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  1. Lecturing me after the fact helps who? I am seeking advice for the days ahead. Thank you to those who have provided some guidance and helpful insight.
  2. Think you're wrong here. She can't afford BC.
  3. We never had any used any protection....and reading between the lines maybe that is what she wants, but I am not there financially/mentally to have a child.
  4. I had an oil leak and when I noticed there was an issue, drove it to a mechanic...but too late. Engine done. Luckily, I have a replacement. I moved out of state for the job. It wasn't in the field I had been working in but it was a family friend and the earning potential was very good. There was a huge learning curve for me (which was known upon my hiring) but they needed me to be up to par after 6 months. I wasnt there yet. Now, I have began taking real estate courses and applying for some day time work. Lots of decisions to be made.
  5. Sister is married and her family is very excited she is having a baby.
  6. I lost my job and my car earlier this month makes the news interesting.
  7. This past month has been a whirlwind and one I will remember for a long time. Lost job and car in the same week. On Thursday, My gf of 7 months said she was pregnant. When I drove to her house (spare car parents loaned me) I was surprised how calm and collected I was. It was a happy feeling which caught me off guard. It was like my instincts kicked in. 'I have to be strong.' She was spinning; Very emotional/scared. She said she thought I'd be mad. (broke me inside) She indicated she was surprised how happy she was too, however. We went on a walk to talk about everything. I let
  8. Many truth bombs here. I appreciate it. She said she’s been hiding it from me because she wanted things to continue being happy and good in our relationship.
  9. Hello, I am embarrassed to admit that I only visit this forum seeking advice. There are plenty of great reminders on here and when things are unclear in my relationships, this is the first place I come. Thank you in advance. I've dated this woman a little over 6 months and its been great. Sure, weve had ups and downs but its a solid relationship. She's 4 years younger than me still trying to figure out life/what she wants to do career wise. I only recently began a high paying job with great security. She tends to be a loner if shes not working or spending time with me. She vocaliz
  10. She has called me a “” because I didn’t want to talk about something. “You’re such a girl” at the same time she will say “it’s ok to let your feminin side open up” or “you don’t always have to be macho.” I just want to make sure I’m leading and she is fine with that.
  11. Thank you for your response. Some really great insight here.
  12. She has not come out and said she is unhappy, but sometimes she will say “one night you need to take a viagra.” Or “don’t cum” I want to make sure we are both satisfied after we have sex. Thank you for your response.
  13. I moved back home for a job and to be closer to my family and began dating this girl from my hometown. We’ve been together for about 6 months. At first, I was really focusing on my job and would see her when I could/ have energy. I liked her company and the sex was great. Slowly we became more serious and we have said we love each other. Everyone in the town knows we’re together there’s a lot of gossip. People know my family well and they know hers from a different spectrum. Not many single people in town so when two attractive young people start dating people like to know about it. So
  14. I spoke to her on Friday and basically said I got ahead of myself and usually do things spontaneously. I apologized and said I didn’t want her to feel obligated or pressured into coming. I still let her know it would be fun if she came but indicated there will be plenty of opportunities to hang out down the line. She responded that she agreed and said “we” got ahead of ourselves. She said she never get pressured and reiterated that financially it’s not a good time for her. She said she loved how I was spontaneous. She said maybe in a month we can revisit the trip idea. And said she would r
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