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  1. It's a regular friday night and I feel like venting so here we go! At school I'm quite sociable. I talk to many people and have a large amount of friends. Even to my acquaintances I'll wave and talk to them if they're lonely and will always include them in conversations but no one seems to do the same for me. When the teacher says to partner up, no one comes up to me first and I end up being picked if there's no one else left. When I had recess back in elementary school I'd always walk around so people could think I wasn't lonely. I only got asked to play with people a handful of times. I never got asked to have a playdate with my other classmates and the last time I got invited to a birthday party was 4 years ago. Not to mention that my last birthday party was in second grade and I don't know who to invite because I'm not sure anyone will show up. I always wear a bright smile on my face and am constantly giggling only so people don't become suspicious. I see my friends posting photos of each other hanging out, talking about how fun they had. I'm not desperate to hang out, but it'd be nice to get a invitation once in a while. One instance of this is when all my friends gathered at a park a block away from house but didn't invite me-they know I live right by the park, but still I was left out. Another thing is that people rarely text me. They only text me for "streaks" or homework help. When I do text people they'll leave me on delivered for hours. I try to make conversation and will always let people talk about their interests to me. I have friends, I know I do. But realising how I've never hung out with someone outside of school makes me contemplate that. Even my whole family has a running joke that I have no friends. I'm not quite sure what to think, any help or if you have a similar experience and have tips on what to do would mean a lot to me.
  2. Hello, this is my first time ever posting on here so sorry in advance if I do not follow protocols. I just recently turned 18 F and he is 18 M whom I'll call William. So I met William in the 7th grade where we went to a small charter school in IA. We were not really close when I first started going to that school since I was new, but we became closer in the eight grade. Which is also around the same time I started to have a crush on him. I was pretty naive at the time and William was kind, popular, and very charming. Or so I though :( I am a Muslim (and he is an Atheist) , and the school that I went to at the time only had 13 kids in my grade so everyone was pretty close. There was a girl there named "Karina" (Not her real name) who was the dominant person in the grade. I always wanted to sit at the lunch table with the popular kids and hang out with them at the park as well. Everyone there thought that William had a crush on me, but he never said it to my face. Throughout the school year, William would say some hurtful things to me like "Stop Hijacking my plane" when I would sit next to Karina and some other friends. Or say "ARRR", since my parents are from Somalia. I felt uncomfortable at time and didn't say anything mean or negative to hime ever. I told him that was really hurtful and he apologized and did whatever he could to make it up to me which was being my personal assistant for the day (Writing this is making me cringe so hard). Fast forward to 9th grade, he and I go to different Highs Schools and we text about once every month. Whenever we chatted I would talk about the new clubs I joined or I made it to A honor roll. He would tell me that I am bragging even though he lives in the rich suburbs going to one of the best schools in the state. At the time I thought that maybe he was right and that I was bragging a little too much. So I stopped talking about that. Even though every time he went on a vacation he would tell me and I would just respond by saying "Send me some cool pictures! Which he did. He become much nicer and more polite and I though that he really matured. In the 10th grade we were still texting and often times he would flirt with me. So I confessed my feelings for him towards the end of the school year and he gently rejected me saying that he would "Always be my friend". I felt so embarrassed, but I kept that to my self and just moved on. We still chatted throughout the summer which is about the same time he asked that we hang out in person. I was reluctant, but I said yes and was genuinely excited to see him again. We go to a Mexican restaurant and things were just so awkward that we were only there for 45 minutes. We both drove separately and we said our goodbyes and left. At the restaurant we talked about our families, life, and future aspirations. He made a lot of jokes and has a great sense of humor so although things were awkward we didn't have a bad time. (His texting style- Extra Info before getting into the juicy stuff... ) He likes to chat once a month and whenever I text more often he does not seem as engaged in the convo and seems like he just tunes out. Whenever I tell him why does he do that he says that he knows me so well that it's too hard to think of other topics to talk about and I would just think that maybe I am overthinking things. So in the 11th grade William and I still chat and text as usual, nothing major really happens and I start to see him more as a friends and would confided in him about everyday problems whenever we texted. We always texted and one day I just kind of got sick of it and asked him why do we always have to text, chat so little, and if I did anything wrong. He then says we'll talk on the phone from now on which we shockingly never did. We