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Found 4 results

  1. My boyfriend (19M) and I (19F) are now long distance due to going home for summer. We are used to not texting each other pretty much all day because we know we will see each other the next day in class, but now that we’re long distance, that isn’t working for me. I expressed to him that he needs to text me more or something because I get a text from him at 5pm and then we ft for a couple hours at night. I want to hear from him more in the day, so I told him that I would like him to text me in the morning. I do text first, A LOT, and if I don’t, I get the text at 5pm. Am I overrating? I don’t t
  2. Hi all! I'd really love some advice on a confusing situation so here's what happened: Ex and I dated for five great years, doing distance the last year and a half. We're both moving soon to new cities and were excited to make that jump together. Then last year, COVID hit, he lost his job, and started struggling with mental health. I've known before that when he gets stressed or overwhelmed he retreats from everything. I think when we were doing distance he'd take that lack of feeling and just assume it meant he doubted our relationship or that we were a bad fit. He ends things last s
  3. I wrote a little bit about this in another post but I am here for more advice. Here's the last post for context: https://www.enotalone.com/topic/444735-a-sudden-change-in-long-distance/ My boyfriend visited me in the midwest at the end of February and I felt a little different probably because I keep pushing him away. However, he made me so happy again and it was so much fun. It felt good to be together even if it was different. I just found out that he is 99% sure he is moving out west and I am still unsure whether we should date into the summer. He wants to stay together but understands
  4. I have been dating my boyfriend since half way through my senior year of high school. We just made it to our one year this January and are doing long distance in college. I go to school in the midwest and he goes to school on the west coast and we live in the same town in the midwest. Things went so well last semester and we did not even visit each other once. We were both fairly distracted as we acclimated to college life and it worked great. We would facetime daily and keep each other updated, it was healthy and enjoyable. We went home for winter break and I only saw him every other week. (N
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