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  1. Recorded with an mp3-player, so please excuse the quality! BEAUTIFUL link removed (Verse 1) I know you have this theory that if you just shove things Under the carpet, they will not emerge No, they just lay there and linger I can't even explain how I'm wrapped round their finger And you, don't you ever feel the need to f***ing talk 'Cause let me tell you, I sure do And you, don't you ever wonder why You put me through the cruel things that you put me through (Hook 1) But I am not a saint 'Cause all these thoughts running through my brain Need an outlet (Chorus) And every time he calls me beautiful I feel beautiful I feel beautiful But isn't also quite so pitiful That I feel beautiful Only when you're far and gone (Verse 2) I know you have this theory that if you can't explain Any of your actions, then you cannot be blamed No, just because you're stupid Doesn't mean in any way that you can excuse it And you, don't you ever wonder if I'm still bitter Well, let me say, you've got no f***ing clue And you, don't you ever wonder what I'm thinking 'bout When I am silent, if you only knew (Hook 2) But I am not a w**** It's just not the same anymore I need an outlet (Chorus) (Hook 3) But I am not in love With him, he's just someone Who's become my outlet My outlet (about my very troublesome last relationship, and the emotional affair which ensued between me and my boss whilst still in the relationship)
  2. My supervisor turned in his resignation a month ago and leaves tomorrow. His manager and upper management have outcasted him due to an emotional affair that developed with another work contact, his co-supervisor. I never knew about it until recently and from my perspective, he has done a tremendous job and has remained completely objective in doing his job. I don't have regular conversations with upper managment but I will say that essentially his boss and the one above her are not people I would confront on this matter after giving me poor reviews for two years in a row in order to stifle my growth and prevent me from moving to another project. Having said that, I am scared of going three tiers up to upper management to defend my supervisor, but I feel it is the right thing to do. I just wonder if it will hurt me instead. I have been quiet and easy-going here at work over the last several months because I just want to get through the day happy and I try not to get my head too wrapped around the BS, but I feel he has been wronged and I want to defend him. In doing so in the past, I have had my head served on a platter in my performance review, so I am VERY VERY hesitant to do anything. I firmly and wholeheartedly disagree with the assessment and see through it as an oppressive attempt by management to intimidate me into just doing my job and shutting up, but my moral fibers are coming apart knowing that my boss's boss and her boss are kicking another VERY GOOD employee out of the door. The solution long-term is to leave. But I so want to ... attempt to give my perspective. I just don't think it will be in my best interest.
  3. my wife of 12 yrs told me she cheated on me with my best friend(at that time) 6 yrs ago. she just told me 3 months ago abou it but the whole time she was telling me she was talking to another guy. she said the guy was just a friend. she hide it from me and locked her cell phone account so i couldn't see her records. well i found her records and found shes been talking to the guy for over a year. she says they have only talked on the phone and thats it. when i try to talk to her she tries to push the blame on me and won't talk about it. i am to blame some because i don't show her the attention and time i should. i will admit my faults but i still can't get this out of my head. oh and by the way we do have a 3yr old son that is making my situation dealing with this even worse because he is my life. can anyone please help me with some input on my problems and situation? thaanks for any help i can get.
  4. Ok so my wife, says that because I talked to my sister behind her back (because she hates her and hates me talking to her) that I am cheating. That it qualifies as emotional cheating. yes I did talk to my sister about our relationship and how messed up it was. I told her details that my wife would find personal and damaging to her as far as being a good person/wife/spouse. So telling my sister these things naturally would make my sister, just like most of the people here say get away from her and protect yourself. So by definition emotional affair is talking to someone else behind your spouses back, keeping it secret because you are afraid of what would happen if they found out etc. Here is the offical definition: An emotional affair occurs when one member of a relationship consistently turns to someone else for their core, primary emotional support in life. So with that in mind is she right? I mean its a weird question but im starting to think she is right which is unfortunate.
