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Found 4 results

  1. So back in the middle of October I took a trip with my Boyfriend. I ended up wetting the bed, I was also bloated, stomach cramping and gaining weight fast. I saw the Urologist when I got back who blew me off. So I got a second opinion. The second urologist did imaging and saw I had a large mass in my bladder. She just went off the Ct Scan, she didn’t order any further imaging. I had a Cystoscope in November and she saw my bladder looks really good and healthy took a sample to biopsy. The only odd thing was she told me I had a large protrusion inside the bladder. But she said to follow up with obgyn. In January I end up in ER with horrible stomach cramping feeling like I’m dying. They order another CT scan which I’m not happy about. This one shows the mass more on the pelvic side then bladder side. I see her again, she says I must have tissue from the bladder protruding into the pelvic region and orders a ct guided biopsy. I go see my Gynecologist and he says not to do the biopsy. He sends me too Urogynecologist. I just saw her today and now I’m even more confused. She is sending me to an Oncologist Gynecologist who I got in STAT to see next Thursday. She’s top in her field and books always off in advance so to get in this quick is rare. The Urogynecologist went over all my procedure notes from what the Urologist did and found then through the Ct imaging. She told me I need to have different kinds of imaging. What’s being seen is this weird annexal structure with moderate amounts of blood flow that is in the right pelvic area. She told me it must have confused the urologist thinking it was in the bladder. Because it’s large and the ct scan was unclear. She told me it’s a right ovarian mass that’s probably been there since the Urologist went looking in the wrong area. So basically I’ve had this thing since the Cystoscope back in November and even farther back. It’s just unfortunately the Urologist accidentally over looked it. So my head is spinning because this confused me even more. She said that’s why the Oncologist Gynecologist will order an ultrasound and MRI to get better imaging on this thing. Unfortunately it’s not something she does in her field. I feel like an alien, what the heck is this thing on my Right Ovary that’s confusing every doctor? I’m bloated, I have back pain, it feels like I have endometriosis back. I asked, it’s not Endometriosis. I guess it doesn’t fit the look on the ct images for it to be endometriosis. I’m still leaking to where I’ve worn depends since October. I’m getting frustrated! I’m having a hard time losing weight because I’m so bloated. So I’ve just maintained. I’m on WW. Each different doctor has a different theory of what their looking at. They all do however agree on one thing, and it scares me! They think this may be a malignant growth of some sort based on its characteristics. Also the fact Ovarian and Breast Cancer run rapid in my family history. I’m 38, I don’t smoke, I don’t drink nor do I do drugs. I’m healthy in that regard. I had a hysterectomy five years ago due to endometriosis. The doctor took out everything but my right ovary for estrogen purposes. Lucky me! 😂 I see the oncologist gynecologist and I hope she has a better idea of the next steps forward. Sorry I wrote a novel. It’s been hard going through the run around. I needed to vent.
  2. So my GF of 10 years and mother to my 3 kids recently broke it off with me. She said it was because the way I spoke to her and how I neglected her. This was absolutely accurate although I didn't feel it at the time. I take the steps to move out, lease another place etc. on the day I sign the lease she says she's worried we are making a mistake. I see in her eyes she's carrying a heavy burden. I convince her to let it out. So she does, it turns out she had been talking/texting another man for 3 months. She says she only met up with him 3 times. The last of which was on the day she indicated she wanted to work things out with me. I know she's lying about the details of the situation and how far things actually went, although what she did open up about was sexual and cheating. She even had a MRI scan scheduled for a potential life threatening situation and when I tried to arrange to go she down played it and met him there instead. We decided to talk it out and work it out. The connection we have since is absolutely amazing and the closeness is like nothing I've ever felt. The difficult part is, I know in my heart she has not been completely honest with me about the details of the affair and timing. I am struggling on how much emphases to put on the honesty of completely coming clean versus letting it go and enjoying this new amazing life and connection we have now. What path to take?
  3. Hi everyone. I have been feeling really down about my current situation. I have been having back issues for about 10 yrs now.I bulged a disc at work and ever since I have been suffering.I did pysio,chiros and spinal decompression.I got better with time,but about a month ago I had a relapse hitting the bag,when i threw a right cross punch and i guess the torque of the twist injured my back again.I was sore and stiff for a few days,and went to my MD who said that I just pulled a muscle and prescribed some anti inflammatories.So I took the meds,then I decided to go back to the spinal decompression clinic to get “treatments”. I went 3 times and I started getting sciatica in my right leg again after each time.I asked the so called therapist if this was normal,and he said it was and that it should go away in a few days which it did not.So i decided to stop going and booked an appointment with my MD who told me she would give me an MRI,which I’m still waiting on.Anyways fast forward to today,I still had the sciatica and decided I would treat myself with my “back bubble” its an air bubble you hang from a chin up bar on the door and you slip into it and just hang there and it decompresses your spine. Well I did this several times a day. Just a few hours ago I did one last stretch and I felt a pull and some pain in my low back where my problem is and I got off the device,then I noticed my sciatica got more painful and more pronounced and also the area in my low back was more tender and i touched it a couple times and I would feel sciatica in my toes after touching it.My question is,did I do more damage in my low back,maybe bulged the dics out more from the decompression? I’m worried about this,because before this the sciatica would come on as I was sitting down,now it comes on when i stand as well,but more stronger.I don’t know if the spinal decompression at that pain clinic messed me up more than I was and today was just the cherry on top. I am very worried,anxious,sad and depressed about this,what should I do? Will this go away? plz help thnx
  4. got diagnosed yesterday, and i have a 2cm benign tumour in my brain, it is called Acoustic Neuroma does anybody have any experiences with this or know of someone who does? please no horror stories, i am freaking out enough as it is. but i wonder, did anybody have it and got radiation or surgery and have some encouraging words for me? it feels weird that there is this thing in my head...probably been there for years since it grows really slow, usually around 1-2mm a year, didn't have real symptoms until i developed trigeminal neuralgia, excruciating pains in my lower jaw that came and went, dentist send me to neurologist, got an mri and this came out.....
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