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  1. I get it just a stubborn at times and over thinker and was just sent for a nose dive not long ago I guess it just compounded to this. I do get it and thank you everyone
  2. I'm sick of just being told what to do. I have good intention. Always have and always will. That's just who I am. Maybe I should say something not directly but Just let it out and let it find it's way to her and him. I took a bad hit the day before Valentine's day and this was the first time going out again. And I still laugh to myself when she said " I can't through away 2 years" well you should have thought about that when you took me home. Because you did.
  3. The thing is she said she was 100% done with him and that's the only reason I went back to her place. I just got ghosted real bad and I wasn't looking for drama in any way. The morning after she made sure I made it home safe because it was bad weather. She also said she wasn't sure if she was ready for dating. My reply was that's cool. Totally up to you and also said I would like to see you again if she wanted to. She did text me later that day saying she was back with her ex and she was deleting me of Facebook because it wasn't far to him and if he found out it would kil
  4. Thank you. I never looked at it that way. I did sleep with her because we both hit it of so good. That's not the norm for me. Anyways there is nothing I can do about it. Move forward is all I can do.
  5. I don't know her ex and I would never say anything anyways. She said if he found out it would kill him. She was the dumper. And this was said to me the following day. And yes I did hook up with her. The thing is. I was used and now being told what I should say and not.
  6. I have everything going for me. I don't bring up past relationships or girls I have dated . She was broken up for over a month and she did it. During the night she mentioned she was happy she did it because there was no way it would work between them. I just don't go out with anyone or do I sleep with anyone. It's just B.S. I can't seem to get things right. And really I don't know if I want to try again. I know that sounds foolish but the kicking in the balls I've been getting really sucks
  7. So after taking a month break from my last sort term I decided to try again. Met a girl and chatted for a few days before we decided to go out. Everything was right on with her. Did the typical few drinks and we totally hit it off face to face. She did kinda mention though out the night she came off a 2 year relationship and been broken up for a month plus and she was the dumper. There was a great spark between us and decided to go back to her place for a few drinks. Decided to spend the night and one thing led to another. We had so much in common like we were meant
  8. I just when through the same thing a few weeks ago. I understand what you are going through. It's like a great spark started and just done. I did a few days of asking why and really never worked. I keep telling myself I'm better than this and I'm the catch the other person lost out on. Seems to be working. I've gone out on a few dates to just get out and have a bit of fun. More like just going out as friends and never brought up anything that just went on. I know it sucks but he was the one that left you and same with me. You can do what ever you want on your terms
  9. I know it's sad I'm so upset over this with it being such a short time. I had a break up 3 years ago and I promised myself I would never let myself be in this kind of spot again. Yes the breaks up suck but in doing so it triggers the problems I have. And here I am again fighting with myself trying to stay afloat. Yes I miss her but more I miss the happy person I was. I know what I'm in-store for and I'm not looking forward to it. I'm one of the nicest guys going. Maybe to nice. And this stuff totally wrecks me. Just the day before I sat down a thought this over and
  10. Im going to do my best. The thing is I suffer from almost the same problems as her. Only thing is I've learned to heal myself. But don't get me wrong. It still shows it's ugly face once in awhile. I've spent years figuring myself out and I wish no one has to go through what I have. I guess what I'm saying if anyone reach out to me including her I would put everything aside and help in anyway I could. Seeing people around me happy makes me happy. It's hard to explain but it works for me
  11. So today I had a nice little chat with her. Text of course. She reached out to me about something. So long story short. I asked the question after she asked me a few unrelated to the break up. I asked why. Her reply was once I developes feelings or her she had to go. I think it's something to do with her past and she doesn't want to get hurt again. If that's the case and being the person I am I feel bad for her. By no means am I running back to her but I do feel bad. She is such a beautiful girl in many ways. I'm playing it cool with this. I do know there i
  12. I think short term is harder on me. It was only day before we had the talk witch she started about being committed to one another. She was happy and so was I then a day ladder she was gone. I went from extreme night to a low within hrs. This is the worst part
  13. I agree but again a sorry would go along way. There is more to this and I'm best to just let this go
  14. Yep and I was taken advantage of my kindness. Even the last text from her there was no sorry just all about her. Quote. I tried to be nice, I tried to be mean and I ignored you. Well only thing she done was i ignored me and made me sit there How is that possible lol if there was no communication for 2 weeks lol. A simple sorry from the get go would have made things better
  15. I'm totally seeing that now. Or gone back to an ex or seeing someone new. What ever the case. It was a low thing to do. To make someone sit for close to 2 weeks with a reply. Even when asked. Anyone can text these days. It's not like having to make a call or in person.
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