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  1. This guy and I have been dating around a month. One afternoon came that I didn’t hear from him all day, and I ended up coming on too strong in how I reacted to that. He admitted to me that it spooked him a bit bc he didn’t think we were there yet. We both agreed we still wanted to spend time together and get to know each other and see where this could go. A week after having this talk, I asked him out to the movies. He happily accepted right away. We set a plan and the next day we went. After the movie, I expected the night to be over but he asked if I wanted to go grab a bite to eat. So we did and spent another few hours together. 2 days after that I went to his job to meet up with a friend, on a night he doesn’t usually work, but he had ended up picking up a shift so he was there. He seemed happy to see me, he was attentive, came over many times to make conversation, walked me to my car, flirted a lot, told me to call him the following day. When I asked if he wanted to do something he said that he did. I called the following day around 6pm but no answer so i left a message just saying if he still wanted to do something to give me a call. Yesterday I text him about a work situation and he messaged me back a lot with some good advice but nothing was said about the missed phone call the day before. It has only been a week and a few days since we sat and discussed the incident that spooked him and caused him to pull back, and since that conversation we’ve been in each other’s company twice but he hasn’t been holding my hand and kissing me like he used to. I feel like things should go back to the way they were before if he still likes me. And his in person actions seem to say that he does but I don’t know if maybe I’m just expecting too much too soon. I don’t want to question him on any of this yet again seeing as it hasn’t even been a full two weeks since we talked out everything. So again, am I expecting things to return to “normal” too quickly?
  2. Hi, I had a conversation with my BF yesterday. He lives far but he was at our favourite place yesterday and watching a show that we first watched together when we first met. it is a show you can walk up to and watch and I think he often goes anyway. He sent me a pic of it and made me all happy. Then he said he misses me which I said I did too. We have two weeks booked away together soon. I said I can't wait to see him and then he said thank you for everything. He has never said that before and I wonder is that a sign of something wrong in the relationship. I know how can a positive thing be a bad sign. Then we chatted about a show we might see when we are away. Then he says he had to go and I thought no problem he needs to rest he works hard. Then today no messages. Which I am glad as we talk everyday and I think it is best to chat every couple of days rather than every day. I really tried hard not to message today and I have stuck to it. I just hope he still wants to meet up as I am really really into him. We have flights and hotels booked and I have arranged to be on the same connection flight as him and paid for his seat so we can fly together. I just want to hold his hand. We both like planes so that would mean a lot to me. Any advice on the thank you for everything, or am I looking into all of this too much. Thanks,
  3. My story is about long distance relationship (LDR) start from i've been oversea (travel alone). And I met this guy on the street and he came to talk to me. Then, he took me to many places and he is really polite and romantic person (make me feel like I'm a princess) like he bought necklace with his name and gave to me to remember him when we apart, gave me rose, asked DJ to sang a song for me, we always hold hands. He asked to spent overnight with me, but I refused (we kissed and hugs). On the last day, I saw he was crying and he told me that our relationship won't end here. So, I gave him my email and phone number. (I haven't saw his mobile phone during he was with me). After 1 month, he called me back and said that he missed me so much. We chat and video call every day around a month after that. We talked about our future, relationship and always romantic (we promise to share eveeything, no liar, honest). But the problem happen after he started to build restaurant business. He said that he was very very busy to take care of his business. After that I feel like we were starting apart slowly. I asked him around 2-3 times in a week that what's happen?, new girl? and please said the truth. He said that he just tired and I'm always in his heart (for a last week, we just talked like couple conversation per day). Then, the last day that I asked him, he said that give me some time, sweetie. I said ok.....our last conversation around 5-6 days ago. Well, I'm really not sure that what does he mean? Should I contact him back or wait for him to contact me back? Thank you Hello world :)
  4. Okay, so I've known this guy for almost two years but have only really gotten close to him during the past two months. At first, it seemed like things were going really well. I loved talking to him, I wanted his attention, and I really cared about him as an individual. The problem is, though, he told me he loved me only a few weeks in, to which I replied with that I didn't really think what he's experiencing is love. We're both eighteen, and I've had a really disastrous experience before with someone who got too attached too quickly and that's made me even more wary. Recently, he's been showing me a lot of affection (says I love you and compliments me a lot, and tries to hold hands at moments where I don't want to) and it's actually made me really uncomfortable/put off. I feel like if things continue this way, I won't think that the positives outweigh the negatives any longer and will just feel suffocated. I know that this attachment partially comes from the fact that he has an unstable family life and has never really had a romantic experience before - so he's most likely clinging on to whatever he's got. This makes it difficult for me to sort of step away, because I really don't want to hurt him. I'm completely lost and disillusioned. Any advice?
