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  1. I know that everyone is different and what may be forgivable to one may not be forgivable to the another, But I am curious what things do you think are forgivable (whether that forgiveness comes right away or takes time) or is just so bad that no time can mend the wound, I recently lost a friend, I lost her for basically two reasons I overdid it and sent two many messages and texts and she blocked me, That may or may not be unforgivable, What I do think is unforgivable however is what I did AFTER that I was desperate to move on but I just had to make sure she at least saw a letter I wrote so
  2. So my boyfriend proposed this past Thanksgiving and we started planning the wedding about two months ago. We have picked the venue and I have started dress shopping. I am very excited and I truly believe he is my soul mate, but part of me is still a little worried about how his proposal went down. Background info: We started dating 3 years ago, and moved to Chicago together a year ago (we live together in Chicago now). About 2-3 months after living together I started to uncontrollably nag him about when he wanted to get engaged. For some reason I just couldn't stop myself. I had this enormo
  3. So I have been whining a lot about my anxiety, depression and fear. I would like to try to turn it around. So I am going to drop some happy/cheerful/funny thoughts here. My first one...I think it's a hoot that Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg are friends. It's so awesome that two people who come from completely different walks of life can get along so well. I also am a fan of Fred Chang who was a contestant on Master Chef US. Just adore him. Anyone have anything to add?
  4. So I (35M) met a very nice girl on Tinder 1,5 months ago. We already knew each other from over 10 years ago but have not talked since we were younger. Our conversation was awesome from the very beginning, she initiated conversations, shared pictures of her daily life etc. After the first date she said she definately wanted to meet again and so we did. I spent a evening and night with her (no sex) and it was wonderful, I actually think I let myself fall in love with her at that point. I thought we were moving in a good direction but I started to get other thoughts very soon. After I spent
  5. So I've been in a relationship with a girl for nearly 5 months. I'm a 29 years old and this is my first serious relationship. To give some context until age 23 I used to be a hopeless romantic. Since then however I'v focussed on getting control of my life and I'm in a far better place, mentally, physically, financially and personally. I'm very clear on my goals, what I want out of life, and I'd like to believe mature enough to recognise the insecurities from the past when I have them. So, I started to see this girl from a conservative family and she still lives at home being from such
  6. I just need some fresh eyes on this because I am pretty upset and depressed and in a tail spin. My daughter, grandson and I rented a home together to cut back on expenses. We had spoken about buying a home together but wanted to wait a year or two to get some money saved for a down payment. At the time, she just started a new job in town and it was a great job at that. I was working Full Time too. We've lived here for 2 years now and its actually been okay. Its been nice for me to have people around and spend time with my grandson that is now a young teen. When it was time to sign
  7. These past weeks we’ve been fighting non stop and made me lose my optimism in this relationship. If I do decide to breakup with him, I would often see him in one of my classes, and I feel as though the guys in our friend group would only be comforting towards him even though they are friendly towards me. I feel as though a may have lost something big if we both ended things. I do admit that i am sometimes problematic as a girlfriend, wherein I let my parents hate him because I often let them see me crying because of him, or times when I become immature and insensitive when im with our friends.
  8. About a year ago I moved out of my aunts house. We agreed to go half on the rent but because of COVID I haven’t been able to get back on my feet as promised. I get unemployment but that pays for my needs and nothing else. My aunt offered a place that she owns worth my half of the rent but I’m reluctant to go because she’s known to break boundaries. Even in the place I have now she pops up without calling even though I’ve told her more than twice not to. My fear is that I’ll get over there and she’ll be doing that AND more because now she’ll have a key. Also I have a mentally ill uncle th
  9. my boyfriend and i have been dating for almost 10 months now and we’re both second year college students. our relationship would often consists of fights because of my attitude towards him or how i act, i admit that im sometimes immature when it comes to being demanding and sometimes cant be understanding towards my partner, but i feel like im always too criticized by my boyfriend. In our friend group he is always known to be very direct and straight to the point, so its no different that he applies that too in the relationship which is no problem for me. But lately its been different for
  10. Hi lovely people, Ive come to seek out for some advice again. Its something I could discuss with my therapist, but she is on holidays for a month. I wonder what the experience or opinion is from like minded people. Ive been coping with depression for a while. I remember starting with therapy was a new step in to a positive direction. Still I do feel depressed and very negative. We started processing trauma therapy some months ago. Talking about all this makes me realize that its not weird to think negative, but on the other hand its so hard to see the world in a different view. Ive
  11. Hello everybody. I hope you are well! I have a pretty simple question, I guess. But I believe it will be better if I talk to you about it ... I've been in NC for almost a month, and I'm feeling good, focusing on my stuff, like gym and college. Well, I've been living my life normally. And, I believe that the most important thing of all, I feel good about myself, you know? But, my question is this: if in a while (I will not determine a specific time, I believe it depends on numerous personal variables), I feel a genuine desire to contact my ex girlfriend (not being motivated by th
  12. Back in 2013 a girl ran into a me on a festival. Both severely drunk we had a chat for about 30 minutes. We've shared facebook and so some time after the festival had ended, we started to communicate via whatsapp, text only. We have never seen each other ever again, although, till a few days ago we were still talking to each other via WA. In the past years we've talked a lot, mostly about relationships, travelling, school / work, all the fun stuff, you name it. Through out the years there have been occasions in where she invited me to come over to a party / gathering / what ever.