  5. Hi folks...Im lost here and dont know what to do. sorry if this is a bit long but Im trying not to leave anything out... I've bee nmarried for 7 yrs in december. my wife recently enilsted in the coastguard and went away for 4 months training. In that time, i became friends with a co-workder and apparently it became to close but I didnt notice. We would talk on the phone at night. she would call me - I would never call her, unless I missed her call or she left me a VM. The majorit of the conversation was her complaining about her boyfriend/husband and I was giving her advise. In my mind we were just friends..She has a daughter and came to my house 2 times with her to play with my kids - a play date. I told my wife she was in the house. she got a little upset asked if anything was going on and I said no..you have nothing to worry about she was here with her daughter- we are just friends. Her boyfirend kick her out and she calls me hysterical. I said she can come over to relax for a few minutes...then my wife calls. I tell my wife she was theer and what happened..the you know what hit the fan. I explained to her i was being a friend and nothing happened. I told her if it bothers her that much I would stop talking to her completey. and I have...I work with her so unfortunaltely we have to have some type of communication..Im in IT. My wife came back on Nov 10th. she claims i was having an emotional affair with this person - we started going to counseling. Until yesterday i could not see why she would say this since i had no feelings nor a desire to be with her. I say yesterday becuase i did some research and realized my definition of an emotional affair was WAY OFF... I spoke to my wife last night and told her I realize what i;ve done and Im so sorry...I feel horrible.. My wife is an awesome woman. I love her to death - Im still in love with her. I feel horrible for what I did. I feel more horrible becuase she doesnt trust me and I unknowingly destroyed the awesome reltationship we had. What can I do to help her get over this...im gonig crazy...i didnt realize what I was doing...if i did I would have never done it...any advice will be GREATLY appreciated it..
  6. This is probably the 6th or 7th time i have been at this stage with my partner/husband. We met at work and were friends before we dated, after i split with my ex. He was my first 'one night stand' which turned out not to be as we went out with each other after and then got married. Basically, he is a lovely bloke, very clever, well presented, kind - all the things you could want on paper. But something is wrong and I spend alot of my time unhappy. When we got together, I loved the fact that he was driven and such a sweet person but I wonder if it's just that although he is a good man, he's just not right for me. I have never felt like i wanted to rip his clothes off and never initiate sex. We have sex but it is not emotional for me. I feel unconnected somehow. I have left numerous times in the past - last time was last year - because of the way i feel. I haven't been able to put my finger on whats wrong and I look at my life and think 'what have i got to complain about - whats wrong with me?' So here I am again, in a spot where I feel very little. We have a beautiful little girl but our relationship seems very platonic in my eyes. Should i shut up and get on with it? I'm terrified I am just postponing the inevitable. Am i just unrealistic about what a relationshipn should be? I know i am in danger area - i have had an emotional affair in the past and i am embarking on one currently. I don't want to become the person i see evolving.
  7. my boyfriend and i have been going through some difficult times lately, i try to talk to him about the problems, but he keeps bringing up past issues and saying they are relevent to the argument at hand (which most of them are not). as a couple we never go anywhere together. i offer to take him to dinner, or ask if there is something he would like to do and it's always no. when he would go and race at the local race track on saturday's i always went there and supported him. but he doesn't support me when i bowl on my league on wednesday nights, he says why should he because out of his 25 races i missed 3 (that was due to me having no money to get in). i am not blaming him for all the problems/arguments in our relationship, but i am one to talk thing's out and not go to bed angry. he on the other hand tends to hold grudges and carry resentment, also likes to bring up past hurts. now to the part where i think he may be unfaithful or thinking about it. one day i came home from work and saw his computer on the table half open, like he was hiding something. he was on the phone at the time with his back to me so he couldn't see me. i opened the computer a little bit (yes i was being nosy) and noticed he was on a site called "craig's list." i also noticed he has typed in 'erotic encounters.' i was speechless . he got off the phone and knew i looked at the computer screen. he said he was "looking for a sofa on craig's list and came accross that by accident." he has done this type of thing before in the course of our relationship. he has gone on escort sites, porn sites, yahoo personals, and sexual chat rooms. i told him how i felt about him doing that the first time i found out, and he said he didn't mean anything by it and he was just curious, also he wasn't looking for anyone to do those thing's with. then when i found out he was doing it again (erotic encounters) i tried talking to him again about it, how i feel that is