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  1. Im not looking to get surgery so i really dont know where you got that from, my question was, whether i should look into it or whether its a normal boyfriend thing to look at naked girls when you have a girlfriend. I will never go under a knife for any reason, for myself or not, this is my first boyfriend ever and it is about him and his actions hence why this never bothered me before because i didnt care, and no i was never teased for having small boobs, and even if i did it wouldnt much matter to me because i only value the opinions of people i love, thats why i dont want my boyfriend to thi
  2. Honestly not really, i only started to notice this recently, never really cared before, but i keep finding folders of cleavage photos, and generally around eighty photos of women with unrealistic big breasts, when i told him about that he said, i dont even know why i have them, ill delete them.. the whole movies thing he always mentions whenever we see a half naked scene, and now he even has photos on his phone, and no i wasnt snooping either, but they werent there before, so i started to wonder, if he kept those images secret it wouldnt bug me, like i know he watches porn and it doesnt bothe
  3. Hey guys, so me and my boyfriend have been together for three years, we're both in our early twenties.. anyway i have very small boobs, not past an a cup.. and my boyfriend knows how insecure i feel about them and he always says he loves them, theyre a perfect size, he wouldnt change them etc.. however, he is always looking at photos of women with very big boobs, he has some saved on his computer, his celebrity crush has biiig ones too and if we re watching a movie, sometimes he makes comments about the lead actress .. it gets annoying cause its something i CANT give to him so it always makes
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