feeling "empty" and needed time.. We started our relationship and It was awesome at first, we both loves anime, manga, movies etc... after a few months she even talked about our futur etc (and in my head I though It was kinda fast to talk about this). Well months passed but i still had some issues, "feeling empty" I wanted to be alone the week and wanted to see her only on week-end... (She didn't like that, and I agree with her). I was still feeling empty, and she was telling my stories that didn't help me like : "I got rid of my best friend because she said that and that, I got rid of this person too, My mother is lucky to be my mother because i'd like to get rid of her too, I got rid of the guy because he did that and that." She got also very angry at me one day because she was waiting for me in her car and i came 15mins late, she was really really upset that it almost killed our day. I was thinking to myself "wow, If I open myself too much, and she get rid of me..." Wasn't helping me AT ALL... And after 6 months, she decided to get rid of me lol ^^ We had an argument about a silly joke I made, I like to make jokes all the time and she said "too much jokes, not enough of love", saying jokes is sometimes a way to get closer to the people I appreciate, but it's another story. She said my jokes are getting annoying, I don't show enough and I don't see her enough, and we always pay half/half at the restaurant... I did my best to show her my regret, I told her I'll change, i bought her a gift, I said that I don't want to loose her, that I love her, I kissed her hands (I cried too, It's bad I know) but no... She said we should remain friends because she doesn't want to cut contact because she likes me... After 2 weeks chasing her, she didn't even want to see me in person she said she was not ready, so I said "ok I give up" she replied "ok 😞 sorry to be annoying, wish you the best" and she deleted me everywhere... I tried NC for 10 days and came back she replied to me but it was a bit cold, I tried NC again for 10 days more, came back, I just said that I was thinking about her and wanted to say hello she replied "oh 🙂 " "you can come saying hello anytime you want to", then we talked a bit, about some series on netflix, but it was just being polite, I was saying 3 sentences she was replying two words... So I stopped talking and i'm back in NC for 10 days now... and I feel bad again, I miss her... After all this chasing, i'm thinking myself that I should leave her alone and see if she decides to give another try with me later, but since she left because I was "neglecting" her, I always feel I should try to show my interest more and more... She is a military, and a VERY stubborn person, if many people tell her a movie is good she won't see it just to do the opposit of what people think lol If i still have a slim chance, what should i do ? trying again or let her go ? thanks...
  4. dark music dark shadows as i unfold the deepness of my voice smothered in a dark ocean of waves rocking back and forth on a cold white cap that circlulates the ice in my veins i bleed the crimson tears from the pores of my body as the streams are hidden under my skin i am fine i am within the holy water no longer works i am a rebound of the holyness the sin the punishment i am fine within send me to hell...
  5. Hi, Can anyone tell me about the rebound relationships or what that's all about or it's just some stereotype that people believe in? I was with my ex for almost three years and we broke up about two and a half months ago. Up until last week I was still pretty broken up about it, i even did something stupid and wrote him a letter. Anyway, he wrote back a letter where it was pretty much clear that he saw no future with me even though he still loved me so this guy that I met about three weeks ago asked me out last week. I had felt some sort of chemistry build up over these short weeks and I always looked forward to seeing him. We even had some group outings with friends. I accepted the date but then realized that I wasn't ready for it. (I know, i can't stand those girls either), I called my friends and had painful talks wherein this light bulb went off and I realized I had to stop pining for my ex. As the week rolled by and my date approached I felt like maybe I needed to cancel it, since it wouldn't be fair to this guy if I was unsure. We saw each other in the library the night before and apparently my girlfriend had talked to him about me being out of a relationship and how I was still messed up about it. He told me that I could get out of the date if I felt too pressured, that he knew about my ex and that he just wanted to get to know me better. I agreed to see him but to let things go really slow and casual. Well, my date was great! He's been on my mind for a couple of days, he's asked me out again and when I think about my ex I don't get that pang of pain, or even sadness. I'm just afraid this could be the affect of a rebound situation and not because I'm moving on or genuinely interested in this new guy. Besides it was only one date. Then again, this guy is really great and I had been asked out often these last weeks and he's the only one I even considered saying yes. see where it goes or doesn't go? He brought up the subject of my ex and seems to be understanding although maybe it's an act, as I don't know him very well. He's a friend of a close friend and she completely vouches for him though. Okay, that's enough over-analizing for now. What do you guys think?