emotional cheating but he just kept bringing up how I hurt him in the early stages of the relationship. the hurt he is talking about is when we were first intimate (but we hadn't begun dating yet, just were "seeing each other" briefly) he asked who was more endowed he or my ex b/f. i was honest and told him "although my ex may have been a little bigger, you are more passionate, make me feel thing's i've never felt before, you are definitely more better and you know what you are doing." i honestly didn't think we were going to begin fully dating, as he said he wasn't ready for a full blown relationship. anyway, he and his ego has been hurt by what i said (which was over 2 yrs. ago) i apologized to him for hurting his feeling's and i never meant to. i know i should have thought before i spoke, and considered his feeling's and i do regret what i said to this day; as he NEVER lets me forget it. ever since then i ALWAYS praise him in everyway possible, which is true. anyway, i never cheated or gone on those kinds of sites. he said "you hurt me, now it's your turn so deal with it." he blamed me for him going on those sites, he said that if i was there for him more (not intimately speaking) he wouldn't have to do those things. then later on he said that it wasn't me, it was him just being curious. i try my butt off to be there for him in everyway, but it isn't good enough. if he wants to discuss something, he says i don't say the "right things" at the "right time." i'm constantly working at that. i told him that i was doing everything i could to be there for him more in every way, and i'm trying to strengthen our relationship. with him going on these type of sites i can't help but wonder if he may cheat. i also feel this is emotional cheating. i can understand men liking the nasty movies, but escort sites and looking up erotic encounters is a different story. i think if he is looking on those types of sites he may cheat, or is thinking about cheating. i don't believe he came accross "erotic encounters" by accident. this really hurts me. i came home 2 days later after it happened and i was still upset and he said "i will not be made to feel uncomfortable in my own home." i told him i don't like to feel uncomfortable either, then he told me "get over it, just like i had to get over the hurt you caused me." how would you feel? do you think he is or may cheat? any advice is appreciated, thank you.
  8. This has been on my mind recently, and I would love some input. I few weeks ago, I met someone and we're now a couple. Prior to meeting my gf, I became close with a coworker of the opposite sex, who has now become a good friend of mind. While we "are just friends" I know that my friendship with her stemmed from being attracted to her. When the two of use hang out, it's a lot of fun, and there are things that my friend does, that my gf doesn't really have any interest in doing (like snowboarding, going out partying). I feel like my friendship with her, coupld possibly be stiflying my budding relationship with my gf. Then again, I wonder why I'm not 100% gung-ho about my new gf. My gf knows about my friend, and after reading up about emotional affairs, I want to talk to her about the bond my friend and I have formed because I am a person of integrity, and I don't want to be ashamed of my friendship. I know I'm walking a slippery slope here, but I'm torn. I don't want to sever ties with my friend, nor do I want to risk hurting a budding relationship. I want to find a balance--but I'm struggling; I love hanging out with my friend, she is a lot of fun to party with and in many ways was helpful in my recovery from a rough spot. But I also think that my gf is an amazing person and our relationship deserves 100% of my focus and energy. Please help.
  9. Well, I never thought I'd actually say those words, but I really am starting to feel like giving up. My husband emotionally cheated back in november.....and it could have been physcial but he would never admit to it. We use to spend lunches together......now he doesn't want me anywhere near his work place. He swears he doesn't talk to this girl......but tomorrow I will have to go to his work to get his check....he wants me to do it before his lunch so this girl wont see me. We were just speaking of and it burns me because I cant come by his work to get his check because of the other woman that he swore he doesnt' talk to anymore? But thats not what even made me feel bad....it was the fact that he doesn't understand AT ALL how it would hurt me any. I wouldn't even say anything to this girl. But all he did was get mad on the phone......make me feel like im an idiot and thank me for ruining his lunch. I wasn't even mean, I just wanted to talk to him about how that would make me feel..... I just give up. I asked him if the only reason he is with me is because of Savannah. ( he cheated on me when I was 7 1/2 months pregnant) He makes me feel like im crazy for even saying this stuff. But isn't it normal to think this way? After 9 months, I have finally given up. Its hard to try and get over something like this when the other person doesn't even understand the hurt and sends you a message asking what is wrong with you??? I keep telling myself I dont deserve this & its not suppose to be this way. Anways, i told him over the phone that if he doesnt understand how him wanting me to stay away just because of her would hurt my feelings then i didnt want to be with him. Mainly because if he can't understand anything they put me through then he just doesnt' care about me. Hes always the injured party.