  5. I am going nuts trying to figure this guy out. I even get conflicting advice from friends. So I thought i'd ask in here. I am 45 years old and the guy is 28. I know that is a huge difference but I look and act like i'm in my 20's. Anyway, we are coworkers, and shortly after I started there, he started asking me out on dates. I was super busy all summer so we were only able to get together twice all summer but he still kept asking me every weekend if I was around. Once summer got over and I got more free time, we started hanging out more. Then he moved to the town I live in and he's been asking me to hang out more. At work he will sit with me on break now where before he would go sit in his car. He told me I am becoming a really good companion (his words), and he has more fun with me than he has with anyone in a long time. I caught him taking a picture of me when he thought I wasn't looking, and he told his friend about me cuz his friend said "did she touch your p____", lol Anyway, he says I make him smile and laugh which he rarely does because he is on anti depressants because he had a lot of bad things happen in his life including not having a girlfriend or sex for the last 5 years. One of our coworkers told me he gets attached easily (he liked her too, before). She also told me he wants a relationship and likes me. He told me he doesn't even really need to have sex, he just wants someone to cuddle with on the couch and watch movies, hold hands, etc. I am going to a 2 day festival for NYE and getting a hotel room and I invited him and he spent $200 on a ticket so we're doing that next weekend. He asked me recently too if I wanted to exchange gifts for Christmas and I said yeah. Well the other night was the first night we came to my place where I have a loveseat (he just has single chairs at his place so we couldn't sit together), and I thought finally something would happen. I tried to sit close to him and give him signs that I wanted to hold hands, cuddle, etc. but instead he leaned away from me and didnt put his arm around me or hold my hand or kiss me or anything. He's never even hugged me. Also when I asked about our Christmas thing, he said he'd let me know when he knew what day would work, but then he said he will probably sit home and play video games most of the day. So I thought ok he must not be that interested. Then last night he called me and said he got home from his family's Christmas early so we could hang out if I wanted to, but I was already in another town with some other friends. He sounded super bummed and I said 'have a good night' and he said 'i'll try'. Later I messaged him saying one of my guy friends is coming to that festival too, not the hotel part but just for the festival. My guy didn't respond to the message even though he read it. And all day today...nothing. Not a single peep from him. For the last few months he's messaged me every day and the last month it's been every few hours. So this is abnormal. My guy friend thinks he's jealous about him going to the festival with us, and also feels rejected that I was at my friends last night and couldn't come over when he called. But I dont know why he'd be jealous when the other night he didn't wanna cuddle on the couch, oh and when I told him I found a cool present for him, he said he was just gonna get me some candy. CANDY! I am sick of the mixed messages!!! and yes I know I could just ask him how he feels, but I dont want things to be awkward at work if he says he only likes me as a friend. I was expecting things to progress either at Christmas or NYE, so I will probably find out next week since we'll be staying in the hotel alone together. But I just thought i'd ask for opinions, I am going nuts today trying to figure out why he suddenly went quiet on me, he never does this! If he's so jealous, why did he act like he didnt wanna touch me the other night on my loveseat? He knows I like him, why won't he even try to kiss me, we've been 'hanging out" or "dating" or whatever this is for 5 months now!
