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  1. Not sure if my current job will want me to work out my entire notice or if they'll let me go earlier. Still some things up in the air. But right now I need to get some ideas for what else I can do. What are some good jobs that don't require too much thought? I'm thinking physical labor of some kind, or something that involves being outdoors. I don't care if I take a 50% or more pay cut. Just want something that isn't all-consuming. I don't want my job to be my life.
  2. I disagree, too. I just thought it had a certain surface level charm.
  3. Even the most vast ocean is not a boundary for true love.
  4. The gym is tough. I just this morning approached a girl at a gym who I've liked for a while. It's hard to do it right, because you don't want to mess up and make things awkward in a place you're going to daily. I think most guys who go to the gym regularly are fairly apprehensive about approaching women there--I know I am. But I think if you want to be approached at the gym, you need to stand out in some way that gives the guy a reasonable excuse to talk to you. For instance, the girl I approached this morning was doing an uncommon exercise, which I previously heard was a good one to do. So I asked her to show me proper form on it, and the interaction went very well. But if she were always on the treadmill or the other hamster trainers, there's no way I'd have been able to approach her. There are a lot of ways you could stand out--wear an interesting shirt that people can comment on, do an interesting exercise, go from machine to machine with a box of doughnuts, etc. Also, if you feel bold, smile and make eye contact at the guys you like when you pass them. It'll make them feel more like you wouldn't mind someone talking to you.
  5. I'll go out with you, Annie. I'll make bad puns all night, and then you can vent about the date on here, and I'll even take your side when you post about it.
  6. I think the best way to understand it is to imagine if you woke up tomorrow and you were in a man's body. After a surprising moment of looking in the mirror, you'd have a constant sense that everything is all wrong. Presuming you like men now, you wouldn't call yourself gay if you were in a man's body, but rather you'd think of yourself as a female with the wrong exterior. The fact is, nature sometimes screws up, as can easily be seen in all manner of examples. And sometimes you get a brain that works like one gender in the body of the other gender. These people have difficult lives because it takes so much of an investment to reshape their body so that it matches their mind. But it's either that, or they hide or resign themselves to feeling wrong all the time.
  7. I hate it when my nails get even a little long, but for different reasons with feet and hands. I always have to trim.
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