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Found 19 results

  1. Billowed canvases of light, Cold electric and untamed. Arrows, Deafen in the dark. You count the minutes - they have names, Those anacondas of the mind. To attention, on the table, Bald and raw to reddened eyes, Gunshot white and bitter to the taste. In all, you are but shadowed walls - You squeeze, you squeeze; you suffocate. Gestures, moments and A face; it screams, it screams And ends the night.
  2. My bf has really bad insomnia, we've tried the usual stuff people say to do. Nothing has helped. His doctor gave him VERY addictive pills and he's trying to get off of them, but they are the only way he can sleep!!! anyone ever beaten insomnia?? if so, how???
  3. Hey, I was very awake a couple of hours ago (infact, I still am. Bloody insomnia) and was browsing profiles on a site. It's not specifically a meeting site, just a social network type thing that a friend got me to sign up to. Anyway, I came accross some guys profile. He's 30 and I noticed he was drinking a can of Miller Beer in his picture, so I sent him a message something like "I see you're drinking Miller, it's all about the Heineken dude, I recommend you switch beers before it's too late". He's from the same city as me, so he sent me a message back and gave me his MSN address, which I added to my list. We spoke for a little while just now, and he said something like "so you wanna go for a drink in the city next week or so?". Nobody's ever been that direct and so quickly after meeting them on a site, and I really didn't know what to say so I ended up replying about a busy schedule and he gave me his number and that was it. Question is, I am right in thinking that it's weird that he asked so far, aren't I? Do people just do that, and meet up so quickly?
  4. I haven't been able to sleep well for almost a year now due to dreams. I can fall asleep just fine but after about 4 hours, I'm tossing and turning and when I have to wake up, it's like someone has thrown me around like a ragdoll. My back and neck hurt so much and I can't figure out why I am unable to sleep thru the entire night. I have tried sleep sedatives but they only make me really drowsy in the mornings... same with Ambien and Xanax. I even tried herbal remedies such as warm milk, lavender baths, and valerian root vitamins... nothing has helped. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to have a good night's sleep or any idea what may be causing this???
  5. I feel like the most irresponsible person in the world. Why? Because I missed my dentist appointment. Why? Because I woke up 15 minutes after I was supposed to show up. I know it may not matter to you, but it's just one prime example of how stupid and irresponsible I really am. Not only that, but it also shows how big of a deal insomnia really is (truth is, my mom doesn't believe it exists and that it's my own fault that I can't sleep). Truth is, I really don't like being me. If you have any younger siblings/nieces/nephews/children/grandchildren or whatever, tell them to never turn out like me (if you don't know "me", feel free to read my posts). I'm turning 19 in 2 days... I hope 19 isn't as bad as the previous 7 years of my life.
  6. For as long as i can remember ive had trouble getting to sleep (sometimes taking 2 1/2 hours to fall asleep) and often wake up 3 or so times during the night. I think it might be insomnia but not sure. Ive never really thought about it, its always been normal to me but when i was on a trip with some mates it made me realise how long it takes me to get to sleep in comparison to them. I was just wondering if anyone here has had it before and got any tips on how to get over, or has anyone been to a doctor about it, and if so what did the doctor suggest? Thanks in advance LiveStrong
  7. Is anybody out there an E-Doctor??? My close friend has been finding knots all over his upper body-10 to 20. He's 45 yo. Very athletic & muscular and incredibly good looking. He started getting knots about 10 years ago and lately there have been more & more. Over the past three months or so, he has started vomiting occasionally upon rising until just recently he has been vomiting every morning when he gets up. He says he only sleeps 3 hours a night and has been working 2 jobs for the past 9-12 months. He doesn't eat right either, because he has no appetite. He said he feels like he's dying and is losing his zest for life and figures if it's his time, it's his time. He doesn't have medical insurance and blatantly refuses to go to the Doctor...Says he doesn't want to hear he has cancer & needs chemo and all the treatments, etc...I adore this man and I am seriously concerned about his health. Does anybody know what is wrong with him?
  8. Why does a person have insomnia? I can fall asleep just fine -- it's STAYING asleep that I am having a problem with and have had for a looooong time now, about 8 months. I've taken sedatives to help me sleep but they leave me groggy in the mornings so I try not to rely on them. I dream a lot and many of them are of people chasing me or of me drowning... the two kinds that I have dreamt about all my life. There hasn't been anything traumatic in my life really. I mean, I'm in a great relationship and everything and when I fall asleep, I don't have anything really on my mind. Given that there were times where I was constantly worrying about my bf and stuff in our relationship but since I've learned to put 100% trust in him, our life together couldn't be better. I was thinking that maybe it was my worrying that caused the insomnia but now that I don't worry anymore, why won't it go away? What are some things that you guys have found that help you sleep thru the entire night? Warm bath doesn't help; warm milk doesn't help. Please help me if you have any ideas. Thanks!
