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Found 2 results

  1. I have a friend who I've known for a long time, maybe 6 years, we go to the same school. I've had a crush on her for 4 years and this year we really started to get close. She is a girl and so am I (we are both lgbtq+). I talked to her everyday for almost 6 months. She'd always give me cute compliments and seek out my attention so I was sure she had a crush on me back. Note: She is Jewish and I have nothing against Jews but was curious if she supported Israel. I am middle eastern and will always back up Palestine so someone supporting Israel is a big no-no for me. When I asked her if she supports Israel she didn't answer my question directly and then didn't respond to me. This led me to believe she supported Israel, as she did not deny it. During the next day at school she ignored me completely, which is very out of the usual for us. I texted her on her bull*** but she instead said that she's angry I would drop her if she supported Israel and called me closed minded. When I responded back she said I hurt her and that she needs space. We did not talk to each other for a month and would actively avoid one another. I, being very impatient and missing her texts asked if we could talk. I do not think I was in the wrong but I've had a crush on her for so long and did not want out friendship to end. I texted her a lengthy apology taking accountability of all the things I said to hurt her, (or what she says I did to hurt her) I admitted to all my "mistakes" and asked if we could not be awkward with each other anymore and hopefully become like how we used to be. She texted back thanking me for what I said but then went on to say that she has family in Israel and that If I wanted to drop her I should. She also did not address the part where she said she would continue being friends with someone even if they were racist and said that it's not fair the way i'm treating her and its unfortunate the way this has played out. I didn't want to drop her. I wanted to rebuild our friendship and I still maybe did have a crush on her. After all, she did say she didn't support a lot of things within Israel itself and didn't support either countries. As long as she doesnt support Israel it was fine with me. I texted her back and she didn't respond. It's been 3 days. I also think she BLOCKED ME? All my texts do not say delivered. I am aware I am down bad for her but she IS SO PRETTY AND KIND. I don't know how to fix this. My school ends next Friday and since I'm still blocked (for some reason) I will not be able to text her. Anyone know how to help and fix this? I know I messed up and did something wrong but is it all my fault?
  2. Hello everyone, some of you might remember that one of my close friends had a mental breakdown and went unresponsive. We were able to talk about it since and she seems to be on the mend. However, the saga continues, and since I’ve gotten such helpful advice here, I want to share recent happenings, because the up and down of it all is kind of throwing me into a tailspin. My family and I moved 1.5 hours away and face to face contact with her has been more sparse. We’ve always been in touch via phone almost daily though. My friend has since visited me and we had a great day in my new city. We were planning sleep overs for the kids and other future outings etc. I noticed though that she’s pulled back majorly for a while. Not only in frequency but also quality of conversation. I always attributed it to her mental state right now, but the question was heavily on my mind for a few days, so I asked if I possibly said anything that offended her and that it wasn’t my intention if I did. Told her I hope she continues to heal and that I’m there for her. She assured me that I’m a great friend through it and didn’t offend her. Cool. About an hour later I got a longish text from her basically explaining that it’s going to be harder for us to keep a frequent and close relationship due to distance and that our friendship will have to change without regular play dates or other things we’d do where we would see each other. Ooff. Ok…. It threw me for a loop a bit. Her pulling back then seemed a bit more calculated, where before I thought it might’ve just simply her trying to get through the day. Our experiences as people are vastly different. I’m from a foreign country (live in the states now) and have maintained long distance relationships for years. Whether it be family or friends. An hour is nothing to me. She’s always been in our city and doesn’t have the comparison. I get that, yet it feels as if she’s dooming this ship to sink without that even happening. And I’m along for the ride and have to constantly steer against that from happening. Not sure I’m overly dramatic but our relationship has taken a pretty sharp turn in the last few weeks and I’m having trouble keeping up. She calls me “bestie” randomly in texts but then she wants the friendship to change, I suppose because she doesn’t want to end up hurt. I can see how that would make sense to someone but it’s not an approach I’d take. I honestly am slightly overwhelmed even talking about it. Life ebbs and flows and sometimes we hear from people more, sometimes less. It seems as if she’s suffocating this and I’m not quite sure how to move forward. It’s definitely possible to overplan and over talk situations that are just a mere possibility. Anyone have any insight?
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