  10. Is his ex-girlfriend up to something when she shows up at event he has gone to for 10 years and is she disrespectful to the new girlfriend if he told her he can't get together with her w/out new girl? To give you better idea - it's something that he has down consistently on the same day every few weeks. She could've scheduled anyday of the week to go, and she had been emailing him recently wouldn't it be funny if she ran into him at "blah" (to which he kind of ignored) cause he goes every few weeks. She had tried to "run" into him on previous occasions and there just happened to be mishaps those days and he had to reschedule. To which he got emails "what happened" to you. He ran into her a few days prior to the above event at a fav haunt and neither went up to greet each other (him out of respect to his girl who wasn't there) but they knew each other were there. The ex brought up "hearing" he was there when she showed up at his reoccurring event. Then tried to email him for the following weekend to go out for drinks and didn't mention bringing the new girl. Is this innocent after he told her they would not be getting together w/out new girl? She obviously doesn't understand and but I think issue maybe her - about her needs and wants (ie in this instance she had uncomfort level with him not acknowledging her at this "haunt" so she tried to insinuate herself to try and regain some importance/control in his life?)... She's gotten better and tries to contact him less but when something in her love life goes awry she is always back to contact him (does this make him the fallback guy in her mind?). New girl's issues with her too numerous to list but suffice to say that she has hard time letting go and realizing she platonic friend (that their friendship had to chg and evolve cause they aren't a couple anymore). Questionable morals as believe guy was married when she pursued him. He divorced before he cheated, but there was some type of emotional affair. Guy has gotten very good about understanding what an emotional affair is and avoids getting caught in that at all costs. Has been upfront but is not a jerk and doesn't want it to get ugly (new girl doesn't want that either). Will time be the best medicine (been about 1 1/2 yrs now)...she had gotten much better....? p.s. sry in third person started typing that way and too much to go back and change
  11. Basically I do not completely understand why most women would have difficulty understanding an so called "emotional affair" or when your partner starts falling in love with another girl and tend to forgive more the sex act, especially one night stands the most. With guys it tends to be the other way around. I dunno, I'm a girl and to me there is nothing worst than my man sharing his body with another girl, I wouldn't tolerate that. I told him if once if I ever found out he screw another girl or even told me that, he would be out right away before I start throwing up. A kiss, well maybe that would be forgivable, if he tells me offcourse and depends. Online thing, well maybe. I would understand these things but definitely not full blow sex, yuck!!!!!!!
  12. It will be my one year with my GF this month. We are really happy. Around the four month mark, I almost cheated on her. If anything, I emotionally cheated on her, (nothing physical, althought I may have wanted it). We were going through a rough time and I was an idiot. Today she asked me if I had every cheated on her in any way, or wanted too. I of course lied, and said No. I know she would be heartbroken and lose all her trust in me. I love her so much, and I made a stupid mistake (even though nothing actually happened). I feel really guilty, we've come to this thingy today where we both agree that the past doesn't matter, etc etc. But I have a feeling this guilt is going to get to me. I cannot ever tell her what happened, so please don't suggest. I know right now that I will never be able too, nor bear witness to her reaction. I guess all I want to hear is that, "I really didn't do anything. She's better off not knowing." Words like that.... Even if you have words that may not be exactly comforting to me, please reply and tell me what you think. Thanks in advance.
  13. I am back to give another update if anyone cares to read it. Some of the stuff I have to say may make more sense if you read my previous posts. It has been two weeks to the day since my on & off girlfriend of 8 years dumped me. I can honestly say I am feeling a lot better but not good about everything and I will tell you why. I spent the first 1 1/2 weeks beating myself up, saying to myself that everything was my fault and i put her through torture for 8 years. I treated her like crap and that I used her for 8 years. I am starting to realize that I was buying into what she has been telling herself and others in order to disassociate herself from me and make herself feel better about her decision. Don't get me wrong, I know what i did was wrong, I couldn't see it then but I do now, and have for a long time. Everyone has regrets, I have always felt guilty about it and I always will. I take full responsibility. What i am not going to buy into anymore is that times were ALWAYS bad. I am also not going to buy into everything she has to say now because she was the one hiding phone conversation with another guy from me, wanting to move to the same city as him and asking abut people in his life..etc.. I was completely devoted to her for a long time and now she is the one "emotionally cheating". I admitted to things I have done wrong in previous posts. Things that I was not proud of, stuff that disgusts me to this day. I was young and dumb, and had communication issues, mainly with problems in the relationship. I do feel however that we communicated on a much deeper level in regard to ther things than she is letting herself believe. There were times when we did a lot of soul searching together. I do want to stress HAD communication problems. I have been very open and honest with people about a lot of things even when it comes to admitting the dumb things I have done. I have not been holding anything back. I feel like I am finally free after being locked up for 16 years. (we were high school sweethearts for those of you that did not read my previous posts) Not that I think it is any better but I never physically cheated, It was never in my mind to do so. I guess a good way to put it is that I emotionally cheated and she never got over it even though she never mentioned she was still struggling with it until 6 months after SHE picked out her engagement ring!! We had looked over house plans, we had talked about when we wanted to have kids, what part of town we wanted to live in and this was all long before we even went together to look at rings. Can someone really fool themselves that well into thinking they are happy and want a future with you?! I guess what it comes down to is she is making me feel like crap in order to make herself feel better about what she is doing. She has not accepted any responsibility for things that have gone wrong, especially when it comes to letting me by a ring, making me think we have a future, etc.. Some of the reasons she gave were from many years in the past and if she can not let go of some things that happened in the past then we were doomed to have no future. We are both very different people from what we were back then and it sucks that I am payng for mistakes now that I made along time ago. I am sorry if this doesn't make a lot of sense to you, Hopefully people can understand where I am coming from and if you think I got what I deserved then tell me, maybe that is what i need to hear. I hope I didn;t bounce around to much for every one lol just kinda writing as it comes to me.
