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  1. I have an unprotected sex with a boyfriend. I was supposed to get my menstruation at the beginning of the month but I didn’t. I have stomach cramps, increased appetite, headache. Am I pregnant?
  2. Long day at work stuck in traffic and got into arguement over phone about what to get to eat . When I got back to apartment I was triggering by stupid argument and couldn't turn off the heat . I displaced other issues in anger about after a year and half she hasn't met my parents but I've met hers countless times - holidays / birthdays/ etc. About how my circle of friends is always asking for double dates /etc but her circle of friends is non existent . A dry spell in sex life . I just couldn't turn off the anger . She said she had a headache and didn't want to talk about it, thus me getting a
  3. So basically I've been dating this younger woman who has been screwed over with guys in the past (cheated on with one guy, another guy gave her herpes) We've been on several dates and just recently things died down a bit so I reach out to her (after a week of headache and trying to figure things out) and said I feel like things were going well and now there is a distance. She agreed and said because in the past she's jumped in and out of new relationships and wants to take it slow. Sounded like we hit it off and it freaked her out. She's young and said she's focusing on her life but said s
  4. Hi guys, just wanted to exchange experiences on apps dating. I've been doing this for seven months now, and am still single and looking lol. There are tons and tons of people, it seems. Just like in a shopping mall. You think you want shoes, think again, the choice is staggering. So you go and try on shoes. You even have some for a few weeks or months. But then inevitably something doesn't work. And here's what I think doesn't work. Everybody seems to espouse the view that "ah, if its not the perfect-perfect, absolutely amazing fit, scrap it, and shop for new shoes". It is also quite thrill
  5. Two things happened separately but in the same time frame and I'm at work and can't focus because I'm so depressed and sad. One thing was that my old roommate and friend of two years exploded cause I asked her to pay for half of an expensive part she broke on my car when I got a flat tire and she was showing me how to change it. She jumped on the crowbar til the nub broke off and it cost me more than $90 to fix it. When I sent her an email asking her to pay for it, it ended in a whole bunch of emails attacking my person and who I am and how people "warned her about me" And then this gu
  6. Hi everyone, I hope you all are well. Thanks for all the advice you’ve given me in the past. So I’m a bit kinky in that I like some mild neck holds during sex. My boy is comfortable with it so we do that from time to time. This last time however, he went a bit too hard and I saw the room darken. Next thing I know I see flashes of images and lights and suddenly I open my eyes, and my concerned boyfriend is freaking out, worried sick. I didn’t know why he was scared, until he recapped what happened. Apparently, I sagged to the side, made jerking motions, and then started to snore. It last
  7. So there's this guy i interact with at work... He is very business like at work and I'm kind of the same. Its all mono-tone and serious and aggressive. To the point you get a headache. So we had quite a few occasions where we went out together with the team and had lunch or drinks. And at lunch, he's sooo nice. Like gentle and sweet. Asks a lot of questions, gets really close, talks softly. At work hes almost like a difficult person or a ****
  8. Ive been with him for about 6 months now; and at the start it was great and we always stuck to plans. But for the last couple of months he has been cancelling and moving our plans for the most ridiculous reasons. I started making him arrange the plans, but that hasn't helped at all. He cancels very last minute! Today we had plans, and just as i was about to leave, he cancelled because 'its a bit late..' Its Saturday and was about 3pm, in what world is that late??? Other times he's been ill, had a headache, or just too tired. Usually he would at least tell me before i get ready! I just d
  9. I woke up almost 12 hours ago in a dead sleep needing to use the bathroom. To my surprise, it was explosive .. but....my stomach didn't feel effected except for mild cramps. I went into a spiral of a small panic attack as I am emetophobic and due to the fact that I didn't get this in about a year, I was up all night on edge if I need to go again. I slept a little and went again 5 hours later. After that, I went around 5 times in the next hour...tmi but it was watery, gross and generally as if something needed to get out. But still...I have no temperature or any other stomach sensation. I haven
  10. Hello there, I'm writing this thread for my mother. She often experiences very painful headaches which literally force her to be in bed all day and she also vomits. She has diabetes and problems with blood pressure. She regulates her diabetes with insulin pens, and injects the insulin twice a day. She also takes pills for the blood pressure problem. Now to the topic, she has these sort of weekly headaches that appear over night. Literally she goes to bed fine and wakes up with a severe headache and starts vomiting. The headache usually lasts for a day or so, and then she is fine again, unti
  11. This is a difficult post to make however I really need some advice and guidance. For the past year my partner has not been interested in having sex or being intimate with me. We are a same sex couple, she use to be so close to me but now there's a giant wedge between us. If I try to ask her why there's a new excuse each time, either she's tired, has a headache, wants to play on her phone ect. There's always something, it's got to the point now where she gets so mad if I ask her why she's not interested in me anymore. I don't know what to do, I feel so ugly and unwanted. We have been together 4
  12. Not sure how to handle this one... I had a situation at work today where I was wearing an expensive perfume (Chanel) and a secretary who had a migraine headache at the time sent me an email telling me that my perfume was unbearable. I asked another coworker who sits by my desk and she told me she couldn't smell a thing. Then the office manager told me to "go wash" in the bathroom. I felt so much negativity coming my way that I eventually went home. On my way out, the secretary with the migraine was offended that I decided to leave. Gaaahhh...what gives. I'd love to hear ba