  6. So i have known this girl Sarah as nothing much more than an aquantance up until two weeks ago. She had a bf for about 5 months who she lived with and they broke up about 2 months ago and i had a gf of 3 years and we broke up about the same amount of time ago. i saw her at a party and we talked a little bit and whatnot then i ended up seein her again the next weekend and she had tickets to a bball game and no one to go with so i said why dont i go with you and we ended up going and having a great time and then meetin up with some friends at a party and kinda hangin out with eachother most the night and dancing/grinding kinda feelin each other up and stuff and then when she left she pecked me on the lips. This was a week ago and since then we have talked on the phone or in text every night. The next night we hung out again and did the same thing partyin and drinkin grindin on each other and went to eat and stuff even held hands and walked to the resturaunt and have held hands on a couple other occasions. and when i took her home real late that night she said i would get a good night kiss if i played a little game driving home so i went along with it and played(it was a game i was guarenteed to win but somehow didnt) but ne ways when i get to her house it just came natural and we both leaned in and started makin out for like 5 minutes ne ways after that we kept talkin and a few days later went to the mall and to lunch. I really like this girl and we have soo much in common and our convo's are always fun and there is never a dull moment but sometimes i wonder how she feels about me cause she will say she will call and then wont or sometimes act not quite as interested as others. for example last time i came to pick her up she came to the door in her bra and then ran upstairs after she opened it obviously just to tease me cause she totally could have thrown on a shirt but then later that night she says she will call and doesnt. We seem to have good chemistry and she shows excellent body language and initiates alot of the calls and texts. Then today i see that she had messaged her ex saying we should hang out before i leave. she was going out of town monday. What am i supposed to think about this. Me and this girl have not ever talked about dating eachother or ne thing but i thought she liked me and i really liked her but then sometimes she wont call when she says she will and then with this message i saw i just dont know. Does this girl not like me? is she confused? what is her deal its driving me crazy! any girls opinions would be very helpful
  7. image removed ok been kind of dating this girl i met off the net. we went out like 3x's now and so far goin-she been busy at t ime. goin back to school in Jan, and the thing i like is she has her own place.hhe since i live at home-folks always home. my question is how do u initate or ask for sex. the thing is we both in our mid 20's and the reason i'm askin is i'm the most inexperience guy , and never done it before. do u guys just ask hey lets go back to ur place, or do u build it like kiss, hold hands, cuddle like when goin out and from there grow to it -into sex. what do u girls usually except the guy to do, just go and ask or do u want it done slower,-like kiss , hold hands... i want to do it so it seems natural and just not using her for her body. i think she be able to detect it guys how do u do it. i now it sounds weird but i don;t want to screw this one up, shes seems pretty inexperience like myself and has her own place what ways works the best : this girl is not a drinker , partier, seems converative from nowing her. very quiet person. she seems realli into her studies too. the girl is a international student. let say after dinner or movie, do u say can i come back up, do u have to date her and for how long before i should start askin or initating for sex
  8. Ok theres this girl that i work with that i have a crush on, I talk to her sometimes over text messages and at work i took her to c a movie and it seemed to go well, she said that she had fun and the movie would have sucked if it weren't for me being there, during the movie i had my arm around her and we held hands and were rubbin on each other and what not and i found it to be very nice and so did she, but its like now im no longer important but lately it seems like that no longer wishes to talk to me, ill send her stuff and alot of the time i wont get any response (no i dont message her 500000 times a day either) ill send her a message, and if the doesn't respond in like an hour then ill send her another, then if still no response ill just leave her alone for a while, and even if she does respond it seems as though she is just talkin to be nice, since she uses minimal words and doesn't really say ne thing other than she has to ill usually message her in the morning saying good morning and at night b4 i go to bed also i asked her if she would like to go out again sometime and she said "ok" which didn't sound like she exactly wanted to go, but she is just to be nice, it makes me very anxious and seein as how shes the first girl ive ever taken out i want it to work out but just dont know what i need to do next i wouldn't of even thought to ask her out (cuz shes a bit older than me) but she seemed like she really wanted to go out with me, so i did, and im takin her to my senior prom am i just being paranoid or what? ive been anxious for the longest time it seems like and i just realllllyyyy want it to work out, cuz she really is an amazing girl PS: im 17 and shes 21, but once again she really seemed like she wanted to date me