talked on the phone June 10th 2020 for the first time ever. It was after that phone call I started to wake up and treat William the same way he treated me. I did not reach out to him and he made the first move by texting me a question he could have easily searched up himself. on July 31st. We exchanged a few words and continued that cycle where he would start the convo one month and I would the next month. Juicy stuff ..... So on Thanksgiving day, William texts me wishing me a happy THD. I say thanks and ask him what he is up to. He tells me that he now has a Semi Girlfriend and I was shocked that he told me that out of the blue and he tells me that he hung out with her and may have exposed her to covid and now she has to quarantine since her mother will be having surgery soon. I asked him why he said Semi and he said that he told her he liked and that she liked him too, but they haven't made things official and I give some advice with what little experience I have. Anyways after we talk about that he asks me if I met "Any cute Mohammeds?", and sadly that is the second time he asked me that. I tell him that I saw someone (dated) for a little bit , but we broke up due to him going to college in a prestigious school across the country (We were the same age, but he skipped a grade). The texting convo ends shortly after that and I thought that the things were getting better between us friendship wise. On Dec 26th I wish him a happy winter break and soon happy new year and he responds by saying thanks. We have no communicated again after that. So should I go no contact on William and just move on? I always went above and beyond to try to be a good friend by remembering small details and wishing him a happy birthday (Which he has never done for me). I am now very aware and mortified that I put myself in this situation with a "guy friend" who I know deep down does not respect me. There might be a lot of gaps in this story and I can answers any questions you guys might have. If I wrote everything it would end up being a 400 page book. Just reading this sounds so crazy, but I honestly do not know what to do at this point. We are currently seniors BTW
  3. Hello all, I am writing this because I am currently stuck in the middle of a large friendship that is going through issues with two separate groups. This might sound confusing but to give some context, in this situation there are 12 friends including myself. To keep privacy I will use fake names. There are 6 guys (Bob, John, Kyle, Jacob, Will, & Brad) and 6 girls(Ericka, Peyton, Jasmine, Hannah, Olivia, Amber) 3 of the guys are currently dating 3 of the girls. (Bob & Ericka, John & Peyton, Kyle & Jasmine) Within the remaining 6, Jacob & Hannah got a divorce, Will and Olivia used to date a long time ago but now are really good friends and Brad (which is me) is currently trying to date Amber. The tensions stem down to when Jacob started to date Hannah. She joined our friend group and the two of them got married. She began to become great friends with everyone within the group and 5 of the guys and 2 of the girls were in the wedding. She became very close to everyone and things were great. Things got bad however, when the two of them started to have problems. She began to rely on 2 of the girls (Olivia & Amber) and also myself to reach out for advice and just overall have someone to talk to. Jacob also reached out to me for help and advice, so I was stuck in the middle here but they ended up getting a divorce. This started a tear in our group as the only people who would reach out to Hannah was Olivia, Amber and some of the guys including myself. Everyone else in the group would never really reach out to Hannah. Jacob and Hannah have buried the hatchet and they both told each other they don't want our friends to pick sides and want all of us to still be friends. But the problem currently is this: there is this tension between the girls. Hannah, Olivia & Amber have gotten very close and they still really like the other 3 girls, Ericka, Peyton & Jasmine, but they feel like they are not welcome whenever they all hang out. Ericka, Peyton & Jasmine do not start conversations with Hannah Olivia & Amber and they have told me that they feel like they don't invite them to do anything. While Hannah, Olivia & Amber have told me that they feel like Ericka, Peyton & Jasmine do not like them. I feel like there is a big misconception between the two groups. They both have the same mindset and I believe it can be resolved. The most recent scenario which has caused me to type all of this was this past weekend. It was Jasmine's birthday and she texted me and Will asking us if we wanted to go and included everyone else besides Hannah, Olivia & Amber. Those three found out that Jasmine had a get together and are upset and feel like it is the cherry on top to their thinking that none of the girls or even the guys like them. Out of everyone, I am closest to Olivia & Amber. I go to them about anything and everything and they consider me their best friend as well. They've contacted me about whether the other girls like them or not and they feel like they are being pushed out of this friend group. The scenario is weird because I feel like in a divorce or even a breakup you lose friends and people move on. Olivia & Amber have become so close to Hannah through being with her during the divorce that they don't want to leave her but at the same time really don't want to lose the rest of us. I could use some advice on what to do because I don't want to lose their friendships and I really believe it is a misconception that the girls don't like each other
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