  14. Most of you know the relationship i put myself into, but in case, I have been in a emotional affair (being honest with terms there) for over two years and she decided things were stagnant and werent' going anywhere. So she went back to an ex- bf and in short order told me two weeks ago they were getting married, and they indeed got married on Christmas Day. I just got off the phone with her this morning and it's like she wanted me and still loves me but felt she would never get me, so she settled for her ex. My question is how do you get over thinking of someone all the time? I mean for the lack of a better term i almost obsessed over this woman. She was everything to me, still is. I mean the times we spent were precious. I mean how do you stop thinking about someone? I know i have to but I seriously am not sure how to stop the constant thinking of her and the times we shared. She was my dream come true. For those of you that know, I am trying to deal with the issues at home , but find that very difficult when my heart there is so cold. It's like now since this has happened i resent her even more. So any ideas on dealing with a COLD heart? I'm open for suggestions.
  15. Hi. I have been dating my boyfriend for 8 months now. (see old posts for more info). anyways, he's doing a rotation right now in south america and right before he left, i finally asked him about what's going to happen when he leaves for residency and i finally shared with him the pain i feel when he talks of his future and says I and not we. well, he was very quiet and said, i can't change things. you know that. he said, "whatever you need to do to be okay..." basically implying, if you need to break up, fine. and then he says, well, who knows what will happen, i may end up staying here- implying, well, the only way we can stay together is if I stay here. So, we both said to think about it. and he's evading the topic now, pretending the conversation didn't happen. Well, I recently found out that one of my good friends, who I had a crush on likes me a lot and has developed feelings for me. I, too really like him. We are so much a like, have similar values, etc... I can talk to him better than my boyfriend. I can share things with him without him judging me. I'm never like that with my boyfriend for fear. I know my friend would be an incredible boyfriend. all the framework is there. the only thing is, I'm pretty much ready to look for marraige (26 now) and at this point. my friend is two years younger than I, hasn't gone to college and is unsure of his goals, future- he's not where he wants to be and is working a dead-end job. he's sort of lost. But he's super intelligent, cultured, has the potential for great things, just kinda lost at the moment and has dated girls who have used him in the past. We were supposed to go out Saturday with friends and the others ditched us, so it was the two of us. We were a little tipsy, and we danced and flirted together all night- very nicely and I gave him a kiss on the cheek and forehead- that's it, but I felt extremely guilty and told him that I think I emotionally cheated on my boyfriend. I told him that I've liked him from day one and he told me the same. anyways, do I tell my current boyfriend or no? Was that emotionally cheating? what do I do. do i break up with my current boyfriend if he can't give me a straight answer about our relationship? thanks!
  16. First of all, what exactly do people define this to be? And how can you determine if someone is cheating emotionally or just being friendly and a having a friend of the opposite sex?