  9. hi! this is my first time to post a thread.. and i find this site helpful. Anyway i met this guy for about 8 months, we are workmates and by the way he's my boss. For the first three months it was really a bad start for us maybe because of personality differences like he always misinterpret my actions, like if i don't talk to him, he assumes that i hate him, then i would say sorry and tell him that i am busy with my work. I am really a good subordinate but it just that i don't feel like talking to him when i'm at work and this guy likes to talk to his subordinates (which is really good in building a great bond for our team). For the first three months, he would always ask me if he did something wrong, and i would explain to him that nothing's wrong and everything is fine.. this boss of mine is pretty sensitive. After talking about it, the flow of our friendship becomes great. I feel comfortable with him. And i would tell him my ups and downs with my ex-bf. He would give great suggestions because he's married. I know how much he love his wife but they are miles apart for 7 years. they see only 30 days in a year. i really don't want to be close to him since that would give a bad interpretation from my workmates , i even told him and he said he understands me but i don't think so because he always stay and talks to me at my work area. He even took my home phone number and calls me. He invited me to watch movie. and if i refuse to he would say that he's hurt coz i refused. but he's really such a good friend and i don't give malice for every actions he made. He always hold my hands and gives me a hug. I told him that it's OK to hold my hands and hug me but not always because it's really not proper for us since he have a wife. I always end up pushing him away when he hug me but he would talk to me and explain that he only wanted a friend like me. so sometimes i let him hug me. One day, we talked and i told him to stop holding my hands and giving me a hug. He promised and he kissed my lips. I asked him why he kissed me, he said that he was sorry. After few days, it seems he broke his promise and do the same thing. It even got worse, he would kiss my neck, smell my hair.. i know it's really not good but we ended up kissing together. I got so guilty and i talked to him that he has a wife and so the kiss for us is nothing and we cheated. He agreed. He was sorry because he initiated it, i told him too that it won't happen if i didn't kissed back. he explained that he is really affectionate to me as a friend. and he gives importance to our friendship and he doesn't want to lose it. One day i told him that i still love my ex and my ex back wants me back. This guy friend was shocked and asked me why.. he doesn't want the idea.. i told that if he's my friend then he would be happy for me. he said that he is happy but sad a bit because he can't anymore hang out with me in case. Few days after, we talked and he pulled me again and we kissed, and it was really a long kiss. After kissing me he said that he was sorry... i don't understand why he always do that. I really wanted to believe that he wants a friend.. but i don't know if he's using me. I'm so down. i told him it's really not healthy for us and he said that he would do his best to make our friendship work without hugging and kissing me. I just don't understand why he's doing that.. and right now when i'm at work i just wanted to quit my job. Please help me.
  10. This is my first real relationship with a girl. I've been going out with my girlfriend for about a month now. We usually just hang out around the house together and enjoy each other's company. Most of the time we watch movies together. The only thing we've really done is kissed on the lips a few times. When is it right to make out with her? I really want to but I don't want to mess up the moment. Should I do it when we're watching a movie alone at one of our houses? Also, when we're watching the movie should I put my arm around her or does that annoy girls? We do seem to hold hands a lot when the movie is on, but sometimes we just sit there. Sorry if these are stupid questions...I just don't want to mess it up.
