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  1. Amazing to be back on this site 8+ years later, but I wanted to close the loop on this situation with my ex. Long story short, I did get closure on my own. I still had him in my heart, but I kept busy, dated new people, made new friends, traveled new places, excelled in my career, and I didn't dwell on the past (too much). When he did come back into my life, my closure was solidified. I no longer romanticized the relationship. The timeline is that he broke up with me in October 2012 and we went into "almost entirely" NC. We were still connected on Facebook, but didn't really interact wit
  2. After all these years from this initial post, having now experienced the side of being the dumper a couple times, I can finally answer my own question. (Amazing how life works like that!) As the dumper, I have rarely checked the social media of people I dumped. When I have, however, it was only out of curiosity. Nothing more. I think this is partially because the dumpee kept reaching back out and didn't give me time to miss him, so I didn't really feel as much of a loss. The other bigger (and maybe sadder) reason, however, was that by the time I broke up with someone it was usually becaus
  3. @ALbundy you should start your own thread and dont make the paragraphs so long/bunched. it is hard to read and thus give you advice on
  4. Sucks for this guy, but it's great for the rest of us who WANT our ex to be like this and come back to us! LOL
  5. your situation sounds similar to mine! my bf dumped me in october and we have been LC, like REALLY limited. The last text was from him the day before xmas wishing me a happy holiday (he sent this because the week before i called, but it went to voicemail and i just said "hey x, i just called to say hi. If you feel like it you can call me back". I honestly wasnt expecting to hear from him but i wanted to put myself out there one last time before i said goodbye to 2012 and turned over a new leaf for 2013) Anyways, I responded to the xmas text and just said merry christmas. I dont expect to hear
  6. Yeah it's weird because i know that i should probably defriend my ex (the dumper) but its just so hard for me to cut those ties because i feel like im deleting a part of my history....ugh. So dumpers really dont look at their ex's FB page or instagram?
  7. How often do dumpers break and check out their ex's Facebook page? That is if you are still friends with your ex on FB....
  8. Hmm yeah, i guess i just really wanted to see him one last time because when everything ended on the phone i felt like a part of me died. When i got off the phone i literally had a panic attack (never had one before) and cried so hard that it hurt. It felt like he had died and that I was never going to see him again. He is my first serious relationship and I just couldnt believe that it could just end on the phone. We had talked about marriage and children and our future home together before.... ugh. I guess "closure" would have been seeing him in person to hear him say those things to my fa
  9. If you were a dumpee, did you ever get closure? If so, when? Did you actually get to sit down with your ex and talk it out? I'm 21 and my ex is 24. He dumped me back in October after I (yes, I was an idiot) called him up and got into a heated argument on the phone and then all we had was a 30min phone conversation the next week. I haven't seen him in person since October 18. He said that with his last girlfriends he never gave them an explanation but said that I deserved one. I told him I wouldn't feel closure unless I saw him in person and talked it out. He told me that he didn't know when
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