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Found 16 results

  1. I think I may be allergic to my contacts, but I'm not quite sure. I've recently ordered a new pair of contacts and they are the same brand as what I wore before, except this time they are clear instead of colored. I've been having problems with them because my eyes will turn bright red after I have them in and after I take them out my eyes become really irritated and sensitive to light. I went to see an ophthalmologist and was told that I have allergies and told me to stop wearing contacts for a while until they get better. I was also prescribed an eye drop to help with the irritation. Went back after a couple of days and was told that my eyes looked a lot better and that I can resume wearing contacts. Well the problem didn't go away, they still make my eyes turn really red after I wear them. Has anyone ever experienced the same problem? I've debated about switching contacts but they costed me $250!
  2. I'm being bullied at work by the 2 other girls that work there. I have been trying to hand in my notice for 2 months but my previous manager wouldn't take it. My new manager has taken it. But today was aweful. One of the girls who has been bullying me bellittled me infront of customers. The secrity lady spoke down to me like I was a piece of dirt and I made a comment about her. There was a 'customer' who happened to be the mother of a girl who bullied me all though my entire school life. So I made a coment about there being a god in the back room. One of the girls tells me I need to put makeup on and do my hair and dress up nice when I thought I did do my hair but I can't wear makeup because I have allergies which I told her and she still goes on. The other girl bosses me arround and makes me look stupid infront of the coustomers. My manager does NOTHING about it. So I filed a complaint to head office about this even though I quit because I'm not going down so easily. I feel aweful why does everyone treat me like I'm inferior and think it's ok to do that? Why do they put me down so much? I'm so unhappy... ~S.
  3. Oh my gosh!!! This story shock the Heck out of me.This story is very seriuos and sad.How important is sex to you? Woman died of allergy on sperm Actually, they both, the woman and her husband knew about the allergy on some substances contained in the husband’s sperm, though they often neglected using condom. According to the doctors, they did their best to rescue the patient’s life, though without success. Allergy on sperm is very seldom, though it causes serious troubles. The troubles of the couple started a year ago, just after they married. The woman suffered from asthma and felt badly after sex, though sexual appealing turned out to be more powerful than her illness. link removed
  4. So I've always had an energy problem, and my doctor said it was that I have hypothyroidism. I've been on meds for almost two years, and it hasn't gotten any better. Everytime I go back to him, he tests my thyroid level again and says I'm fine and that it's probably just from being a college student. I don't think this is the case though. I just had a conversation with my boyfriend about it and we totalled the calories for what I ate today. It might be breaking 1000. That's horrible! I didn't realize I was eating so little. I mean some days I think I'm OK, but probably it's the days that I eat out. We're thinking this is why I have so little energy. The thing is, I haven't been losing any weight or anything from it. I'm afraid that if I increase my calories I'm going to gain weight and I really don't want to. I've worked hard to get to the weight I'm at. I'm 5'2" and 118. I was about 15 pounds heavier about a year and a half ago and it was hard to get it off. Any ideas of healthy things to eat that won't make me gain weight but will make my energy level go up? I can't eat any fish or walnuts because of allergies..and right now some hard to chew foods (carrots, bagels) are off limits because I have TMJ and my jaw is a mess.
  5. I tend to have problems eating greasy food. I had some microwavable food, then some fast food. I threw up and I got these red dots all over my face. They are sorta like little specs mostly around my eyes and mouth, is there anyway to get rid of them in about 10 hours? I don't wanna go to school looking like I have some new type of acne haha.
  6. Well my 4 roomies are all sick. One of them has strep and doesn't believe the doctor that she has it and is all around the apartment. And the others have huge colds. We live in an apartment style dorm so I can't stay away from them. I am just getting over an allergy cold. I don't want to get sick again. I am in college and can't afford to get sick. I need tips on how to prevent myself from getting sick. Thanks in advance.