  11. I recently re-entered the dating scene after a horror of a 2 1/2 yr relationship which ended last week. Ok so I met this guy and on the first night we hung out talked about our goals and etc we really hit it off,he asked if he could hold my hand and i said I don't think i would be ready for that yet because i'd like to be friends first, to feel him out and he was fine with that. 2nd night/date we had a great time again talking and what not and he kissed me at the end of the date, thats when i felt abit strange because i was sure if that would ruin getting to know him better as a person but we talked about it and it didn't change anything really 3rd night/date had fun again this time we made out quite abit there was alot of hugging and he told me that he doesn't want to push me away or rush me and that he loves spending time with me and looks forward to it.He asked me where we "stood" and i said i didn't know i assumed we where "dating" he took it well, but was just at a lost as i was at how to apporoach what we where doing. Ok after that date we spoke briefly online and he hasn't made contact since.did something go wrong?.I don't want to call or text him because i don't want to come off as "clingy" I just want to know if he's alright or still interested.What would you do
  12. I have been seeing this girl for about a month now, I am 21, she is 21, and we both agree that we make a great match. She tells me how much she likes me and stuff. Now, She and I havn't held hands, or kissed ...only hugs at the end of a date... It has been hard for me to stick with it for a month. AM i such a bad person? I can live with out the sex..but right now, we do nothing... I mean that in the sense of.. .two nights ago we were here at my apartment watching sappy chick flicks, watching all the romance and stuff.. Well she sits down.. with a 5 foot gap between us...and i move closer and i see her fidget.. NOw I am getting mixxed signals.. How do you deal with someone who wanting to take her time.. Because she has made bad decisions in the past. ? ? ? Any advice? FYI : We have both been in long term committed relationships before. . .
  13. Well.... I'm happy to say i've moved on from a previous girl... and now am activly looking for someone else~ And ive found a girl thats pretty.. well... lets just say interesting... lol Hopefully this post wont get too long, so i'm sorry if it does... I've started talking to this girl more that is in my "circle" of friends.... and i hadnt talked to her as much since i really never saw anything happening between us.. we were just.. "friends".... Well, we talk every once and awhile, and shes a pretty cute girl, but doesnt really go out and party as much as alot of us do... so i really dont get to see her in alot of real social settings (outside of when we are all together at someone's place, or at lunch) Well, we had a party at our house, and she ended up coming and she was pretty friendly and all with me, and i just kinda was getting a vibe... and realized i was kinda interested in her So, we started talking a bit more.... and she seems pretty interesting.... and here i guess is where the slightly embarrassing story kicks in... haha... WELL, i was out with a buncha people and we got REALLY drunk... and i went back to my friends place... and they were just kinda hanging out playing video games.. (none of them had been drinking alot) and i just kinda talked a bit, and watched them play... Well, she lives accross the hall from them and she stopped by to say hi and see what we all were up to... well im sitting on.. i dont know how to describe it... like a lounge chair but you dont lean back in it.. lol.. anyways, shes sitting on the arm of it and i start talking to her and i make a motion for her to kinda squeeze next to me, despite the fact that there was basically no room... lol.. so she squeezes in.. and than eventually just kinda sits in my lap.... Well... one thing leads to another and we are kinda holding hands and just kinda doing w/e.. that whole finger thing (EDIT Its like.. when you're holding hands and you just kinda do odd things with each others fingers... i dont really know how to describe it, but i always think of it like footsy with your hands if that makes sense!!) .....oh ya, the lights are all off so no one was like.. staring at us, or really knows anything is going on... Well, i eventually pass out, and wake up the next morning and just kinda slap myself in the face for being so forward with her!!! And i have no idea if i just made a total * * * out of my self or not;;; I havent said anything to her, and we were pretty friendly, didnt act weird when we saw each other sat/sun/mon..... SO, she had facebooked me awhile ago, and i was bored, so i grabbed her SN and talked to her on AIM for a little bit.. and was kinda hesistant cuz im afraid i'm coming off desperate... but i'm so sick of just sitting idly by and letting NOTHING happen!!! so, i guess i want to know what to do next.... I'm afraid to be too forward since its a group of friends... and im not really one to date within a circle of friends.... however, I don't want to limit myself...... I guess, whats next? Or do you think i acted too stupidly when i was drunk? I dunno, anything you got!! lay it on me
