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  1. yeah I hear you and honestly I let almost everything slide. But even hanging out with her isn't fun. There's not a lot of laughter and I remember once a lady on a podcast saying - don't hang out with people who aren't funny. And that really resonated with me. She's not making me laugh in fits, mostly she talks over the top of me, she doesn't want to put effort into the friendship, she doesn't reply or follow through with her word... yes she's a lovely person and I think she's really nice but all those things add up. If she was the most fun person to hang with I'd let all of it slide because it
  2. how am I overdoing it? She is contacting me and I am replying and then getting frustrated when she doesn't respond and treating me like any other normal person would. Basically ignoring me and then suggesting to catch up and never following through on that. I haven't initiated contact in months but every time she does I respect her and forget her past behaviour which I am now accepting as reality.
  3. YES! This is what I will do from now. I keep getting disappointed because I am expecting too much and giving too much in my responses. I am ready to do that now. I see it for what it is and it's all good. It's also a good lesson for next time. I think when I met her I was in a different stage of my life. And I've learnt more since then. I've learnt to sit back and observe. Observe people's behaviour and THEN give them trust or more time and attention. I didn't do this in the first instance so I invested more time and energy than I should have and it was hard to let it go because we do have so
  4. FFFF!! That would annoy me SO MUCH! Can't stand it. It just isn't hard to be in contact or present. Because I find texting or voicemailing just as good seeing in person sometimes. I don't expect much. It does feel hurtful when they don't respond. Or follow through. Hard to understand.
  5. nah not really. Just don't deal well with people who say something and then do nothing to follow through. I don't understand it. Definitely don't want this person as a best friend. Been trying to distance myself for months now but they keep contacting me.
  6. Amen to this! Actually my coach said the exact same thing months ago. Out of alignment!!
  7. yeah you nailed it. It's the not meaning what she said and following through. I have a lot of friends who are "bad at texting" and often forget to reply but I never give it a second thought! But we have established trust and a friendship over years it doesn't bother me at all. This person has shown to be more unreliable than not!! And yeah, I will look for people more on my wavelenghth.
  8. Yeah I don't think she would ask or care. I guess I invested more when she invited me to her wedding! Which was super weird to me as I didn't know her that well. But I took it as a lovely gesture. And due to what we have in common I invested more. That is my mistake. I am well and truly taking a bit step back - which I've said I would in the past just haven't stuck to it. And thank you, it wouldn't bother me if she wasn't initiating the contact in the first place. You can leave me alone I'm all good! haha
  9. Just want replies if I do message which is rarely. And when they say they will do something they do it. ie: let me know if they want to catch up on the weekend or not (it's always her suggestion to catch up! I've stopped bothering)
  10. Yeah it's just the inconsiderate way she is that I can't stand. And yep not that into me. I don't care if we never catch up. I actually don't want to see her at all. But she keeps contacting me and then ghosts me and I'm always like ?! hahah! Just seems strange. But good to know it happens to other people. I find it so strange. I only put effort in if I actually give a . Seems like not all do. Thank you!
  11. how interesting!! I get offended if I ask someone a question and there is no response. Or they tell me they will let me know about plans on the weekend and just say nothing. I actually hate it. That's why it bothers me so much. But I'm also like you, if someone cancels I'm happy!! Haha! I cancel sometimes because I know others will feel the same (relieved to do nothing!) BUT I can't stand not being responded to or when people say they'll let me know and then don't. I let it slide if it's every now and then. But 90% of the time is just annoying. I honestly don't believe anyone could actua
  12. yeah it's such a shame! Because we have a lot in common. Just not the same ideas of what a relationship/friendship should be. Or I'm looking for more than what she's prepared to offer. Either way I look forward to meeting new people. :)
  13. oh thanks!! It's so weird! it's like my brain doesn't want to believe she is the way she is! But she's shown me no different. You are so right though. I'm ready to just move on and have her as an acquaintance. No hard feelings it is what it is... but not replying from now on.
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