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  1. Beautiful written; even though I don't like the message 'cos is a sad one
  2. If this words, will be solidify, If this heart, will be put on a scale; Titanic will sink again. Only God knows, the hurt He put in loving you. Burnt my the sun, shun by the stars; ignored by the moon. Yet I couldn't keep my heart under my sleeves. If this words, be solidify- I would've put it under a lens, so you could see my intentions- crystal clear. Only God knows, the hurt He put in leaving you.
  3. She wrote me love letter. I can hear her voice in every word; Sweet songs of lilies. I inhale deep and release positive energy into the earth. Love- Pushing my chest out like a hulk, Your smile could cure cancer. let's not even speak about your hugs. Girl,you're half my faith, come complete Me
  4. I If you don't love me, don't lie I'll think different when I fall asleep There's no hate in love, just lost; and A yearning to be found. Forcing is unnatural like inked skin. So open up,the edge of the day is Dawn upon us. II Even though your reply replenished my heart with blight, the knowledge of your hearts journey releases me from this despicable quagmire. Love can't burn in an atmosphere of pity, so I appreciate your honesty. And now I'll continue me journey filled with peace.
  5. You are not different from any one of us,is not easy to forget some one,but for you it might take forever because you're always snooping/analyzing,trying to figure out whats going on in her life,what she's thinking,and that's what keeping you down. As much as I hate to say this;the truth is there's always gonna be some one better than us or may be not. What we all need to focus on is not acting on those feelings of missing an ex, don't go asking/finding what's up with her,you say you've a lot of mutual friends,knowing that they might brought her up in a conversation. Try cutting it short every time they go that route. Is Hard I know but from what I reed;you're the one making hard to heal completely or at list to the extend it won't be popping in your head every day.
  6. Great journal! I love the honesty in your post ND,and I also like the views/advice of the posters.I'll def be following it
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