  14. Hi, my name is grace. i need some advice. i love my boyfriend so much it hurts, i have never been in love before and am amazed at its power. he can be so loving, he can be so generous and everyone thinks he is wonderful. unforyunately, he has another side which he has warned me about. He hit his ex girlfriend, he controlled her and manipulated her and he was upfront about all this. i am an intelligent girl, i should have seen this and left him but i love him. i pissed him off the other day and he went to hiot me but stopped himself, instead he dragged me 10 feet on the floor by my hair. i could be pregnant as we are trying for a baby. this upset me so much i was hysterical, he knows that my mum used to hit me and he knows that all i want from him is security and stability. then yesterday, a week after the dragging, we were having an argument in the car and i said i didnt think it was going to work out between us. i didnt mean it, i didnt even think too much about it before i sais it because i so deaperately want it to work. As soon as i had said it he hit me in the head, he hit me so hard and kept on hittion in the same place. i put my arms up when i realised he wasnt stopping as i could feel my brain hitting the sides of my head it was awful. i begged him to stop, i kept saying "i love you, why are you doing this, please stop" over and over. He really hurt my head and my arm. I got back, lay on the bed and cried. i cried bacause i had an awful headache, my arm hurt, i love him and he has just destroyed ll the security i felt with him., i felt so protected before, he said if anyone ever hurt me he would kill them so how could he hurt me? i said all this to him, i looked into his eyes and i cried. he sat in silence looking back at me. i cried so much my eyes hurt. i held his hand and kept asking why. he apologised to me, he said it wouldnt happen again, he said he didnt want to do it, its just that i stressed him out. he said he hit me so many times because id made hom hit me once and that pissed him off even more. im still here, hoping he will change but in my heart of hearts i dont think he will. i think he will hit me again but i dont want to believe it because i love him soooooooo much. i really really do. what do i do? i want to live with him and love him forever but an=m i being really dissillusioned in thinking that he may change? help.
  15. I am crazy I know I am a loser I know I am a freak I know I am mental I know I am cranky I know I am weak I know So no need to remind me I already know DONT TELL ME Don't tell me that you understand, don't tell me that you know Don't tell me that I will survive, how I will surely grow. Don't tell me this is just a test, that I am truly blessed That I am chosen for this task, apart from all the rest. Don't come at me with answers that can only come from me Don't tell me how my grief will pass, that I will soon be free. Don't stand in pious judgement of the bonds I must untie Don't tell me how to suffer, don't tell me how to cry. My life is filled with selfishness, my pain is all I see But I need you, I need your love Unconditionally. Accept me in my ups and downs, I need someone to share. Just hold my hand, and let me cry and say "My friend, I care."
  16. Your on the beach wind blowing in your hair You have never looked so good as you do right now Smile so cute Your Blue eyes tell me you need me Hair shinny in the sun Holding my hand, tells me you will never leave me Your kisses taste so sweet, makes me go crazy I know i have said it a millons times befor but i love you
  17. it looks like my ex is coming around....this surprises me cause i would never think that he's gonna do it well...anyway...i had a dream last week about him...then next morning i got a text message from him that he had a dream about me.... the next night i had a dream about me having a babyboy, going through labor and stuff like this... .... next morning i went online and i got a message that my friend (in another country) gave birth to a babyboy that night before then i started thinking about dream i had about my ex....see my ex is really busy man lately in my dream....me and him were at the party and it was really crowded...we were trying to go through some room... he was going first and was holding my hand... every few seconds he was looking back at me and smiling to me (nice warm smile) ...later on in a dream we were sitting and eating do you believe in dreams? what do you think?