  6. Alright, I've taken a habit of going out pretty much every weekend. I'm pretty drunk at the moment, about 45 minutes ago, I was in a nightclub packed with people, and I just can't bring myself to approach girls. I'm still much too in love with my ex-gf. This is really blowing my chances at getting a rebound because if I see a good looking girl, instead of making a move, I sit there and think of my girlfriend. Err. I meant ex-gf there. It's getting really hard to type without typos. It's funny how you guys read one sentence and yet I rewrote it 3 times to make sure there were no typos. As always, I'm not even sure there's a point to this email.
  7. Last night, my boyfriend of almost a year were sharing personal stories. I don't know how we got onto the topic, but we started taking about men who become infatuated with women and want to buy them things and take care of them. Well, i decided to share a story with him that I never share with anyone b/c I think it's a little unlike me and it sounds a little crazy. Tell me if I'm being hard on myself. He's know me to only have serious relationships and sleep with relatively few who are close to me. Needless to say, I've had this one crazy relationship. During my senior year in college, my boyfriend and I broke up. I met someone who lived out of town (who used to live in my city) at a bar. We had great conversation- he was intelligent, artistic, well-read, good looking. He asked to take me out to dinner the next evening and at first I told him it wasn't a good idea since he was leaving to go back home and that I wasn't that kind of girl. Well, he promised that he wouldn't try anything and then I agreed. Well, we had an amazing time and then we kept in touch for two months over the phone. He kept begging me to come and visit and I told him no. I was just about to graduate from college and he offered to fly me out to visit him and he wanted to take care of everything. For a while, I deliberated, wondering if this guy was a psycho. I talked to his parents, sister, friends, etc... over the phone to make sure this guy was okay. Plus, this guy had been friends with one of my exes friends who I knew well. I set ground rules before I left. Gave all of my friends his parents number and his, etc...and I told him I would not sleep with him. He agreed. He told me he felt something very strong and he wanted to explore our relationship a little more. Plus, his parents were married within three days of meeting and they are still in love together. and i guess I was a little restless and on the rebound. So, after a long time of him asking me to come out there, I did. He paid for everything. I was only supposed to stay for two weeks and then it turned into a month. I had an amazing time. But I was on the rebound and wearing rose-colored glasses. I was stupid and this guy was asking me to move out there, etc... which I told him was crazy. I feel kind of embarrased- almost like he bought me to go out there. Even though we didn't really do anything, I feel stupid for even letting him pay. I think I shared a little too much detailed info with my boyfriend. He kept asking questions about what we did sexually, etc... and I couldn't lie at this point. We didn't have sex but fooled around and slept in the same bed and my boyfriend kept asking specific details. My boyfriend is conservative when it comes to women and is a little religious. he's liberal in other respects, but he thinks women should wait until they get married and really conserve their bodies. he also knows I have a tendency of rebound relationships. He now says that it's a habit of mine not to be alone and I jump from one relationship to another. I'm sensing he thinks I'm a little pathetic in that regard. I also sense he's pulling away a little, thinking that he's not special since I have fallen prey to stupid men. On the contrary, I am very picky, but yes, fear being alone and stay in relationships that are going nowhere. As you know, men like competition and he thinks I just settle to be with anyone and I feel that he thinks he's not special. Well, this is not true! Yes, I've had a few rebound relationships which were complete mistakes, but that was to heal. Yes, it's hard to be alone. but those I get involved with seriously have always been great people. Needless to say, I think he's beginning to lose repect for me, which is now a huge issue in a relationship. how do I regain his respect? A lesson to everyone. Don't share stories about your past with current boyfriends. Honesty doesn't bring you closer- it only drives you apart.
