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  1. I know this is cold but the only reason I have asked you to meet me tomorrow is so I can truly tear you down once and for all. We're not going to be friends, ever. I'm doing this for me.
  2. I hate you so much I could scream. You think you can tell our friends and go crying and then use depression as an excuse for your actions when Im not in counselling because your betrayal has not only mentally scarred me, but given me anxiety induced ED. The only user I see in your past is you, yet you make out like you're the victim. if you wanted friends with benefits and nothing more you should have just done it and got it out of the way. Not lead me on into a relationship right before something happened, then drag it on for months till you found someone else, and after discussing marria
  3. dear my ex: I know we were friends for a long time, and while you did hurt me greatly in what you did to me, running off on me after using me to work out your sexuality, I want you to know that now I am feeling able to forgive what you have done. Yes, it as taken months for me to feel ok again, but I realize now that this had to happen for me to become who I am today and create myself with strength and purpose. It was because of this that now I have a newfound love of my life and appreciate things. I dont fight the flow of my feelings anymore and I never back down or run from things anymore
  4. Since you don't seem to get the picture Im getting sick of you. I dont want you in my life these days. Stop asking me to meet up. Look girl, I know I was just a game to you, and yes we have tried to be friends since, but you know what? I dont think you have any real respect for me. For someone who cant make up her damn mind you seem to be enjoying stringing me along, so its ultimatum time for you: **** me or stop ****ing with my head. It's fine if you do or don't, I'd never persue a relationship with you again. In fact, I know a great lass who wants to spend time with me and is good for me.
  5. well I was going through 'the book of five rings' but then I stopped because I got very ill. might pick it back up again
  6. one more mixed message woman, and Im calling you out on it. You can either make up your mind to be with me or not. Not like I care either way, at this point all I feel for you is sexual attraction, because you cut my heart out and shat all over my efforts to make you happy.
  7. dear my ex I'm so happy you finally worked out your ambiguous, indecisive sexuality, even though it took you making a massive fuss at me over apparently being that 'one special guy out of all of them' that you could like. I enjoyed our time together, up until our last date, where you kiss me on the mouth, tell several of our friends about us (after explicitly telling me to keep silent) and then after giving me the big 'I love you,' run off when I turn my back for five seconds to follow a girl you don't even know from one club to another because you thought she was cute. You then tell me you
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