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  1. Sallama allaikum broda Sounds like is some thing she and her friends planed or what they usually do So even if she apologizes now, it will mean nothing because she didn't see any thing wrong with what she did and will eventually continue And I'll tell you this; it happens to many in this forum, if you ignore the advice given here and continue, it will still happen And you'll be back again in the "healing after a breakup section" And guess what.. You'll still get the same advice, may be more, like a therapy or a book about break up Be strong and block her on every thing! Salam!
  2. Beautiful written; even though I don't like the message 'cos is a sad one
  3. If this words, will be solidify, If this heart, will be put on a scale; Titanic will sink again. Only God knows, the hurt He put in loving you. Burnt my the sun, shun by the stars; ignored by the moon. Yet I couldn't keep my heart under my sleeves. If this words, be solidify- I would've put it under a lens, so you could see my intentions- crystal clear. Only God knows, the hurt He put in leaving you.
  4. She wrote me love letter. I can hear her voice in every word; Sweet songs of lilies. I inhale deep and release positive energy into the earth. Love- Pushing my chest out like a hulk, Your smile could cure cancer. let's not even speak about your hugs. Girl,you're half my faith, come complete Me
  5. I'm sorry to hear about your job, have you start applying for a new one or your head is still wrapped up with this woman? From what you wrote, I'll say she's no longer in love with you, she disrespect you, she's abusive and above all, she sees you as weak... And yes, you should feel stupid because with all this drama you still remain in that relationship and even after that you remain in contact with her, 13 years is a long time, but you see people can either love you more or do the opposite if you stayed that long. As hard as it may seems, the best and healthy thing to do is to cut her off, y
  6. I If you don't love me, don't lie I'll think different when I fall asleep There's no hate in love, just lost; and A yearning to be found. Forcing is unnatural like inked skin. So open up,the edge of the day is Dawn upon us. II Even though your reply replenished my heart with blight, the knowledge of your hearts journey releases me from this despicable quagmire. Love can't burn in an atmosphere of pity, so I appreciate your honesty. And now I'll continue me journey filled with peace.
  7. The mistake you did is staying in contact with your ex,what were you thinking? Being 9ce will win her back?! If you don't have the strength to cut off your ex,then stop responding to her text,don't even read them. And for your question,truth is if you're not over your ex,don't even start a new relationship with any one because you'll end up hurting them like your ex did or even more..
  8. "Acceptance of what has happened is the first step to overcoming the consequences of any misfortune. " I love this. Congratulation bro!
  9. You did the right thing my declining her invite, I think she's seeing some one or didn't want to give you the wrong impression. I say you should treat her formal onwards, and try finding some one for you.
  10. You don't have to call/text her,just wait till you meet in school, then ask her as to why she left you hanging, and you can take it from their by telling her how you feel. Good luck
  11. That's who she is,some people can't express certain things. So this should be a leaning process for you if you,or you guys should develop a code like mention by WillowofOak.
  12. You don't need to rush into the break up thing. Just start preparing yourself from the inevitable. Confronting her will only result to her lying more. Is obvious she likes the other guy more than she does you. So brace yourself and start disconnecting yourself from her.
  13. When I realize I'm the one putting much effort,I usually just fade away. And find new friends
  14. You just have to take the red pill bro, her heart is not in it,she's the "YOLO" type
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