  18. Well, here's what I'm going on in contemplating asking this girl, let's call her B, out: 1 - 9 times out of 10, if we're together, we're cuddling, holding hands, even at the prom last weekend, I was massaging her feet, legs, shoulders, neck, and temples (I'm very good at it) 2 - Nothing is forced, it's free-flowing, no tension, and seems to be mutually enjoyed 3 - Most of our mutual friends think I should go for it. Reasons against: 1 - One friend has asked her and told me there's no interest 2 - I hinted around it last summer and there wasn't any interest 3 - I don't even believe in myself here, 3/10 chance she'll say yes by my estimate 4 - If the answer is a no, things will never be as they are now, and I'd hate for things to be awkward. 5 - I lack confidence in most things I do, okay, all things I do except fencing, and I've given up on that a month ago. So there is nothing now, except maybe school. 6 - I don't know how to act liek anytihng other than what I am right now. I can be romantic, but what about when not romantic? What to do or how to act? Never had a relationship before... 7 - For coming up with this many reasons compared to the first list 8 - For even thinking up this list Any help or comments would be much appreciated. If I follow through with my plan, I'll be asking her out around 7pm tonight.
  19. Like the topic suggests, today I met up for coffee with someone I had found from an online dating site. She was very attractive, smart, funny yet sensible... overall she seemed like a really amazing person! ... But, I got nervous ](*,) I'm trying to figure out what the problem is. I wasn't too bad, per se... just not my comfortable self. I hate being shy. It's so frustrating! Evidently I'm attractive. I'm a nice guy. I think the latter is partly where the problem occurs... I'm quite sensitive, and making a fun of myself (and in doing-so, being fun!) isn't very easy. I'm intelligent, but my "wit" isn't particularly sharp, so making funny remarks doesn't come naturally. Also, my family forced me to be mature at a very young age, because "silly nonsense" was just not tolerated in my family. I know that this girl was/is looking for someone funny and spontanious, which perhaps added to my nervousness I think (because I'm not too great at those things IMO). ...So we ended up talking, for about an hour and a half before I had to go because I had a class. It wasn't too bad... but overall, I'm not happy with myself. Looking back at my relationship with my ex, I sort of wonder how it worked at all We were extremely shy... even holding hands was hard at the beginning. We became more comfortable with eachother over time of course, but it _really_ did take time. In fact, I recall most of her friends were chiding her to dump me because I hadn't done stuff with her within timeframes... though it worked out perfectly for us. Anyway, I can see after today, that I'm going to suffer from those same problems again... it shouldn't be as bad this time round, as I've done most of it before... but just, becoming comfortable seems difficult How do other people do it? Act on impulse and instinct? I tend to be too much of a thinker... any thoughts, tips, or ideas?
  20. hey there.there is a girl i like and it seemed to me that she quite liked me.there were all the signals like holding hands(albeit drunk)and dancing real close.we have talked loads as well. so i thought id ask her out at my uni ball.however,my mate advised me not to do this since she only think of me as a friend.i had a private word with her and this was the case but she felt bad about it.i really dont think she was stringing me along...she isnt like that. anyway.....i was just wondering if o had done anything wrong.she is a flirty girl with ppl...maybe i just couldnt tell between flirting and real flirting. any thoughts?
  21. hey everyone. THis mite sound kinda stupid but, i'm really sick of having no one (relationship wise), i want someone to hold, and someone to share my days events with etc... I see people (couples) at school, walking around together holding hands, kissing, and just generally being there for eachother, and for them, great! for me, it sends me into a black hole...I don't know who they are, I don't want to be with them necicerally, but I just want to have someone...its not just at school. walking in town, watching tv, anything what makes it worsre for me is da one girl that I really feel strongly for...can't know. does this make sense? what do I do? thanks
  22. I wrote this at work this morning. In have to take breaks through-out the day to go to the bathroom and cry. Only a few more days of this. I've lost all my energy, even my energy to scream, I've sought help, explained my feelings but nobodys knows what I mean, I'm too tired to stay awake, too tired to sleep, I mostly hold my hands to my face and weep, There'll be no reprieve as I can't figure out what it is that I need, Even drugs have lost their appeal, Even on drugs I just can't feel, My life is no longer real I find myself at the store looking at the guns in the display case, Hoping that once I have enough money to buy it, I'll be able to point the thing at my face, I'll take a deep breath and pull back the hammer, Exhale, pull the trigger and I'll finally leave this place None of my writings on this site are some cry for help. This site gives me a place to share my thoughts since I can't obviously share them with anyone in person. In a way, I'm actually kind of happy knowing that this will end soon. I'll write my own obituary and display my real name. Just a few more days.
