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  1. So I have several ideas... I am not sure which to go with. One of my favorites was a friend scuba dove with his girlfriend, and pointed out a cool shell under water and it had a ring in it. It was rather funny since apparently she had zero interest in investigating and he just kept asking her to check it (under water). Our first date was kayaking, so I considered something ocean related. We love hiking, my knee jerk reaction is proposing at the summit. Do I need a photographer? Considered inviting a friend to hike with us and she could just snap some photos. Otherwise I've po
  2. As LHGirl said, this is all about boundaries. We all have different ones, but you have set yours and she's operating a little bit outside of those. Your job is to decide how long you're willing to deal with it, and whether things would change. If I was in your shoes I would of immediately shut it down when anyone would make such comments about my girlfriend. If you don't you sort of set the expectation that that kind of talk is okay and also you're not that serious about her since you're allowing blowj*b talk to happen about your girlfriend. Some guys will be guys and talk like that, b
  3. I promise you whether you jacked it or not was not why you didn't approach. You were just intimidated of the situation, next time do it. Whether you wanked an hour before or a year before, it's not going to spell success on whether you approach a girl with three guys. If you're that wound up you might just "blow" it after you say hi anyway. Anyway, I think you are trying to throw darts at your problem, when it's probably something different.
  4. I have a feeling she'll be back whenever she has a fight with the boyfriend, and you'll accept her then. Hopefully you can break the cycle
  5. I'm trying to convince my 22 year old sister to go into med school, and she gave me the same baloney!! That she should of IMMEDIATELY went after college. You still have plenty of time justagirl if you want to do it, don't make those older than you that are back in school feel bad
  6. This is sorta weird. I'd take guest over sitting alone. The wedding I just came from I was alone with a bunch of randoms. The guy accross from me kept proclaiming I'm drunk...he was trying to be funny but came off as a tool. I had 3 drinks in 3 hours...it takes much more to knock me out. Loved the photos faraday...I am not sure if I missed anything...is the house moving forward still? Trying to catch up from the vacations
  7. I guess I should of added a disclaimer. Not all math teachers are binary thinking and don't appreciate art...but in this case, it sounds we have one. I am just saying that as crazy as one life can sound to someone so can another way of living come off as unfathomable. My closest cousin is the starving artist. But he is following his passion and his dream, and I think he will eventually achieve something that is really fulfilling for him. It's not for me, but my brain doesn't work like his. To tell him I think that his way of living is wrong and I am appalled by his choices would be ludicr
  8. Who would expect a binary thinking math teacher to have appreciation for the arts? Not everyone can live a repetitious life of being a teacher and teaching the same thing over and over again. Some people couldn't live a life like that. Just sayin'.
  9. When I first read this, the words jumbled and I read "I went on a crazy date today! huh?" So the whole time I was waiting for the part where he dumps the wine on his own head and tells you he wants you to join a cult. hehe Congrats on the date, sounded like a good one. He could of done without the photo comment, but oh well. He was just being honest about seeing your photo somewhere.
  10. You might be leading him on, and he MAY be vulturing. Which means he'll hang around until things go south with J and swoops in to feed off your carcass. The thing is, I've met people on dating sites...didn't feel an attraction but liked talking so we kept staying in touch but we were both immediately like....eh this is not happening. It was sort of a mutual thing. I have a few friends that I was attracted to, and gently pursued...was gently shut down. Got over it, and was able to remain friends. That said...this is only a handful of people I've done that with. The rest I usually just cut c
  11. My usual routine was, walk in the door. Hang up my keys (that habit took ages), take off my shirt...fliiiing it towards the corner, as I'm taking off my shirt, also remove one shoe, kick in same corner. Shorts off, same corner...nope in the middle, second shoe, same corner. Socks in the middle, and hop in the shower. This is all done in roughly 3.8 seconds. I go back and usually clean it up after I shower and lay down for a second. Then again, I sometimes let it pile up for 3 days haha I will get a maid when I can afford one one day When I clean I'm OCD and will do it meticu
  12. I'm sorta messy but I like it clean. When in a rush I can leave a disaster zone behind. The good thing is so is MissK so we are both guilty. Often times we'll both help each other with that, but no one gets mad. Occasionally I'll say something like hey do you mind helping out tonight...since this is WWIII in here...and she does, and that's that. My ex was a neat freak, and if the carpet didn't have nice lines in it after a vacuumed she'd give me the silent treatment lol I don't think you're a nutter like she so you don't have to worry about that. You need to figure out a system and nip
  13. Holy moly, that is soon! Congrats faraday...in our tradition we'd be getting pretty plastered about now to celebrate
  14. I could totally see that paying off. Pay someone to act like you on social media...respond to fans, make them love you more...means more ticket sales, bookings, etc.
  15. I am THE worst person to ask about this stuff. Sometimes I have a good eye....but wait for it... I don't even mind the carpet. Plus like you said...that is going to get WRECKED by babies...so who cares. I'd throw a little rug over some of it maybe to offset it like you mentioned. When MissK is back I can ask her...she said if she wasn't help designing ships, she'd go into interior design...she has a good eye and always makes random broad statements about design...things like "wow they used earth tones with that back drop?" Or I don't know...hell maybe she DOESN'T know what she's talking abo
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