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  1. I (26M) met a new woman (35F) on Facebook. Immediatelly after accepting my friend request she started sending messages, asking where I live, from where did I know her... We texted a bit, and since I felt she was interested in me, I asked her out -- to which she said yes. The date is set for later tonight at 9:40PM... However I noticed a few red flags: - When I flirt, she shuts me down and says she prefers to "demonstrate it rather than talk about it..." also that she "is conservative/reserved" about this kind of stuff... - She will initiate texting, but her energy is not half as much as mine. Her replies to me feel dry and bored. Although she says she likes me and says she "feels we'll work out..." and her lack of will to flirt is just disconcerting. I am sure she is a lot hotter to some of the other guys I know she is texting. - This one is different because she already started texting mentioning her intention of getting married... "What if we did something more than just be BF/GF?" -- this time I wasn't the one sounding desperate!!! On the contrary, I'm taking this very slow with low expectations. She is just showing many many blatant signs of disinterest. However she keeps saying she likes me and that I'm cute and all that stuff... that she wants to meet me and whatever... I mean she could just say no to the date, as I have low expectations, I wouldn't care and just move on to another woman...
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