  8. makes you realize even more that what you had was great Well i havn't had a dream about her in a long time. The ones i've had was with her gone, out of site, like she was a memory to me even in my dreams, liek a lingering presense that was there in some spiritual capacity but never a character in my dreams. I just woke up from the most painful one. I go to dinner at my grandparents and my mom invites her to dinner. I get upset and say how shedosn't deserve to be a part of my life because she's not mygirlfriend. But then she goes and tells me i was right breaking up was a mistake, and starts to kiss me but i keep saying no this is a dream, no this is a dream and she says no it's not. but yes it was. I wake up cursing and moaning. some days i feel better but my feelings for her don't die. not even a little. I just had a sort of emotional rebound, i was surprised t find myself attracted to someone. allthewhile i came to the realization that she was really not my type and i was attracted to the thoughtof not being alone rather than to her. I realized how when she started to playmind games that i could notdeal with her.My ex NEVER would have done that.she neverdid. she was the sweetest person, just not strong enough or secure enough to handle our reationship. and i was so insecure that i created drama and picked fights without realizing it as a way of having power over her, she was right about one thing, we were two good people but wesomehow hurt eachother. it's such a tragedy and i know that if she really loved me as much as i loved her where is she now? I can't continue to berate myself for the mistakes i made in the past but if only she had faith that i've grown so much stronger and aware now maybe things couldbe better. But i can't convince that to her. i can't even bear to speak t her it hurts so bad. she wants to be friends some day. i'll never settle for that IT's sucha shame things have to be this way.
  9. Me and my ex boyfriend broke up a month ago. Within the first week we were broken up he was seeing someone else. This women is older and has a child and this is so out of the ordinary for him. I just don't understand how you can be in a relationship for two years and then break up and one week be back into another relationship. He says it isn't serious but i thnik it is. She is always at his house and i had to stop by to pick my stuff up and he had a picture of the little boy on his coffee table. The odd thing is he calls me last week says he misses me and all kinds of other stuff. He said the new girl was mad becasue he still had a picture of me up in his bedroom...don't know if this is true or not. He wants to be friends but if he is already in this new serious relationship that won't work. he hasn't even had time to get over our two year relationship. I just don't understand. Do you think this is a rebound and will it work. the woman he is now dating has had a thing for him for a while. He would tell me this becasue she worked in a bank where he would pick up money and she was always flirting with him. I feel like he just jumped into a relationship with her becasue someone was showing him some interest. I can only hope and pray this is a rebound and won't work becasue he hasn't had time to get over me. Advice needed please
  10. This goes out to all the guys in california around L.A county. If u guys are tired of feeling like crap and thinking that all this was ur fault man we're on the same boat. If ur friends are lame like mine are and are of really no help in the sense of going out and meeting people(females) then hit me up. ([email protected] removed) I would like to start a sort of a frienship club u know were u just chill with guys that know and feel what ur going through. Kinda gay I know but hey us guys need this sort of stuff to. So guys if ur ready to stop or want to stop feeling like the world has no meaning without her then we can all help each other out.
  11. hi my name marianne i recently 2 months broke up with my ex boyfriend of 6yrs cause he kept on hitting me and didnt like me having male friends anyways i managed to get over him it was just the mermories haunting me that made me miss him recently i over heard that he had a new gf first of of all i was shocked that he got over me quickly and half thinking that it was just a rebound but then i also found out that he had been seeing this girl for the last 6 months and also she is one of his ex gfs sister which made me sick she is 19 im 22 and hes 27 i thought i was doing okay till i get find out this shit why did i get cheated on and at the same time i was getting called a slut by him and getting hit all the time by him and why did he ruin my life by lying to me i feel like crying of the shit ive beeen thur recently we were the best couple b4 this shit happens ive tried going night clubbing meeting other guys but somehow it always gets messy or i just mess up. i dont know if i will find the right guy ive had other guys just muck me around and they dont know what shit ive been thur or how it feels someone help me plz Marianne
  12. I'll start with steak and work my way up to gravy. How about it?
  13. well, today i put everything my ex boyfriend ever gave me back into his locker and i just got put into his dance class. well he said he wanted to talk to me so while everyone was dancing we went and sat on the bleachers. well it prob. wasn't a very pretty sight for anyone watching us 'cause we were in a pretty big fight. well half way into our dicussion i was telling him about how that birth controle made me all phyco and how badly my ex hurt me. well and how badly i messed up and how bad i am sorry and still love him. well he was like you can't even be nice and i was all yes huh, im a lot better now, it's just i don't know how to act when im around you anymore expecialy when you act like you hate me. he told me he didn't hate me and i asked if i could just have a chance to show him that i was getting mentally better. he said the reason we broke up was because he couldn't take it anymore. well he says that he will start to hang out with me again and see how i act. so is he kind of giving me another chance to fix everything? it seems to me that sense he has only been dating the barbie for 1/2 a week and i think it is only rebound that maybe if everything goes well that he may be taking me back. well im a little confused has this happened to anyone here and turned out good. well thankyou fro all of your replys. Love Qtpie87 8)
  14. Seems like in 8 out of 10 postings about breakups here, the women is usually the one that has a new relationship before the guys do. Is there a reason why women can move on quicker? Do they just heal much quicker or is it just easier for them to get dates as they don't need to be as proactive whereas a guy has to make an effort?