  13. ... and its making me ill. I practically quit months a go, getting more and more infrequent due to bad headaches. I had a bad headache after smoking 10 days a go and I said... thats it! I have told my friends it makes me ill and 2nd hand smoke is making me ill... however this friend keeps smoking around me and lighting up. Even when people are eating or I am eating. Today im supposed to go to a workshop and her lighting up has given me a bad headache and I feel so sad as I was really looking forward to it, now feel sick. Its her last night here for a while n im supposed to be going
  14. Hi everyone, There is this guy and he has been my best mate since we were 8 or something. I don't even remember exactly when we got friends, I only know it started when we played hide and seek in our neighbourhood with the other kids. We are now in our early to mid twenties and going different places. I remember when we were around the age of 18 about 5 years ago and we would be going to clubs, hitting on women and drinking, only to wake up the next day with this headache from last night. I decided very quickly that I did not want this to be my lifestyle. Now I barely even drink and I ha
  15. Ok so, I have posted a few times on here before about my partner of 1 year (M) whos in the army. He is 33, has a child with his ex partner and I am a 24 year old female. I am at medical school (first year) and I am really enjoying my course and we do not live together. A few weeks ago I have experienced pain in my shoulder, and have noticed a few little bony lumps. I went for a few scans and they have discovered numerous lesions and they don't know what they are. I've had to have a few sets of blood tests done to rule of secondary bone cancer, and I've had full body checks to rule out lumps
  16. Maybe she doesn’t know how to be friendly with her ex (me) . But every time we run into each other the ex always brings up the past. We agreed not to txt or call each other but to be friendly at the workplace and she always always brings it up, whether it’s joking about it or telling me she missing something every time I have seen the girl she brings it up. She even made snap videos talking about me, she’s no longer on my social media, does she just not know how to be my friend and move on from the past. To be totally honest I don’t even find her attractive anymore or would want to put myself
  17. I need some advice. My partner and I have a very happy and healthy relationship, we adore each-other and generally get on like a house on fire. He's had his struggles with drug use and anxiety/depression in the past but has been able to break away from that what the coke use. He has the occasional slip up but it's rare. He lives away from that old life and moved in with me 6 months ago. He has been working hard but has horrific tension headaches which come from his anxiety. He's on medication for his anxiety which he's been on for 7+ years and has now also been given 'amitriptyline' for the he
  18. It really was a roller coaster ride since i took up the courage to move out from my parents house & confronted my husband on his irresponsible behaviour. Well now, to be more specific, my ex-husband. I never felt so liberated, i was so trapped in the toxicity then, now im enjoying my freedom. Im staying in a new apartment with my 3 kids, i bought a new car to accommodate for the 4 of us. I can say that im mentally healthy now. I cant lie that its exhausting taking care of my kids all alone, but its just a relief that don't have to deal with the headache of being in a one-way relat
  19. So I was talking to this guy online I initially found really unattractive and not my type, not that I have a type he’s just far from any type (I accidentally liked him) and didn’t want to be rude and unmatch, anyway we ended up talking on the phone a few times and I think he’s funny and interesting and I like talking to him a lot and we planned to meet up maybe in the following week (clashing work schedules permitting). But then the other night he just stopped replying to my text and didn’t reply till the following afternoon which set alarm bells off for me (he said he had a headache and crash
  20. Okay, Guy I am seeing (same guy here: https://www.enotalone.com/forum/showthread.php?t=561770) We had a Saturday plan but it was not officially set (place, exact time etc.) by Friday we were talking when he was at the airport at noon and I finally just asked for a rain check. I had offered the morning to someone else (my uncle, not another suitor) and not having the date details finalized was interfering with my life, making other plans. I kept having to say ‘I will let you know’ to others— I don’t like being like that. So I told him everything had been so busy (truthfully) and I wa
  21. 3 years ago.. couple months back I almost died..someone attempted murder on me..they used all there force into them to snap my neck.. I survived unfortunately. Sometimes I wish I didn't. Going through so much pain from my neck to my spine back to my headaches. I feel stuck, hurt, scared, I feel traumatized. I can't stop thinking about it. It replays in my head like it just happened yesterday. How can I move past something like this?
  22. Long day at work stuck in traffic and got into arguement over phone about what to get to eat . When I got back to apartment I was triggering by stupid argument and couldn't turn off the heat . I displaced other issues in anger about after a year and half she hasn't met my parents but I've met hers countless times - holidays / birthdays/ etc. About how my circle of friends is always asking for double dates /etc but her circle of friends is non existent . A dry spell in sex life . I just couldn't turn off the anger . She said she had a headache and didn't want to talk about it, thus me getting a
  23. I'm on a work assignment 800 miles away from home, I've been here 6 months. I took my company stipend to pay for my housing while here. I found a guy who was renting out a furnished studio (no kitchen) in his mansion with a private bathroom and private entrance into my unit. He was on Craigslist. He wanted a deposit in case I ruined any of the furniture, etc, but according to our "rental agreement" I would get it back if there is no damage, which there is not. I gave him a 8 weeks notice of my last day. Ever since then, he's been very obnoxious. He sends at least 2 texts per week asking when
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