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  1. I've been chatting to a guy online for about a year now. Anyway, I messaged him and it took him an hour and half to reply, which he has never taken that long, always been straight away. Before this i signed in, then signed back in about 2 hours later. The reason was because I was hoping I could had got a pre approved payment through PayPal to chat to him. He was chasing me a lot at the beginning so I know he's definitely interested in me. I'm thinking that he was thinking I was wanting to chat to someone else and not him because we was both online. He asked me if I like fishing, go fishi
  2. Right so, last year I began talking to someone online. I'm from the UK he's from the US. I fell in love with him (I know you may find it arguable as to whether it is actually love, due to never meeting.. But anywho). I'm finding it incredibly difficult. He's very shy/anxious. Over the course of knowing each other (a year and four months) I have only received two pictures of him. Now you may be thinking I'm being catfished; but I'm not. I've seen his passport and other such proof. He's been on cam to show me things, albeit not his face. But I can 100% say I know the pictures he has sent are hi
  3. It's been so long since I posted here. Thank you for reading. I honestly just need to vent. I just figured out that I was played and the man I spoke to everyday for the past year and s half catfished me. I am 32 years old and I thought I was smarter than to get myself sucked into his lies but the reality is that I fell into a trap. I've been talking to a man for a year and a half every day and sometimes multiple times per day. I last spoke to him on Sunday morning and have not heard back. I called several times and left a few voice mails and now feel really stupid for doing so. I just hope th
  4. Hello all, Looking for opinions on this situation. I started talking to this girl from a dating website for maybe about 2 weeks. We talked by messages, texts, and had long phone calls. We haven't met yet, but in one week its like we're talking like we're in love (she shifted the conversation to that tone). There's some signs of Catfishing here. She's on vacation for 2 weeks and is back home out of state and now her grandfather just passed away. We seem to have everything in common and she seems to really likes me. All the stories and details we talk about are consistent and I had a friend
  5. Hey guys, I am 18 and I have never been in a relationship, but I have been speaking to this girl online on this BDSM dating site (yes I know it is weird, but that is what I am into so get over it lol) for about a month now. And I am starting to get the feeling she is catfishing me! With this dating site, you have to pay for the messages and they arent cheap. Would she still catfish me if she is wasting money of her own too?? I do not want to make it suspicious to her as she is amazing and the fittest girl I have spoken to (I dont get along with that many girls unfortuantly lol). So if sh
  6. Hello, Recently I started bonding with a girl through an online group chat of which I only know a few people actually in real life. I am at a point where I think we both like each other and would maybe want to develop a proper relationship however I'm quite anxious she could be a catfish. I can't really see any motive for this but I've never heard her voice and only seen pictures of her. She is really beautiful and this makes me think that it's unnatural and less likely that she's a legitimate person. I asked to voice call once beforeb ut she says she has social anxiety so I'm unsure what t
  7. Let me start with I've missed ENA the last few crazy busy months. First off this started with an online dating situation, so I'm aware of the catfish possibility. A and I started using the messaging service, and after about a week and a half moved into texting, first flag I had was a non-local number, which later fit in with her tale. We pressed on, and I made the slip of asking her out with very short notice (as I was dressed with no place to go thanks to a now former friend being a jerk). I apologised for going 0 to 60 on her, and was met with silence for a day, when she did follow up
  8. I just went on a date with a guy that I met online. I was really excited about meeting him because we've been talking every day for a week and even spoke on the phone for HOURS. I knew it wouldn't be a long-term thing because he hit some of my major dealbreakers (drug addict and dealer), but was still pretty interested in meeting him because he seemed really nice and chill and I wanted to just give it a shot. Then comes the day of the date. We decided to go to a bar near his house to play games and just hang out. Within five minutes, his friend calls and he picks it up. I jokingly commented
