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  1. Of course, I understand it's natural, but, at the same time, I don't really feel the need to hear about it. This level of trust in a relationship seems uncommon, and as such, wonder what a genuine, non-snarky, non-hurtful response might look like. I am interested to hear other people's thoughts. thanks..
  2. Sorry about the size.. Text copied below: "No, he needs to stop cooking that stuff. Ur in San Antonio where the all Mexicans live and eat lmao."
  3. Yes.. it seems this may be the best option. This person has contributed thoughtless posts in the past that I had to delete. At one point she even berated me for getting my B.A. "Why'd you bother? College degrees are worthless.." She seems like a good person.. but then every so often.. something like this comes out.
  4. Highlighted comment from a co-worker, I don't want to directly insult/attack/etc.. this person. I know this person is trying to be "funny", but I am annoyed and I feel as though some response is warranted. [ATTACH=CONFIG]11589[/ATTACH]
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