  17. I'm new here and looking for some feedback and support... please feel free to give advice if you can. My husband was having an emotional affair (I Guess) It involved his friends wife, all 3 claim to be best friends. They have been hanging out together for about a year but my husband and she developed feelings for eachother within the past few months. She started to fall for him but has placed it in a brother type love as she says and he fell hard for her. He said he loved her and wanted a sexual relationship as well. They mostly all 3 go drinking together and to Nascar races, etc. I'm not a drinker and prefer not to go because they are out to all hours. We have 2 kids a 16 year old girl and 14 year old boy. They have 2 girls a bit younger than mine. They would party about 3 nights aweek and most often would pass by our house after last call and continue on to their house and drink more and then proceed to spend the night because he was to wasted to come home. This happened alot. He began to talk about her alot Gail this and Gail that ... like Gail wears shoes like that or she has perfume like that. Then he called me by her name a few times and denied it. He even called and asked her and her girls to lunch one day while he was with his daughter and I. Her husband was working but he could get away with this because we have had dinners together out as families. He had to see her. Well one night I saw on his cell phone a text message that said Are you going out tonight? I love you. I confronted him and he said you know I love my friends ...etc. Well he then admitted it and he felt terrible and cried and etc, etc. He was planning on talking to her about this the next evening and he did and then proceeded to party with her and her husband until 3 a.m. Imagine how I felt waiting to hear from him. When he came home we fought and he was rotten. They stopped it he said quickly and knew it was wrong and are now back to just being friends. He said in fact he can just turn this right off for her because he wants me. They want to all remain friends , he talks alot with her and can communicate with her. Her husband knows everything and he worked it out with my husband and want to remain friends after expressing how he feels. All good right? No... I'm still hurting . He didn't talk to me about any of this , I talked he answered. He didn't share his feelings or say he was sorry. He said he was sorry only when I asked why he has not told me so. He won't break it off with her even if just long enough for us to heal. He says he doesn't want to give up his friends and it's no big deal what happened and never really was. he doesn't hug me or kiss me or say I love you. He did before all the time. He said he's tired of feeling bad and will not discuss this no further. I don't talk with him about it much. We've taked a little each day. I've spoken to her with her at great length about 3 times. She keeps saying how very he loves and adores me. Says he always was yammering on about how wonderful I was. She said he admitted how awful he felt about himself because of this ordeal and how sorry he was to have hurt his family so bad. Also how he should own up to it. He didn't come to me with this. He complained alot about how I should be out with them but honestly I'm not doing it, if he wants to do things with me it's got to be other things and I will not go anywhere with them again because I can't bear the pain of seeing them together. They all understand. I should say that my husband has been loving and a good man but does have the tendency to be emotionally abusive due to his past. Also I gained alot of weight in the past 4 years after quitting smoking , he hated that. We have drifted apart quite a bit. He blame me not being out with him , I blame him being out too much and being so involved with them. Go figure. I don't know what to do. He says he may end up resenting me if I ask him to give his friends up and I feel what kind of man can't make a sacrafice for his own wife he supposedly loves so much. He says that it's silly of me to think that they are more important. She said she would stay away from him if it would help although she says it can only be friends of course, but he would be mad I know he would. I feel if they all stay close this could eventually happen again.What advice can anyone give? My heart is breakining. I know I sound like a fool, I certainlly feel like it. It's been 19 years together and 16 married. Please help! Sorry to be so long.
  18. I would like others opinion about something that is really bugging me. My husband hired this woman to work for him. She has been very hateful to me in the past but I told him to go ahead and hire her if she would do a good job for him. I accidentally (really!) came accross lots and lots of emails he had sent to this woman over a matter of months. One email was from this woman who told him that she had tried this lotion and it made her so soft all over. Well my husband said he would pay thousands of dollars to rub lotion on a body such as hers. Other emails were from my husband to her saying things like how gorgeous she was, how sexy, smokin' hot, how her husband was the luckiest man in the world (yes she is married), how he was smiling at work because she was there, etc. He also started telling her private things about me, about our marriage, which he went into great detail about. He also sent her flowers to her, gave her candy at valentines day, . He got to where he emailed her about everything in his life (he never told me anything ) at about 10 min. intervals all day and night. He would always be working at his office he said. I wonder how much work he was getting done when he was spending so much time emailing her or text messaging her. When I told him that I knew what he had been doing he got mad and then said he was just joking around. I guess I just don't understand how he could have anything to do with someone who was so mean to me in the first place if he truly loved me. I would never do that to him, I feel protective of him because I love him. Do you think I have a right to feel that he cheated on me, maybe not physically but emotionally? Also, he said that he never thought about her in a sexual way. What do you think?
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