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  1. If I heard someone say that. I would assume they meant that they were useful for something. Such as partner to do things you like or sex. Weird thing to say really. Maybe she's not good at explaining things.
  2. I wouldn't worry about that comment that much. From what I've read here you go out quite a bit. It normally includes guys who veg out all day or play on their console every night. Going out in the day then staying in for the evening for a movie is a nice balance.
  3. I watch 'Orange is the New Black' a couple of months ago. I found hilarious and watched it in a matter of days. I might have to get Netflix again for a month when series two cones out. I'm assuming they'll be one?
  4. Storm of swords: Blood and Gold by George R. R. Martin
  5. That's great news about Glory, I can feel the excitement radiating through your posts! Just wondering, are you expecting Glory to sleep with you when she comes over?
  6. I was bullied in school because I was different. I didn't have any of the same interests as most of the kids at school and although I was shy, if I was happy and around my (small group of) friends, sometimes I ended up being loud and standing out. The good news is once I left school I met lots of people like me and lots more who accepted me for who I was, even if I've learnt to dial it down a bit especially around people I don't know. I believe my experiences have made me a stronger, better person with more empathy than I would have otherwise had. Of course I still meet people who make me feel bad occasionally but I know how deal with it and not let it affect me, even better I know how avoid those people or limit my interactions with them. I'd say I'm a mostly happy person and I know how to take control of my happiness. As hard as it was to go through school and as happy as I am that it's over I wouldn't change it because it's made me the person I am today and I like that person, even if she could do with some improvements.
  7. Could he try getting rid of them one by one? Maybe move some else where is his room for starters. I don't think it's bad to have one or two. I know guys that do but they're very embarrassed about it. It's nice that your son doesn't care what people think. The only reason I don't have more than one is because they hurt my back if I lie on them. He might give them up if his girlfriend might see them.
  8. I still have one. when I was 18 I tried to sleep without one but I ended up using a small cushion and eventually switched back. I even take mine on holiday with me.
  9. Haha, this is why I love the internet. It's a bit scary though. o_O
  10. I think she wants to talk to you she just does it so often, she forgets the importance of it.
  11. How about instead of three two minutes calls a day you have one 15 minute call every two days? Maybe if you try to schedule a regular time for it, such as straight after she puts the baby to bed. You would probably get more out of it as well. I tend to call my Mum every 3-4 days if I don't see her, normally when I feel a bit lonely or if I'm walking home at night. It's funny because I think I phone her more than she phones me. We speak more on the phone than when I see her in person. I guess there's less to distract you.
  12. Maybe nows a good time to step back from it a bit and concentrate on you. You've got a new job, your family and your church to fill your time. I'm sure your brother / mother will contact you still, you could tell them about what's going on with you. Your brother might like the change of topic.
  13. I wonder what is going on in Chloe's mind to make her think she just needs to keep contacting you and you'll give in. I almost wish she'd joining ENA so I could find out. But yeah I agree with the others, glad your not contacting her. Maybe you'll need to block her number.
  14. That won't actually work will it? Surely because she quit it as they were getting divorced that will count for something?
  15. Thanks guy, I've thinking about it for ages. Guess I'll start looking at places to go.
  16. I've always wanted to travel to different places within my country, but whenever I ask anyone even if they say they'd like to as well they always have some excuse when I actually try and arrange things. So I was thinking what if I go alone? I enjoy my own company which is a plus but on the bad side I find it really hard to meet people so if I went away for a weekend I would likely be alone for the whole weekend. Practically I thing I could manage it. I'm not to bad with money (and I'm not thinking of going away that often anyway), I'm happy on public transport and I have a car so getting places isn't a problem I have all the essentials to travel as I visit my friends a couple of times a year. I have GPS on my phone and am very proficient with it since I get lost a lot. I have loads of free time at the weekend since I'm single with few friends living near me (I'm in a social group but I don't really feel comfortable calling any of them up when I'm bored yet). So really the only thing that's stopping me is fear that I won't enjoy it and the fact I haven't really done it before apart from one business trip. I'm not really considering going anywhere until summer but I wanted to plan it now if I decide to go so I don't end up wasting my summer again like I did this year. So what do you guys think? Have you ever done something similar? Would you?
  17. Wow Vic you sound really angry, not that I blame you, remember to think about yourself too it's Christmas try not to get too stressed. And put yourself in your brothers shoes he wants to get things done as easily as possible, even if it doesn't work out he knows he's tried and it's something she can't use against him. Plus you said her family loves him so he probably doesn't feel too unsafe there. I'm sure he needs support at this time, which I'm sure your doing, but we make stupid mistakes sometimes in our own lives because it's hard to see clearly.
  18. Remember Vic it's all out of your control, the only one putting pressure on you is yourself. Feel better soon!
  19. Haha, I never wanted to find my presents. Since you can't have them if do you find them I didn't see the point. I was also scared they might have bought me something I didn't want. It's not very fun trying to tease me about what you've bought.
  20. Wow, that bus driver sounds really harsh. You can tell R's your son, I bet that's exactly what you'd have done. The bus driver's not going to know what hit her, haha.
  21. My Nan had it and lost a kidney. But surely you would know if you had it by now? I had really good immunity to it when I got my test, I was one step off not having to have the jab and being tested for Having TB instead. I'm sure you'll be fine though, rates tend to be low in developed countries. Good luck!
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