  7. This isn't so much about my relationship, but about a friendship. My best friend seems to be jealous of my relationship, and it's putting a strain on things. She'll make comments like saying my bf is a dork, but they both have fun together. She is older than me, (me 21 at the end of the month, her 28) But we have a lot in common and have both had rough times in the past. Nine months ago she started getting sick all the time, and it was determined that she has a lot of food allergies, and basically everything makes her sick, she's tried just about everything to find out what else is causing her reactions (because it's not just food allergies) but hasn't found anything. She just got over a crappy marriage and started school in September, but as time goes on her stomach problems get worse and worse and she basically couldn't go to school during the summer semester she signed up for. She's a very social person, and can still go out from time to time but not nearly as much as she'd like, because she either has her kids with her, or she is sick. I really feel like she is starting to get bitter over the whole thing, and I don't blame her. Her whole life has been one big obstacle, and she is still the most positive person I know. I really do admire her for that. But she makes comments about my bf that hurt my feelings, and when I call her up to do something, she'll be like "where's Alex today?" I don't know, it's kind of a sticky situation. We've never hung out 24/7 but we are very close. I feel like the amount of time we've spent together hasn't really changed, but because she wants a bf right now, I feel almost guilty for being in this great relationship. I know she wants me to be happy, but I want her to be happy too. I say to my bf, I wish I could fix her illness, whatever it is Just a vent I guess. Thanks for reading
  8. I know it is very early out here but I really need some advice about what to do. I am seriously starting to think my friend that I hang out with is using their allergies as a reason to not stay overnight by my place on Friday nights. Yesterday, we went and hung out again for the day, had a great time watching boats and all that. We went out to dinner and I drank again and got really plastered after one drink (my metabolism is all over the place with alcohol). My friend was pretty decent with me and stayed around with me to make sure I was ok and didn't kill myself. We went and sat out by the harbor and they made sure I didnt jump into the ocean. After I was feeling better and getting more sober, my friend dropped me off at my place. Normally, they stay over on Friday night and it just makes me feel better when they do that. I derive so much from them staying over, it is a comfort thing. I had an argument with them last night about it and they were adamant that they didnt want to stay over because of my allergies. I have offered to get a better air cleaner to make my place hospitable (they have been staying over since March and now this) but they wanted to wait and see about things. What changed all this? All I did was go on vacation last weekend and they helped me care for my guinea pigs while I was gone. I am willing to make changes so they can stay over again. How can you tell if this is some stupid cop-out? Please help me, it is starting to bother me VERY much and eating away at me/
  9. I have had guinea pigs for a long time (about 10 years now) and although I am highly allergic to them, with the help of allergy and asthma meds, I have learned to live with them without them affecting my health too much. I try to keep their cage as clean as possible, vacuum all the shavings and hay once a day, run an air cleaner next to their cage, etc. I try to keep it as clean as possible so I dont get allergic to them. I have a friend whom I have known for quite a long time. She doesnt live that far from me (I knew her since high school up in LA) and she comes and hangs out at my place a few times a week, ever since I moved down to San Diego. She has allergy problems and had asthma as a child. Unlike me, she outgrew her asthma. We hang out together and she cared for my piggies while I was gone. Yesterday, I met up with her to get my keys back as well as hang out at her place and she told me that she couldnt come over to my place to hang out anymore because her allergies and asthma came back because of the guinea pigs. She told me that the few days that she took care of my pigs, her asthma and allergies acted up. I like it when my friend comes over to hang out. I have a decent place, a bit dusty and cluttered, but still it isnt dirty or anything like that. I feel bad now that she has developed allergies to my pigs. Is that unusual,for someone to develop allergies months after hanging out with the pigs a few times a week? Also, what can I do to make the place more sterile and clean so she can come over to hang out and I can still keep my pigs? The pigs are staying. I am just trying to find ways on how to make my place allergy-free, even with my animals being there? I have an air cleaner that I keep on 24/7 to help with keeping down allergens, dust, and dander. I also vacuum a lot. Do you guys think investing in an ionic air cleaner can help with keeping down the guinea pig dander, dust and hay particles????? I have to feed the pigs hay so that might be a culprit. Unfortuanetly, I also live in one room studio so the pigs have to stay in that room. Any and all ideas and comments are welcome.
