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  1. I'm in my late 30's and just got dumped by my girlfriend of 6 years. I love her and it's also clear she still loves me. Her reasons for breaking up is I've been lazy , taken her for granted and kinda have lost all ambition. I previously made a lot of money as an engineer but sadly got made redundant when I was 28. I got a a really big pay out that coupled with the money I saved, I took some time to develop property (which I own out right). Fast forward some time and I met my girlfriend and I move 400 miles to be together. I got a job but it didn't last, in that time we got a dog, which I got obsessed with and spent all my time on. I'm not living of rent money that's coming in from my property. I am looking for a job but I'm really struggling to find anything. So basically in just coasting along , not good I know. Pandemic hit and my hopes of finding something was crushed. Nobody recruiting and the huge gap of unemployment makes me really unattractive to recruiter's. So I kinda give up. My plan was/is to set up my own business. Start with dog walking and slowly overtime become a dog training that's something I will be good at. Back to the relationship my girlfriend is really frustrated with me. She's super busy and psychically and emotionally unavailable. This goes on for a while. I've fallen into a bit of a rut. I'm have the world away from my own life and it feels like I'm alone. I don't feel secure in the relationship. So I'm zoning out and going into my own little world. You know it kinda becomes like we are just living together. Don't get me wrong the sex is there, and we do have our moments. It's just we are not in the right head space. I do need time to sort myself out. I'm not exactly the person I want to me and this break up I'm going to use to drive me into action. I really need time to work on myself and get my head our if the clouds. It's been going on a while . She's been frustrated for ages. She's the type of person who threatens to break up over any little argument. It's been a pattern of gets through all her past relationships and ours. I know she's only been voicing things that I've let slip and needed to work on. The thing is it's only been making me more insecure about the relationship and because I've been insecure about the relationship I've had trouble settling here and putting my roots down. Which is a another problem. I know I should have went all in on the relationship. * I forgot to add. Things started to change when I had an episode in work. I was really dizzy, and had blurry vision. I want to hospital but they couldn't find the cause. I found I couldn't do my job after that. I used to be a very fit guy and extremely strong. But his that episode I've lost all my strength and get tired so easily. Like some days I have no energy at all!
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