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  1. I agree with what many have said about her projecting her unhappiness onto you. I was in a pretty major funk in my early 30s and caught myself doing something similar with people I cared about. It took my realization to take steps to prevent doing it and most of the people that I had lashed out at are still close friends 10 years later. It doesn't mean you are growing apart, necessarily. She may not realize that she is doing it. I think you do need to talk to her about it in a constructive manner. Don't get mad or upset, just present what she has done. She will probably ask for examples
  2. Danz - Thanks for your input. I am very aware of guys f#@%ing with each other, I do it on occasion, too; but this is the first time that I realized how much it happened with these two. As for what one of them said, it was much more derogatory than "you look like a lumberjack". Plus it has happened the only two times I've seen him with that shirt on. Just odd. I am pretty secure and the comments in themselves don't bother me, it was just that the negativity is so apparent and I thought most would grow out of it at some point during adulthood. Maybe because we've know each other for so lon
  3. I just read your thread. Your response is pretty much what I expected. I have done a great job of clearing out most of the toxic and negative people, but as I gain more positive people in my life, I can really see the negativity that much easier. The critical comments about my clothes don't really bother me, but it made me notice the negative nature of it. It sounds like you are handling your situation with class and I wish you well at the NYE party. Thank you for your comments!
  4. In my 40s and have an friend friend group of about five years that are always so supportive and positive in their interactions. Every time that I leave a visit with them, I feel refreshed and my outlook is so positive. I spend as much time with them as possible, but we are spread out across a state and can only get together for a visit once every month or so. This weekend, I spent some time with a couple of long time friends and noticed that the majority of their interactions are based on negativity including some minor critical comments about my clothing choice (I was wearing a flannel
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