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  1. And you want to know the one of the worst things about this....I already have bought my engagement outfit...it all keeps getting worse
  2. Lonewing - Thanks for that advice..I just don't know how to erase him from my mind and heart though. I was planning to marry this man. I don't even know how hard it is when I start getting questions about him from family and friends..telling this story over and over is going to be self destroying and then I dont want everyone to talk about me..sooooo much stress i understand its the bad that makes us grow..but I really am in dire need of some good in my life..Its been a very long time since I have any of that.. Hope I can take those baby steps...
  3. how would you all confront him? I want to do it in the best way where he will also feel some pain..I'm not a mean revengeful person, but he needs a taste of how incredibly bad he has destroyed me and I pray he never does this to anyone else..
  4. Shooting Star - Thanks for your sweet reply..I need all of the support and big hugs I can get right now. I am completely falling apart. The night I found out I had zero sleep and today could be a repeat of that. I'm truly turning into a shell of a person. I still can't imagine how anyone could do that to someone that they say they love. It's pretty disgusting isn't it? I agree..I don't want to ignore this..In my past I have played the nice girl one too many times and let things slide. This time I deserve to have answers for him. He destroyed my life, they least he owes me is some answers.
  5. RollingAlong- Thanks for your reply. About the trusting easily..When I met him, I did have walls up from being cheated on in my previous relationship..but through all the love I felt with my bf..those walls came down and it was then that I started trusting. SO I don't know what more I could have done to prevent this? I do know men lie..its a sad fact of my life..But this is bordering on psychological lying. HE definitely hid it very very well so that I didn't find out.. I just don't know he manages to speak to me so much throughout this entire relationship and even after getting married..where
  6. Sara-Pezzini - Maybe that might be easier than in person. I'm still in two minds about all of this. I definitely do not want him to get away with this. I think right now, he has his cake and is eating it too. It probably would be one of the worst conversations of my life but maybe she will listen to what I have to say and kick his ass to the curb..Somehow women are always the ones that get screwed around. He is such an incredible liar that I'm sure that he would find a way to convince her that I was just some crazy ex who wanted him back or something..who knows.. Do you think I should for s
  7. While writing that last reply..I just got 3 texts from him asking where I was and telling me how much he loves me and that he can't wait for our future Does he even have a conscience?
  8. Ms Darcy - Yes, I think he must have met this girl while I was dating him and then decided to marry her. I still can't believe it The was divorced from his ex wife before I met him. Showing proof was the reason I wanted to fly out. It could cause more drama but if I was to get in touch with her, she might believe me more face to face. I never in my life, thought I would be in this situation. I can't even imagine what I would tell her..I never knew I would have to deal with "the other woman" in my lifetime.. If there are any women on this forum who have dealt with this personally (i.
  9. Sara Pezzini - Thanks for your reply..I don't know if I can leave it with one text..Its 4 years I spent with him..I want him to at least have to give me some answers..I feel like a text is just letting him off the hook. As for the wife, I've never been in a situation like this..Maybe if I call, she'll just hang up on me?? Ms Darcy - Thanks as well. I think you have misunderstood the situation though..He was not married when we met and his divorce was a long time before we dated..We just discussed it during the initial stage of our relationship.I would NEVER date a married man knowingly. Al
  10. Hi everyone, I'm sorry in advance if this turns out to be a long post or if it sounds overly emotional/confusing. I am in desperate need of advice and have no one to turn to. Right now, my mind is a mess..I am shocked, sad, and drowning in my own tears My story: I'm in a committed LDR for the past 4 years with my boyfriend. He lives in Texas and I'm in Canada. We have made frequent trips during that time as well as spoke on the phone (and internet) every day, multiple times a day for hours. He has already met my family and I flew to another country to meet his father. Since the begi
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