  15. Hey all, I would usually see past the B.S. But I haven't been in this type of position before. This girl who I've known for about a year because we met at work and then she was with my best friend for 8 months. I would have never thought me and her would have feelings now 4 1/2 months after their breakup ( on his accord ) but he still wanted her. She didn't feel the same way and finally had the courage to not fear his reaction have closure so she can end the pain and stress that was brought onto her and so he can finally move on for himself. She's said she wanted her space which wasn't given. She's dated numerous guys, and she became intimate no sexually with another guy as well, but she decided for herself that she didn't want that. We, as friends talked frequently but just as friends. But recently we went out and something happened. I never thought it would happen but I would have liked to in the beginning but couldn't and didn't want to because of my position. She said and feels the same and somehow she see's something in me, now, honesty is something we agreed on, should I ask her what it is because I'm confused. or am I another rebound relationship for her? How can I tell the signs? I can't tell. help
  16. About 8 Months ago, I decided to breakup with my GF of two years. The breakup was horrible.. both her and I saying things we didnt mean to eachother. Friends, who were mine first, took sides. I felt I was the bigger man to leave that group of friends so I could move on with my life. Having her around would only prolong the pain. I made new friends, had a summer of 'sin' to say the least. Two rebound relationships, now I've found someone who I have a connection with. However, after finally discussing events with the 'old friends' I've discovered that she's with an accquaintance of mine.. aka a friend of mine. This really disturbes me, because its a betrayal of friendship. I was at a point I wanted to come back into the circle of friends. Now, when I heard this information am now at a loss as to what to do. He's nothing like what she wants. I've become such a better person because of what happened to me. I accepted blame for my wrongdoings, I decided never to make them again. In therapy I worked on my issues and can honestly say I'm a better person because of what happened. For her, she blamed me for everything and has'nt worked on any issues. The guy she is now with is not an absolute match. I feel as if she's comfortable with him, but not really what she wants. She's scared to go after what she's really looking for. I really wanted her to improve and date up.. not down.. I feel as if this is a rebound relationship for her and she's only doing it to maintain the circle of friends. I wish I could be friends with her and help her but she hates me so much... why is she still angry after all this time ? I guess I'm at a loss as to what to do. I could go and get those friends back and they've encouraged me to hangout. But it puts them in an awkward spot because of her. She is very immature. I think they are starting to see what a bad person she is. But the twist is their friend is seeing her now. Perhaps she's done this to maintain herself in the circle of friendship? Should I take back whats really mine? Or should I just move on with myself. I admit seeing her with him would hurt me initially, but I do have someone else.. I just dont want to step on anyone's toes. JT
  17. Hi and thanks for reading---Please post your advice! We met a year ago and fell in love w/each other. I was a rebound tho, he and fiancee (of 2 yrs) had broken up just 1 or 2 months before I met him. After 3 months he was confused w/old feelings for ex and went back to her. They've had a rocky go of it over the past months and he'd call me from time to time feeling miserable. He'd tell me he loved me, missed me, wanted me, etc. I told him that after he broke it off with her and had some time alone to heal, he could call me. He called (~4 months ago?) and i went out w/him 2 times. I asked no questions--just let him be himself to see how he'd handle himself. He didn't call back and I came out of it feeling like a booty call (no, I didn't give him anything physical other than a kiss/hug.) He called last week, said they'd been broken up for 2 months. I told him how happy I was for him and congratulations! But I also let him know that I had no need for a booty call and that if he wanted to be with me I needed him to be respectful of me. My emotions have been thru the wringer with this guy. Since he called last week, i can't get him out of my mind. I've felt like our relationship didn't have the chance to go the full course and I still harbor some hope. Being the "rebound" scares me. His initial break up w/me to go back to her hurt me so deeply and took a long time to heal from. I realize that part of my reaction is ego based, yet again, I don't want him to think that he can use/discard my feelings so easily. In his past calls he would tell me that he missed ME. This time he acted all confident about his life and simply said that he was lonely. I don't know whether to think it's me he wants or if anybody will do. He didn't outright apologize for not contacting me after the last time when we saw each other twice. He did say that I could kick him in the head when I saw him. Since our talk, he hasn't called back. So, these are my questions for you lovely folks: (if you're wondering, I still love him, have dated and found myself comparing guys to him only, want him terribly, am just scared to go there again) 1. Do you think I'm just the rebound again? 2. Should I continue to wait for him to contact me again or call him? I've been waiting for him to contact me again as that would show me that he's serious about ME. 3. He's an emotionally sensitive guy and I'm sure that it took some courage to call me...did I crush him? Should I have just welcomed him with open arms again? Friends and family tell me I'm crazy to even consider going back with him after all he's pulled me thru. Love is crazy, huh? Thank YOU so much for reading and please please respond!