  23. I posted a couple of threads before but for those who do not know my story, I will give you a brief summary. There's this guy I was really interested in whom I kissed during Spring Break. He held my hand also and said that he really liked me. Well he went on a trip and I didn't hear from him for awhile and when he came back I still didn't hear from him much so I distanced myself further from him and one time I saw he and he said "hi", but I didn't have the friendliest reaction. He called me less than a week later asking me what was wrong and I told him I really liked him (then he said he really liked me too) but I wasn't sure if he wanted to get to know me better since he hadn't made much effort. I didn't ask to hang out because I figured that if he really wanted to than he would try more even though he's busy. Then I saw him another day and he invited me to his fraternity event and I said I wasn't sure if I was going, but I ended up going. Well I was dancing with different guys and having fun, but at the end of the night I went up to him and asked how his night was and he wasn't too friendly. Then I asked if we were cool and he said "yes", but that is all he said! I walked away since I didn't feel welcomed. Well I figured I would give him a call and ask if he was upset at me. I left a message on Monday and I haven't heard from him since. Now it seems like he's hanging out a lot with another girl and for some reason I am crushed...like I had a chance but I blew it! I know I shouldn't say this, but I just don't understand what's wrong with me? Why after time and time again guys never want to make effort with me! I tried to be more honest with myself this time around and keep my self-respect, but I feel like no matter what I do it always ends up hurting me. Last night I found out that he told my friend awhile ago that we had something going on but it ended. Why did it end?! I'm just confused right now and for some reason I'm mad at myself.
  24. Content right now, far from okay God please answer me when I pray seems like just the other day we were holding hands and talking changes have accured since you turned and start'd walking Im in a circle of thoughts, yet i choose to avoid it The talking isn't working, the gestures isnt doing it I try my hardest to turn the other cheek feeling this emptiness in my heart is what i seek i still remember those good times we had, you and me hand and hand These days I have feelings cooped up that not even I understand Its like we have been walking in circles, you and I it gets easier day by day to not cry I shedded to many tears ive cryed to many nights its time to switch gears and turn on the head lights My mind is in a daze, my life is still here my train of thought is like a maze,like an eagle steering clear It wasnt me who called it off it wasnt me who pushed and rushed it was you who turned my heart to dust I shouldnt be ashamed and yet I caugh Im sick, i wish to flee this heartache off if only there were such a thing to kill these feelings that ive thought These feelings continue to linger on, a way to kill, I think not they only avoid the crying during the day they only avoid the times you look my way There are plenty of words im dieing to say I only wish they would make you stay content right now,far from Okay
  25. There is the guy I liked who I thought really liked me, but his actions led me to believe he was kind of a player. During spring break we hung out and kissed each other. He said he really liked me, hugged me and held my hand. I thought he was serious about getting to know me. Well after break he didn't call me that much and I figured I would just wait and not make any more effort. He started to call me more, but he had a chance to see me on campus but didn't take the opportunity! Then one day I found out (courtesy of My Space) that he hung out with another girl and was saying the same things to her as he did to me like "you're awesome", "you make me laugh" and saying that he wasn't going to be that busy the next week and that they should hang out again. I was furious and deleted him and haven't talked to him since (it has been over a week). The only time was when I was walking by and he jokingly poked my stomach, smiled and said "hi!". I just looked at him with a blank face and then said "hi", but I wasn't very ethusiastic. Now I'm wondering if I should talk to him and see if we can be friends. I will be seeing him fairly often since his fraternity hangs out with my sorority. Another part of me thinks that I should let things go as they are. I don't want things to be awkward and I'm sure it'll be different over time, I'm just not sure how exactly to handle the situation right now. Any advice?
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