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  1. Wow I am so shocked at this point I just need advice. I am very much to myself and I don’t have may friends so I’m venting on here. I have known this guy I liked for a pretty long time now. He recently invited me out for a weekend with his friends to celebrate a birthday. He was very affectionate to me and we had a major connection with one another. His friends were all cool as well. Long story short we did get intimate that night and he stays in contact with me till me. I know I just mistook his affection towards me for something way more. He was very respectful throughout the night period. S
  2. I have been with this dude for a little over a year now. I have given my all to him. I help him when he is in need. There through thick and thin. I recently found out that he has a profile on tagged. I know that this site is mainly used for dating and hookups. He told me that he only uses for flipping diamonds for money (which is something you can actually do). He says he doesn't use it for the dating side. He actually told me he had one because he found out that there was some fake profiles of him on there and he wanted them gone. He told me that he really had a real profile on there. He wan
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