  10. My fiance hit a sore spot that I didn't know existed tonight. He asked why we couldn't make love like "normal" people. I don't know what came over me but tears just started running down my eyes. I asked him to explain in detail. He said that there are too many complications when we make love. I have a severe allergy to latex. The allergy is so bad that my vagina swells up like a balloon and gets feverish and stays that way for days. So we can't use latex condoms and I don't and will never take the pill. I've only had one other sexual partner previous to him and his girth was no where near the size of my fiance's... My fiance has an abnormally large penis that curves. I've asked him to get the lambskin condoms. I feel comfortable b/c we are a monogamous couple. Nonetheless, he has yet to get them and I just keep forgetting. I guess it just hurt my feelings that he said our love making wasn't normal. I thought he would be understanding of my allergy and the fact that it's taking me a while to get used to his size down there. Frankly, I don't know that I will never get used to it. His comment just hurt. I can't explain it.
  11. ...And given.. they are on sensitive areas. One, I am taking the allergy medicine Zyrtec. Does anyone know how that affects "the pill"? Does it make it weaker, should I be using more protection, etc.. We pull out, but I know you can still get prego from pre-ejaculation and that's why I'm a bit concerned. Secondly, I am on the pill so I'm use to "regular" cycles that start wednesday and end by or on saturday.. it is now monday and I'm still bleeding.. Is this normal? Thirdly, my man use to be GREAT about having sex anytime, any time of the month, etc.. But the past 3mo or so he has not been wanting to do it at the tail end of "that time", like he usually is... That makes me feel like crap about myself and the fact it might be grossing him out, etc.. But he just kind of plays it off, as if not to hurt my feelings.. I don't really know how to confront him about the subject.. why would he do it for the last 3 years and now all of the sudden not want to...?
  12. I have a quick question for anyone who may know. I had asthma as a kid. Not bad. I spent a night in the hospital and was prescribed an inhaler. I think I used it once or twice. Haven't had problems since age 12. I've noticed sometimes when I run, I wheeze a little, but I can breathe perfectly. I'm in good shape, and never have breathing problems (except pollen allergies, but that's another story). My question is, can asthma be "outgrown"? If I still have it, can I get rid of it by doing more and more cardio? It would make sense because my pulse and blood pressure would lower, and my cells could exchange gasses much easier.
  13. I've been with my boyfriend for over a year now and we haven't used condoms in ages. Lately, maybe for the past month or so, when ever we have sex it burns afterwards but only if he cums inside me. It usually lasts about an hour or so and it's really uncomfortable. Could I have developed an allergy to his semen? And if I am is there anything I can do about it to make it stop? This really sucks, isn't any fun, and I don't like it at all! He thinks I should try an antihistimine before sex but what if it's a skin reaction without an immune response? What am I supposed to do? ARGH!
  14. It's really silly, but I got a nasty cold from my BF. I took some Sudafed an hour and a half ago and my nose is still unbearably stuffed up and I can't breath well! I can't take other medicine and I hate taking more...my mom said to take Sudafed...I think it is more for allergy related things than a cold. Anyway, this cold is killing me. Last night I couldn't sleep because of my stuffed up nose. The sore throat and achy body are gone...now. Anything natural...please...I don't want to deal with another night of being unable to sleep because of this cold. Oh, and waking up with a dry dry mouth is horrid!
  15. Over the past day or so my nose has been feeling dry in the inside (no I do not pick my nose, but I just noticed it yesterday). I've also been sneazing from time to time. Lately I have been immune to allergies but I am wondering if this is some kind of allergy. It's that feeling that you get when there is too much dust around (perhaps there is a lot of dust around, but I have never had this type of reaction around it before). This is at home, by the way. Any solutions? I already tried taking a couple antihystemine tablets but those did nothing.
  16. The Cat's Tale A meowing from outside, so I went to see The neighbour's cat brought a gift to me A poor little kitten, a few days old Little sad eyes and shivering with cold. I wasn't surprised, as this had happened before But I always took them back to the neighbour's door They took them and tomorrow they would give them away So this time this kitten was here to stay At least 'till it was old enough to be found a new home I had a cat allergy, so couldn't have one of my own Days turned to weeks, little Mindy put on weight She made me smile, she made me laugh, this little cat was ...great Over a year later she's still here with me I just couldn't let her go, you see? Black & grey stripes, little paws of white For a half-starved, frozen kitten, she's turned out all right Turns out, little Mindy the cat is allergic to fish She lives well on the chicken pieces put in her dish. Me? I'm on allergy pills every single day But I love my cat, and wouldn't have it any other way.
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