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  1. mon bebe you know the breakup was your idea. you think ive already moved on fine then you insult me and judge me now. you are creating somebody else wearing my mask in your image. you want to show me you are totally over with me, and it's too late. you want to make me feel even sorrier. you are hurting me over and over and over again and finally you got a new relationship with a girl who push us away by spreading rumors over a year. you know what you are doing to me. does that help to heal your pains? does punishing me like this make you happy? Grow up bebe, you are not a fore
  2. Mon bebe it was so good to see your face for the 1st time after the breakup this morning. I finished packing everything and left your place in 15mins, acting like I've already moved on. You never know how so much I've missed you and how so much I wanted to hug you. I couldn't stop myself bursting into tears after leaving there with big smile. Je t'aime.
  3. Je t'aime mon bebe. Can't get you out of my mind. Look up the sky it's full moon
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