  18. Well here is my story. I just broke up with my bf 2wks ago and we were going out for 2.5 yrs. (he is 24 and I 23). I broke up with him because things weren't going right. He was being mean to me and what not. Just a terrible relationship. Also it was Long Distance and he wasn't talking about the future or anything. So I ended it. The hardest thing I ever I had to do. Out of no where I meet a really great guy. I wasn't even looking. Do you think it is too soon? I am really starting to enjoy this guys company. I don't want to screw him over at all. I just don't know how to tell when I am ready or not. Any suggestions?
  19. Okay, here goes nothing... I just broke up with my boyfriend of two years a few days ago. I am having a hard time, and of course this is not the first relationship I've had that hasn't lasted. I'm just tired of feeling awful and want to be happy again. But I know that I have rushed this process in the past, and so I don't know if I've ever had "closure." This time I want to have it so I can move on without any second thoughts. So here are my current second thoughts... I want to vent a little and get others' opinions to make sure I'm not crazy or just plain dumb. My now-ex is a real sweetheart. He's one of those "good guys" that hasn't, and I still don't believe ever would, lie or cheat to someone. However, he's older than me (almost 40, while I'm almost 30), and still lives with his mother. He also has a daughter that he doesn't have contact with (long story). I ignored these initial warning signs when I met him - I believe maybe because I was on rebound from a past relationship. Yet I grew to really love him. We were very compatible, with similar interests and communication styles. But when I found out that he had accumulated tens of thousands of dollars in debt in just one year (while we were dating), I started to have doubts about his maturity. What tipped it over the edge was he recently got his license suspended due to too many tickets. I understand that this can happen to a lot of people, but I was already doubting our relationship, and I didn't want to feel like I had to take care of him like I would a child. The thought of driving him places made me think that I would resent him. I don't know. Maybe I'm just selfish, and this makes me feel really awful. So my question is... Am I dumb for letting a "good guy" go (in terms of treating me well, etc.), or am I crazy for not being able to hold on to a relationship? These may or may not be questions you can answer, I know. Thanks for reading my looonnng post, and any thoughts are appreciated!
  20. Hi, I have strated the process of separation with my wife (2 months ago) and I feel that I have already found the woman of my dreams. We have known (been attracted by) eachother for a year now. My marriage was unfulfilling and unloving and it was my wife who called for a separation. I was prepared and secretly hoping for it and now I feel unscathed and generally a lot happier. One scary thing is that my new love interest is as strong in the head as my ex. But, she is warm, loving and caring which my ex never was. Am I attracted to the same attributes in women. Do I have certain core desires or am I trying to repeat my mistakes. The only doubts that I have are that I have no doubts. I am scared that I have been affected more deeply than I think. Logic tells me this is the case but my heart tells me to get on and enjoy the feelings that I am having. One thing's for sure, I have never felt like this before! It feels like, for the first time, I am truly in love!