  9. Recently (The past month) I've been having really bad problems sleeping. I can't sleep for 24 hours or more and then I fall asleep for a few hours in the day. It's taking out the best part of my day and it's making me feel depressed. I think it's mainly because I left college last month and I have nothing to do in the daytime. I've tried all sorts of things to get to sleep at night but it never works. I've tried just laying there with my eyes shut and clearing my mind. I've tried having a hot drink before I sleep, not smoking before I sleep, staying away from destractions but I always end up sleepless. When I can't sleep I try playing on the ps2, browsing the internet etc. These things always used to work when I couldn't sleep before but now the only way I can get to sleep is if I stay awake even if I'm tired and then go to sleep at a normal time. Does anyone have any surgestions that could help me? Thanks, ~S.
  10. Source: link removed 10 tips for better sleep By link removed 1. Stick to a schedule, and don't sleep late on weekends. If you sleep late on Saturday and Sunday morning, you'll get Sunday night insomnia. Instead, go to bed and get up at about the same time every day. "You don't need to rely on an alarm clock to wake up when you get enough sleep," says Dr. Shepard. ...for a continuation of this article, please click link removed
  11. I dont sleep much, and one thing that got me thinking one day is dreams. I havent dreamed for 5 years simply because i never actually get to a state of REM. Something i have noticed with that is that i found myself more suceptable to hallucinations induced by say heat or alcohol or drugs ect ect ect. So i came up with this, Throughout your day your brain has billions upon billions of electrical releases between Neural synapsis. (thats probablly spelt wrong but... eh). Is it possible that there are residual charges left over, when you shut down all the Main charges and enter REM you are purely left to your residual charges? Now taking the whole thing to the next step, If the electrical release in your brain is indeed electrical it will have a related magnetic feild and frequency. I may be a bit ahead of myself here but if someone else has a similar resonant synapsis in their brain will it not trigger a charge release? i mean If Hertz can do it back in his day surly with 6 billion people 24 hours a day 7 days a week somethings gotta happen. Where im going with this is that, perhaps that its this resonance that attracts us to certain people. You see a girl accross the room and sparks fly, it must be chemistry? well maybe it is. Love to hear anyone elses thoughts on my mindless mental dump of insomnia.
  12. I was on herballove site or something like that, and I saw this article that said too much masturbation is bad for you, and among other effects like .Insomnia .sore genitals .ECT The editors said it causes "Hair loss" and "depression"!!! This is if you do it a lot which they didn't say what is considered too much; go figure. I don't know wether to believe this site or not. Has anyone has first hand experience of hair loss or depression?
  13. Now i am nearly 23 years old, i have found that i have some trends of Self-Injury suddenly, but not quite sure. Actually i have a kind of bad feeling since i was very young, i don't know what's this. I was enjoying to bite my nails, lips, and now I like making many blood and bruises inside my mouth by my teeth, and like using my tongue to lick these bruises and scars. i do this when I study or do some reading. I was not paid any attentions on it before because i did not realise it's different to others. Another things is when i got sick or pains somewhere i just don't like to take the medicines becasue i think i might depend on them, and i don't want to... I have lots of pains, sometimes i enjoy it, sometimes i feel wretched by myself (i have never taken painkiller and opiate however i insomnia a lots). But i am still a normal person to my friends, they don't know about this. I just realise I need some help about this, because I have suffered a badly headache at the moment...
  14. Well for awhile now i have been not able to get any sleep like every night especially school nights.Instead of going to sleep i just stay up and think about whats going in life and try to think about things.Like i listen to music and look up things on people problems with women and just try too watch life.I just cant seem to fall asleep cause i either feel to sad or i want to investigate life deeper.So i end up getting about 3-4 hours of sleep every night and just cant fall asleep.Like with eating too i have been usually having bad eating habits.I usually eat 1-2 times a day like during school at 12 then not until the next night at like 10:30.Sometimes i dont eat the whole day until like 10 o clock after work because i sometimes dont feel like eating.This might be kind of bad concerning the fact that i am about 6ft 130 pounds
  15. Hello there all Lately I have been having a very hard time sleeping. I have a feeling it is anxiety related but it's driving me nuts. I try to catch up on sleep on the weekend but no matter what I do, I can't sleep during the day! If it's related to any of this, my bf just came off anti depressants and has been having pretty bad anxiety. I have been very worried about his state of mind since coming off those and I believe that my insomnia is somewhat related to me thinking about how he is feeling and stressing over him... something I can't help seeing I love him so much! I had five hours sleep on Friday night, and only three last night. I am at my wit's end here! Can anyone offer me advice??
