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  1. He doesn’t know i know of his porn watching, i checked his phone, because i was actually concerned maybe he was being unfaithful but I really don’t think so. He watches Jerk mate, just women masterbating. I know he doesn’t masterbate because he says he hasn’t since he was a teen. Never enjoyed it. He has had a very active sex life his entire life and doesn’t enjoy masterbation. We have very similar work schedules so that is definitely not the problem. I leave pretty early, he lays asleep until i leave then he is right up. I guess i just need to have a talk with him. Maybe low T, who knows.
  2. No medical issues. Its odd I know, but he doesn’t masterbate. I guess that’s what makes it odder to me. One would think if you have that much interest in watching sexually pleasureful things you would want to be fulfilled, and if you don’t masterbate that would be with your significant other. The rest of the relationship is good, we get along well, never fight.
  3. My fiancée and i have been together for 5 years. Early on in the relationship the sex life was very good and very often. It has now got to the point where we have sex once a month. I have made comments to him and he will make comments that he is older and just not able to have a sex life like we used to (hes 41) Ive accepted that maybe his sex drive was just reduced and it wasn’t just me. Now i have mixed feelings, recently i found out that daily as soon as i leave for work he wakes up and watches porn. He doesn’t masterbate, but does this daily. My question is, i don't care if he watches porn
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