  21. I'm Better Than This I dont deserve to be used, My hopes, my fears, you chose to abuse, I dont deserve the way things are, I could sit all night in this bar, All I ever wanted, was to be wanted back, But alas there was never any chance of that, And now I realise it's time to go, I'll trapse away through my minds snow, Wondering how things might have been different, If I was stronger, and not so belligerent, My head is small, my mind is closed, And yet from this my instinct arose, It knew it would happen, I knew what you wanted, So why oh why do I feel so stunted? All I can say is I'm better than this, My head knows that, and in that I can dismiss, The need to be near you, to feel bliss, So from now I'll go on, I'll feel no regret, Because you are the one I know I'll forget. I'm better than this, I'm better than you, I'm better than a rebound, I'm better than random sound, Goodbye to you, Because now we're done, I walk away in to a brighter sun A bit more rhyming than my usual style, but it's how I feel.
  22. So how do you know if you're the "rebound" for someone who broke up with his/her ex? What if any signs do you watch out for? I've been thinking about it since a guy friend of mine broke up with his ex, then pretty much immediately started paying more attention to me. After a few dates I didn't feel comfortable with continuing, so I told him I'd rather be friends. To his credit, he took it well and still is a good friend. But really, if I HAD been interested in him, I still wonder if it would have been wise to date him so soon after. (I'm talking dating that would lead to a long-term relationship, not just dating for fun.) Do you guys have any rule of thumb about how long to leave a person alone after they've broken up with someone? It's an interesting situation, 'cause if you leave them alone for too long, they may start dating someone else!
  23. Hi guys, Iv been dating my ex for 2 years friends for 6 years and I we broke up because I got too dependant on her and she needed space. We were "friends" and still doin the same things for the past month after. Well she started a rebound relationship 4 weeks ago which lasted 3 weeks and came back to me and apologised for the way she treated me during it (doormat), but we didnt get back together. But we did get on terms of talking again, returning calls, hangin out and I slept with her once. So last week we got into a fight because she was with the rebound guy as just "friends" she said. I was drunk and flipped out on the phone saying I cant believe her and harassed her =(. She said she was done with him and now still hangin out?So I sent a apology email that night saying "I was irrational and I dont want to lose our friendship, if you can forgive me call me back". I started NC the next day relising I cant be her friend right now because I want more than that. So on day 5 of NC she calls me at 2:45 am (the time she gets off work) and doesnt leave a message. I didnt call back and now 2 days later (day 7 on NC) I want to call her back now. I have more control of my emotions with this NC and feel more independent and BETTER. This is the first time Im giving her the space she wanted. Should I continue NC and let her call me back again? Our friends have said she misses me so much and she will eventually call me again. Well she did. What do I do?
  24. Ok guys...i have to admit ive been a dog. Since the breakup (2 weeks ago) ive gone out 3 times and kissed 4 different girls, got 3 phone numbers and slept with a much older lady. I lied to girl1 saying that i was 3 months out of my 3 year relationship, not 3 days. I text her the next day and told her the truth and also how sorry i was for lying. She was very cool and said she didnt want to be a rebound so maybe we shouldnt catch up afterall. I felt very guilty and thought i wont be doing that again...its way too early to be out on the scene. Fast forward another week and this girl makes a move on me in a pub. I tell her im only a couple of weeks out of my relationship this time (ie. the truth). I end up kissing her but tell her im not ready for anything yet. I somehow ended up making a deal with her to call around xmas when i will be at least a month into bachelorhood. Is this still too soon? I think its going to be...i feel like its going to be years before im over the ex. Anyway, same night just after the above mentioned girl leaves i bump into a 'friend' from work. Or should i say my ex's friend. Her brother comes up to me and says 'friend' really likes you and the next thing i know im kissing another girl. What the hell is going on? I then go out for dinner on Sunday with two mates, who introduce me to their older friend. Next thing i know ive slept with her and im feeling absolutely disgusting and repulsed by myself. Does anyone know whats causing me to be like this? I think im looking for what i had with my ex which obviously is not going to happen. I really only lied to the first girl but i still feel repulsed by myself. Am i being self destructive or what? Am i making things worse for myself by doing this so soon?
  25. My ex-girlffriend's brother told me that she looks at my My Space page all of the time. I'm not exactly sure why she is doing this since she is with a rebound right now. We were together for three years and have been split up for six months with absolutely no contact. Part of me thinks that maybe she misses me. What are your thoughts?
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