  9. When I got home last week I went and looked at the house I was most interested in, and really like it. But absolutly fell in love with the ground and the barns. It's got a huge old tobacco barn, I could most likley tear it down and get all the old wood planed down and resold to pay for a good portion of the house. When you get that old wood out of tobacco barns that's been smoked for years and plane it down the colors that come out are unbelievable!! Greens, yellows, purples, and it's in high demand for a high price. There's one barn that's basically a metal building, one that's got bays in
  10. I just recently had a split with a girl I'd been talking to online for several months, and I need some outside input as to whether this girl was a faker or if she was real and I screwed it up. So back in February I was playing around on Hot or Not. I connected with this girl, and decided to reach out and say hi. She said hi back, and over the next few weeks things just seemed to take off from there. We talked about all kinds of stuff. From early February through early June, we messaged each other every few hours, 7 days a week. That's right, we never went one single day without messagi
  11. About out 2-4 years ago I had a fake profile of a male. I was talking to a girl for a while and then got one of her friends number that's when it all started. We stared to text and text became good friends best friends and then we had even said to be together. At first I didn't think I would develop any feelings, and many many times I did things for her to leave because it wasn't right. As time went by we just got closer and closer to the point where not knowingly I had develop deep feelings for her but I felt so guilty for never wanting to FaceTime her when she asked for talking about future
  12. A little background: I'm a slightly Asperger's 24 year old male. I've had really bad luck with establishing any sort of relationships I've been rejected numerous times, had random circumstances get in the way and got catfished when I was younger despite the adversity I'm finally starting to get a little more self-confidence. I've been using tinder for a little while now and it hasn't really yielded anything other than one hook-up and a couple awkward dates. Last week I began talking to this girl and her and I have very similar interests, have a mutual attraction to eachother and have alrea
  13. Females- say your partner started working later and later each night. Starting at 7am and finishing at almost 11pm. A casual position. An in between job. Say he rejects you 80% of the time you want to have sex. And when you have said sex, it is just him putting it in dry and going for less than 2 minutes then falling asleep. Say you check out his Instagram feed and there is just massive amounts of bikini models half his age. All of them with identical bodies, that are the opposite of your own. Say you ask him casually "when was the last time you had sex? And his reply being "with you?" Say
  14. So here's my situation: I'm from Ohio, and I've been talking to this girl for over a year now that i met on Tagged, "a social media site for meeting new people". I initiated conversation with her because i thought she was gorgeous and we talked through that site's messenger for a couple months before i was comfortable giving her my phone number. It turned out that the both of us had somewhat recently gotten out of a bad relationship that ended with a bad breakup, so we kind of helped each other through those struggles and helped each other move on. we kept texting each other every day and
  15. Lately my boyfriend and I have been getting into a lot of arguments; like more than 2 arguments a day. I know that it i is very unhealthy and I feel like no matter what I do its not good enough for him. Just yesterday I finally gained the confidence to tell him that my ex bestfriend who is a guy basically catfished me by some guy I used to have a huge thing for, this went on for almost a year and then another year later my ex bestfriend just told me that it was him all along, and keep in mind he just told me this a couple of weeks ago (I hope I didnt confuse you there). My boyfriend new about
  16. If your boyfriend can go twelve hours without talking to you does that mean he is talking to other females? My boyfriend has texted me back for twelve hours. I mean who can go twelve hours without talking to their gf/bf like in between those hours not unless their sleep. I haven't talked to him since like 10am or 11am and it makes me wonder if he's talking to other females. I did have a gut feeling that he was but then I blew it off because I thought it was my imagination or whatever. My cousin volunteered for me to catfish him using her pictures but I don't know if I should. I di
  17. Jetta


    I'm sure you know the song Torn between two lovers, if not it's old 70's song. Anyway there's the local guy and the Texas guy. I really like the Texas guy, but still don't know that he's not a catfish guy. I kind of feel like I'm leading on the local guy because he's asked me on a date for this weekend, which I accepted. And he's genuinely a nice guy. The other guy is a man's man, and if his picture match his image he's a hottie. I've asked to do a video chat, I'll see if that happens. His computer is for work he says and he would have to get his own laptop, which he can afford I'll
