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  1. I'm definitely going to confront him tonight. I'm just really sickly nervous. Idk how to start the convo or where it will lead or what he will say and it's scary.
  2. Last time I caught him on craigslist was a year ago. And before that was just stuff from when we weren't dating.. which didn't bother me except that it's gross and I refuse to believe he never went through with those. Kicking myself now because that should have been the final thing to make me go. Idk how I've continued to let myself be manipulated. I really do torture myself. It goes so much deeper than just Craigslist, too. It's all just a mess and every day I act like we're okay and I think about my future if I left. He has time because on his days off he's home without me. He do
  3. Yes, yes I know. I just always thought we could work through it. I think this was like my last straw. It's hard to leave.
  4. My paranoia and trust issues are over the top, yes. Because of our history. Which I know is a red flag already, I'm always just hoping things will change. Especially when we had such a good year.
  5. It probably won't ever happen and he and I both know it but I think we've been pushing it to the back of our heads because of how close we are and how long we've been together. I'm prepared to confront him tonight. I just know how ridiculous I'll sound when I do confront him and explain how I came about it. I know he doesn't get mad but I do get a lot of excuses from him. I'm scared of how I might just end up shoving this one under the rug too. I dont' want to. Something always just pushes me to do that.
  6. Definitely. He broke my trust with multiple craigslist incidents. He still denies ever meeting up with them. And what if it isn't that he's searching Craigslist? What in the world does he have to hide from me so bad that he has to use an app to do it? Porn cannot be that embarrassing when he's told me many times that he used to watch it. We already live together but in his moms house. But I have a lot to consider if I want us to start moving into our own place. I don't wanna deal with this for the rest of my life. Thank you for your reply!
  7. I just need an opinion. Should I be concerned if my boyfriend has been downloading a private browsing app? Not for saving space on the phone or anything like that. Wouldn't it make sense just to use incognito tabs? I know some guys like to keep porn private from their girlfriends. And I do have a problem snooping through his phone once in a while (like I'm talking.. every couple months) for non-porn related things. But he knows I wouldn't care if he was watching porn. But he tells me he never watches porn even though I told him many times it wouldn't bother me. It's not just t
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