  13. I just got out of a toxic relationship and a failed toxic friendship with my ex. He was extremely emotionally abusive, always snapped at me, always made me feel like I should feel privileged he's still talking to me, even after our breakup (he broke up with me) he still played with my emotions by keeping me constantly in his back pocket/radar. I wasn't innocent either but I feel like my negative qualities rooted from the mind games. We had a strong emotional connection where I could say anything on my mind, he is the first person I've let inside my head like that and it feels like I won't find
  14. Lately I’ve been struggling with my purpose and have been striking out with the few women I’ve asked out/went on dates with. I’ve been focusing on social media and trying to show myself to be more of value. It’s almost to the point where I plan the end of my week to do things so I can show it on social media. Like this weekend I want to go to the beach just so I can vlog it. It’s like I’m craving attention. The attention mostly from one girl. I need to get out more but I feel like I’m just gonna do it just so I can show it off. This girl I met on vacation and I have been talking so
  15. After my last break up i really cant see myself finding that special someone! The reason for this is that just over 2 years ago my 3 year old sons mum broke up with me and it left me completely broken and lost. However i focussed on my son and was able to accept the break up and see my part in the break. I got myself into a good place and i was pretty happy and ok with things. I ended up getting really close to someone at work around 10 months or so ago. Her partner was being pretty nasty to her and their relationship ended. After a few months we ended up being together and she totally blew
  16. Long story. She had been dating a guy for two years and it ended badly. About a month later, we met. We dated for a month, then she told me she lost a connection to me. I’ve come to realize, I was the rebound. I get that. I talked with her more about it and I feel like she’s scared to “love” again because she might feel like all relationships will end badly. She told me that she still wants me in her life. Being honest, her friend and I are the ONLY people she ever talks to. She was scared to lose "an amazing person." She felt really awful for what she did because she said she never wanted to
  17. Hello guys, So I am currently 30 year old and taking a break from relationships to truly improve myself before attempting to get into another relationship. Regarding my relationship background I had a 6 year serious relationship during and after college until I was 27 three years old about 3 year ago and after that relationship, it has been a string of 4 short term relationships where I either got hurt, heartbroken or it was simply one-sided(mostly due to settling for less and not knowing what I truly wanted out of a relationship and at times to "not feel lonely". I will have to say that a
  18. Dear All I broke up with my ex of 2 years, 6 months ago. Every morning I wake up missing her and comparing myself to her. She is an ambitious woman with a curvy hip and pretty, loving, caring, cheeky look on her face. I have been with 2 women before her, and according to her account she has been with 1 man, but actually often it is hard to believe that as she partied a lot in her early 20s and she also played handball in the local team semi-professionally. I think she has had some flings before me. I am 28, I graduated in business and economics, but I always wanted to have a more cr
  19. Anyone have stories about telling a crush you like them? Outcomes good, bad, indifferent, etc.? If you don't want to read this lengthy post but feel like sharing the stories or thoughts anyway you can feel free to skip my writing below but still reply if you'd like. I'm getting ready to do something incredibly risky but I've decided that I won't back out of it. It's important that I do this for myself. I'm interested in feedback and/or if anyone has had a crush that was a bit far fetched and whether you told them or not, and why, no matter what the outcome. Also, it's ok if you think I'm a
  20. Hi all, So, some of you know my story but in a nutshell, I was with a woman for quite some time. She was everything I ever wanted in a woman and I was so happy with her. I never, ever thought of other women other than her, I wanted her and her only. She broke up with me back in November, saying that "we weren't compatible" and "you did nothing wrong". At first she wanted to take a "break", for a "month", I waited what was supposed to be a month, then asked her if we could get back together, then she ended up telling me she no longer wants to continue with me. I was devastated. I crie
  21. So I'm an 18-year-old girl in my first relationship ever. I've known him, my boyfriend, for three years already. We're classmates and have a lot of things in common such as our interests and plans for the future. He's ridiculously intelligent and has a truly calm and kind personality. I really never saw him as a possible partner but one day he started showing me clear sings that he liked me: he held my hand, hugged me tightly, kissed my head, and so on. I felt truly loved and so we started dating. We've been together for more than a month now and I really love him: I think his personality is j
  22. Hello, this is my first post here and not sure in the right place. I am in my mid twenties and I have a big problem with building relashionships. I think my biggest failure is communication and low confidence. I can barely be present inside groups of people. I have always this feeling that they are better than me and that I can be forgoten in the group and not heard because I deserve it. I really feel so sorry that people do not get to see my true perdonality as I get trapped in emotions and nervous when around people. But dont get me wrong I have a good bavkground in every topic of conver
  23. So I’ve always had issues with jumping WAY too fast into things. I’ve recently for the past year been trying to be okay with living alone and being single (I’m usually in relationships). The guys that I usually attract are not “quality” people, so when I meet someone good my mind gets a little too far ahead of me. I recently met a guy on fb, he is in the army and lives quite a ways away with a different time zone but he’s from my area originally. We talk everyday and flirt here and there and will FaceTime now and again. It’s honestly only been about 3 weeks but I’m getting a little bit t
  24. There’s a guy I work with (we’ll call him Scott) who I’ve been interested in for a while, and I could tell he was also interested in me because I catch him looking at me a lot. We’ve never approached each other though because we’re both pretty shy. On Friday one of my coworkers invited me out for drinks after work with some of our other coworkers, including Scott. So of course I went. Everything started out fine.. we were all drinking and laughing and having a good time. When the person who was sitting next to me at our table went home, Scott came over and sat next to me and was holding my
  25. Long story short I've been dating a guy in work for three months now. We both have strong feelings for each other but he said last week that he is too afraid of a relationship and getting hurt that he can't give me the committment I want (he told me these worries at the start) He is very conflicted over this as he wishes he wasn't afraid. We cried together for hours when having this whole conversation about committment. Another thing to note is that during the whole conversation we both said we still care for one another and things weren't left bitter or awkward between us. After the c
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