  18. This is going to sound crazy .... I have no doubt I m just about to hear few home truths.... Well 3 weeks ago I started catfishing a guy. It wasn't planned. One night with my girlfriends we created fake tinder account (probably too much alcohol and boredom on our part.) We spoke to few guys and I was meant to delete the account the same night...but I didn't. In the morning I received the message from the guy I really liked. I m not sure what got to me but I continued talking to him. I surprised myself how easy lying was to me. I tried walking away few times and telling him I met someone els
  19. Soo, I catfished someone in my past a few years ago. I was being young and naive. It honestly all started because at the time some guy I was talking to (lets name him S) had played me. So my dumb revenge plan was to make a fake page so that I'd flirt with him with the fake page & his girl that he was messing with while talking to me would see it and break up with him. (I know that was so aweful of me). Well when I ended up making the page I started randomly talking to some new guy (lets call him H). I didn't purposely try to meet and catfish anybody body else but "S", but like I said it so
  20. I am having a problem with online dating. Most of the time when I message men, they don’t believe that my pictures are real. They start calling me a catfish, along with other vulgar words, because they think I am fake, so I end up blocking them. Then there are those very few men that decide to go through with meeting me in person, and once they meet me, they start acting like jerks by saying things like “You’re too pretty to be single, gorgeous girls who are single are crazy or psycho.” They then decide that I am undateable because I am “attractive and single, so I must be crazy.” This really
  21. So I've been with my boyfriend for over 2 1/2 years now, but last October I was looking at his old emails (due to my own jealousy problems, which unfortunately turned out to be founded) and I saw emails addressed to a girl named Emma. These had been going on for years, and were all quite old, but my legitimate problem with them was that the last one had been sent nearly 4 months into our relationship. Some of these emails were incredibly explicit. Not only that, but he had sent her one just a few months before I found out about them in July, asking how she was and that he was sorry for the way
  22. My boyfriend and I have been dating online for over a year. We met online in a game and have hit off. We haven’t met yet but we planned to meet in Autumn. I catfished him for a few months because I wasn’t taking the relationship seriously until I realized he was being honest about his feelings and he wasn’t just putting on a persona. I came clean to him about catfishing him and he forgave me. We had a long talk about how we both felt afterwards and how we would proceed. He agreed to let the past be the past and so did I. Everything has been good on the surface but I have been having an overwhe
  23. Hi everyone, I've got an easy one this time. I was written by a woman on Match who lived on the other side of the country from me three weeks ago. She simply said hello and introduced herself with a smiley face. Shes quite beautiful and works as a part-time model (I suspected a catfish and looked her up on Facebook, shes real, full profile and everything matches her story). Long story short, she moved to my city with her mother and sister two weeks ago and has been sending me casual yet aimless friendly texts. I've been friendly, charming, and scarce. I have barely initiated contact with h
  24. I am watching a marathon of this show now and GEEEZ!!!!! What is wrong with some of these people? Some of the reasons for creating false identity? I dunno, it was just a game that got out of hand. I dunno, just to mess with people. No I never gave a **** about any of these people. And why would such a person (1) give their real address, (2) agree to be filmed for the world to see, admitting these things? I mean I can believe they did it as a game, and/or to mess with people, but to admit it on camera for the world to see? That is the part I struggle believing. They s
  25. In November my husband started acting differently. I knew something was wrong and had the same sinking feeling I would get anytime I was in a relationship with someone who was cheating. I had no proof for a while but the terrible feeling wasn't going away. I found underwear with cum on them in the laundry pile. Then there were no underwear in the laundry at all. My suspicions grew more and more. I started to look for more evidence of cheating when he said he was depressed and needed to spend time away from the house and away from me. I found a note he had written with a date, and his signature
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