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  1. Hey all, so I've got some thoughts swimming around in my head and I'm not sure where they really leave me in the end. I'm 32 and will turn 33 in September this year. For a number of reasons I faced a lot of obstacles and challenging situations getting to where I am now. I'm studying my MPhil in Egyptology at the University of Cambridge and it's a very intensive 1 year degree. As I'm an international student studying at Masters level, the tuition fees were exceptionally high and, despite working solidly (as a university lecturer in Japan) for the last 3 years (before starting my degree in O
  2. Hello- I am very conflicted and and hoping to gain clarity soon. Background: I am 42.5 years old, and obviously my chances of getting pregnant are much less than even 3 years ago. When I was 34 years old I broke off a 3 year relationship because he did not want kids (he wasn't honest about it when he came to his decision). Since I thought I still had time to find to the right guy, I kept dating. I then had a traumatic relationship with another man (stories are posted here on enotalone) shortly after that, which put me back into the dating pool at 36. By then, it was pretty tough to m
  3. So like 5 months ago I broke up with my ex fiance, 3 months prior our split, we were trying to conceive a baby, tried the vitamins, time of the day and such, but unfortunately we didnt get lucky to have a baby. I'm 30, turned 30 last June. To be honest I don't feel like dating right now, I mean i go out and have casual dates with guys but I can't help but think if this guy has potential to lead for a long term or not, so after a date or two i just completely stopped seeing them. I also tend to attract younger guys.. Like 3-5 yrs younger than me, idky. Anyway I'm still hurt and paranoid abou
  4. I don’t know what to do. I moved to this country 5+ years ago by myself and within a year had started seeing a guy who is 8 years younger than me. He was very persistent and knew my age. We moved in together pretty quickly and we’ve had a good and strong relationship for the most part. You’d never guess from the outside that we have such major issues going on underneath. But. In those 4 years we have achieved pretty much nothing other than drinking a lot, bouncing from job to job, arguing with his very stressful family and spending a lot of money. I am now 34 years old and time is running o
  5. My husband and I have recently learned that the only way we will be able to conceive a child is through in vitro fertilization, which neither of our insurance plans cover. We have also been saving up for a house as we live in an apartment right now. Over the last couple of years we've become good friends with a couple who my husband met through work, and they are aware of our fertility and housing goals. They're now engaged and have kindly invited us to their wedding in Mexico in March 2016. The problem is that the resort they booked is upscale and expensive and the best deal we can get (throu
  6. Hey guys this is a really personal post Me and my partner think its time to take the next step and consider children in our relationship I had one depo shot in july this year and was due to go back for one in october, it was my first and only shot I took it at the time because the pill causes awful side effects for me and condoms are ineffective (imo) and I wanted a longer acting contraception My periods are irregular every 2-3 months and usually last for a week and a half and i havnt had a peroid since end of may , but i know for a fact I'm not pregnant, (had dr confirm it before i
  7. Hi there. So here is my situation. I am 29 years old, and recently divorced. My ex husband and I had fertility and adoption issues, and a lot of resentment. I know already that it may be a struggle for me to have my own children. Fast forward to now, I've been seeing a 33 year old guy for about 5 months, who is wonderful. He has two children of his own already and is very involved in coparenting with his ex. He's a wonderful father, and I admire it about him so very much. He knows about my fertility issues in my previous marriage, he knows about my failed adoption, and how resentment ruined
  8. I had a great first meeting with my ex last Saturday, we went hiking and at the end he said he'd be up for doing it again. This will be his first Christmas without both his ex-wife and brother, earlier today I thought it would be sweet to send him a Merry Christmas text on the day of. The tricky part is I will be in the U.K. during the holidays, is it too revealing that I still care a lot about him if I text him from abroad? The last thing I want is him worry I want more than friends and avoid future meetings. Am I better off to leave him alone and contact him for hiking in another two mon
  9. Okay I was dating this guy for three months and it was all bliss until he did an 180 on me. He was confused and it turned out he was still in contact with an ex who begged and pleaded with him to come back to him (they split up 6 months ago, they were together also for 6 months). He told me he was not in love with her but he cared for her deeply and it hurted him so much to hurt her feelings. He needed time to sort it all out and we broke up. But during this time he kept calling, texting me and wanting to see me... telling me he misses me, and cuddling with me. (a detaill to add: I'm une
  10. My bf is 33, we have been together close to 3 years now & have recently decided that we are going to start trying for a baby in September this year. I wanted to know your thoughts on a couple things & if you think I have reason to be concerned. - Bf has never had a high sex drive, 95% of the time I am the one initiating it, he is happy to have sex when we do so its not that he doesnt enjoy it. He also doesnt masturbate (we talk openly about these things and I know he is honest) because he prefers sex. Can easily go 7-10 days without any sort of release - NEVER wakes up with "mor
  11. I am 34 years old and have been with my boyfriend 7 years this September. He is the same age as me. We had a loving, healthy relationship early on for about 4 years but the last 2.5 years have been very rocky, we have split up 3 times and got back together. In the last 2.5 years I have had a stressful time, 1.5 years of contacting at various companies then I got offered as permanent job recently, my mum has demetia and I have had health problems which have resulted me in not having sexual intercourse. 3 years ago he compared me to my twin sister, saying she was slimmer and more successfu
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