  16. I've decided to break up with my bf of 5 months, just not sure how or when. The thing is, lately I've asked him to "give me time alone" (I know, that sounds awful) and he's been really good about it. He doesn't call, I usually do and if I don't, it's mainly because I have insomnia and by the time I get everything done after work, it's late, and I want to go to sleep. Last night around 10 just as I was falling asleep he called to "say goodnight" which he hasn't done since this whole "space" issue came up. He knew I was just about asleep, and knows how bad I have sleep issues. Then he kept talking, about stupid things (how was your day, etc). I felt like he was checking up on me, maybe he's thinking I'm pulling away because there's someone else (there's not...at this point, I just don't want any relationship with anyone!). Am I reading too much into it? And should I ask him about it?
  17. i believe that im starting to realize that im dealing with depression. i dont like to believe that i ever let anything get to me but i just cant take it anymore. im so unhappy with myself at the moment that it is getting to the point of hating myself. i have always had a high level of self esteem and i feel like i still carry part of that but slowly but surely i realize that i am starting to have a self loathing. i im over joyed and happy to be a part of this planet and be alive and have the chances and all those happy things you should be grateful for but telling myself this is not becoming enough anymore. im becoming unreasonably lonely and im having other problems as well like anxiety and insomnia. i just dont think i cant tell myself im fine anymore. the loneliness is what kills me the most. but generally i really do like myself, i just dont know what it is that i hate.
  18. i cant get to sleep at night. i have never had this problem before. usually i fall asleep within 10 minutes. i started the late shift at work (1:30-10:30)- that may have something to do with it, although i've been on that shift for the past 3 weeks and its never been as bad as it is this week. I come home, sit around and watch tv episodes until i can fall asleep. eventually i turn off the tv and just try to sleep.. this is eventually at 2 in the morning, i give up with trying to fall asleep and take a couple tylenol and drink some hot tea and that can do the trick. but now today... i've taken 3 tylenol, and i still cannot sleep. its nearly 3 in the morning. i've been trying to get to sleep until midnight. I'm not even feeling tired right now. i feel like i could stay up all night and not notice a difference. The only reason i don't stay up all night is cuz there is nothing to do, and all i feel like doing is sleeping. I don't like the night. I'd really like to sleep through it, if i could. I get really anxious in the morning when i wake up too... I feel like buying some hard alcohol and taking a couple shots before i go to bed just so i can get some sleep. When I'm trying to fall asleep stupid things occupy my mind, like usually how much my feet hurt. my feet really hurt. the worst part is, i got this new job a few months ago and its a sit down job.. i don't even stand on my feet at all, i don't even walk very far to get there... its all sitting, and yet still, my feet hurt worse than they ever did... and i used to have a job where i'm on my feet all day. Again, never had this problem. I think I'm going insane cuz I've been laying in bed trying to get to sleep for so long, i actually screamed and jumped out of bed and hear i am. i'm really aggravated. I'm really cranky too, during the day. I JUST WANT SOME SLEEP. Honestly, if this continues, i'm seriously considering suicides... for other reasons too of course. The depression is worse than ever. Anyways thats just me going crazy, don't pay any mind to that, but if anyone can please help me i would REALLY appreciate it. Thanks.
  19. Hi, I am really conflicted over this and would really appreciate some advice. I am completely and deeply in love with a woman, but there is a major issue that is keeping us apart. I am in my early 40's and have 2 children from a previous marriage, that I visit every other weekend. My girlfriend is in her mid 30's, has never been married, and has always dreamed of marriage to the right man, and children with him. I'm confident that I'm the right man, but not as certain about having more children. There are a few reasons for this; I suffer from chronic insomnia, and having raised two children, I know how much energy it requires, and I'm not sure if I can do it. I am working very hard to resolve this issue, and believe that I will, but once I do, I may find that there are other things I want to do with my new found energy, like travel, take up hobbies, etc. Before I met her, I was certain that my child rearing days were behind me, but we made such a special connection, fell deeply in love and moved forward with our relationship. I have only recently reconsidered the child issue, and she is giving me the time to resolve my insomnia, so that I can decide, with a clear head where I stand in the issue. I do believe, that for a man, the most important relationship he can have is that with his spouse, while for most women, it is that with their children. Are there any fathers out there with similar experiences? Over forty and doing it all over again? Can I walk away from what might well be the love of my life because I may not want more children, or should I compromise and have children so that I may spend the rest of my life with her? Any input would be sincerely appreciated. Thanks in advance, Conflicted
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