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  1. Sigh. I still find it so hard to comprehend that you abandoned me for 'her'. I know our situation was not an easy one, but I believed you loved me. I don't know what to believe now. How can you so easily change gears and give everything to someone that in your own words you 'barely know'?! It makes me sick. Stupid me can't even bare the thought of doing what you're doing. But you know what? If the tables were turned and you were in my position and I was in yours, I know you would be struggling to cope with me being with someone else. I was talking to my dad the other day. He was just being
  2. I've been watching YouTube videos all night. Mostly I've been watching live performances and covers of Madness by Muse. It's such a great song. When I first heard it when it came out, I got so emotional because it felt like it was about us. About how I was feeling about us since we were parted by distance and I had the time to think about things. And then a few months later, you finally heard the album too and said that Madness was amazing and it made you cry. I know it made you cry because of us. You're such a sensitive lovely soul. And I was too scared to be vulnerable and tell you that it h
  3. Why does everything have to remind me of you? Like EVERYTHING!?! I can't even go grocery shopping without thinking of you. I have even had to run out of the store in a panic because everywhere I turn something triggers a memory of you. It's really annoying. I still miss you everyday. I still wish you would wake up to yourself. But as much as I love you, I don't know how the hell we could ever be together even if you did come back to me. Even if you did try and honestly make amends. How would it work? How could I ever get past the pain of you abandoning me for her? How could I ever be comfor
  4. 3 weeks and 3 days since I last heard from you. I didn't reply. It was your birthday and I didn't send you a message. How could I? Your last message was just so empty, bland and heartless after 4 years of knowing each other: "we will always have our memories. take care". F*** you! Memories are all I am to you?! Seriously. F*** YOU! Don't you dare speak to me of memories. You have left me with those memories while you happily f*** your new 'girlfriend'. You leave me with these memories while you have so easily erased me from your heart and mind. How the F*** can you do that?! Who the F*** are y
  5. Ok so just as I had been debating whether to delete you on facebook, and debating whether or not to tell you about it, pictures of you and 'her' have started to surface. I feel so sick. Of course I knew this would happen. But how could you be going away with her already? Being so intimate and close on every level? You don't even know her. You only recently said that no one gets you like I do. Argh. Why did you ever say such things if you could just so easily throw everything away and replace me with some blonde bimbo you only just met? I don't know who you are any more. I'm actually surprised
  6. I still think you're the best thing since sliced bread. I can't understand how you've just vanished from my life, after all that we've shared and been through together. I can't understand how you are giving all your love to someone else so easily. So quickly. So enthusiastically. But then again, I know you. And I know how you fall hard and fast. I just hope she deserves you. Don't waste your gorgeous heart on just anyone. I don't think you realise how precious your heart is. I still love you sweetheart. I wish I didn't. I wish I could just write you off and write you out of my heart
  7. Oh no. I'm in tears again. I have avoided crying properly for days. And now I find myself tortured by the beautiful words of the poem that you once wrote me. Why did we let this go my darling?! I love you so much. And now it hurts so much! Eskimo Kiss I miss the way you dance around in front of the tele, Or do a little jump or hop when you’re excited. I miss your cute little nose and its Eskimo kiss, And your big brown eyes that defy all of your pain. I miss hearing you quietly sing along to music, You’d swear you have a bad voice but I know the truth. I miss your lovely soft bab
  8. I love you darling. I miss your sweet, soft heart so very much. I miss your sweet face and all of it's expressions that made me so intrigued and curious about you. I miss your lovely funny face beaming at me in the morning, when we were just hanging out together, when I cooked for you, when we were just mucking around and being silly, when we were intimate together. It made me so happy to see you smile. To see your face light up was everything to me. You are so darn adorable. I miss your hugs and your caring touch. I miss being close to you and having you so near. I miss your sweet voice, y
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