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  1. I'm currently working and would like to quit and go to another company. Is it bad ethics to take day off from my current company to go to an interview with another company? I want to find and secure a new job first before quiting. How should I do this?
  2. ops, I posted this post in the wrong forum. Can somebody move this post to the friends forum?
  3. I'm into surfing and I found a local group of people with the same interest. When we hang out together, I feel neglected because most of them don't really ask me anything about myself. I'm pretty friendly and I can't think of a reason why they would hate me. The same thing happens at work. There are 3 guys at my work place and they don't really want to get to know me even though I have tried to get to know them. I'm not sure if this is the cause but I feel that my looks has something to do with it. I'm a bit below average in looks and I read that people tend to open to people with good looks and associate good qualities with those people. I feel that because of how I look, people do not give me a chance. Is this common when being a new member of a group?
  4. I'm 23 and is in the same situation as your friend. I have problems with connecting people and is currently trying to change that. Finding a GF is a personal goal of mine and when friends or family try to introduce me to girls, I resist. I want to meet a girl on my own and I feel that I will fail myself let somebody introduce a girl to me. It is a longshot but maybe your friend is trying to figure things out on his own?
  5. I know that honesty is important when it comes to building trust and relationship but how much is too much? Is there something that you wouldn't share with others or be honest about even though you believe in honesty?
  6. I tried to be like him and made a bad first impression on some people in one of my college classes. Some of the people in my class are aloof when I try to talk to them. I did a social experiment and it didn't go well. I guess life is about making mistakes and learning from them. What are some ways I can change the bad first impression that I've made on the people who are in my college class?
  7. 1. He's ok looking. He is talented and good at a lot of things. 2. I don't really know his dad. 3. not that I know of.
  8. Yes he does have a sense of humor and his humor ALWAYS revolves around making fun of other people and guys in the group. He makes fun of them in a funny way. So yeah, he'll make fun of you but if he makes you laugh then I guess it cancel out. The funny thing is I actually tried to emulate his personality but it didn't work out for me. People thought I was a jerk (In a bad way).
  9. I have a group of friends and there is a guy that is a jerk. He always make fun of people and other guys in the group. Another thing is that he is extremely cocky. If he good at something, he'll make sure that you know it. The weird thing is that the other guys in the group likes to be around him and give him respect. He makes a lot of calls. Why does this happen? I've been taught to treat people with respect and they will want to be with you but this guy does the opposite and it is working for him. I guess people like this are more exciting?
  10. I can't seem to make any friends. I have tried everything including being myself and nothing (i'll explain). believe it or not I have been trying to solve my loneliness problem for the last 7 years. At first I though I didn't have any social skills so I did research and learned it. No improvement. I tried being extra nice. No improvement. I tried being myself. No improvement also. By the way, I consider myself to be a nice guy. I'm not a loud obnoxious * * * * *. Anyway, No improvement. I still didn't make any close friends. Finally I tried to do nothing at all. I thought that maybe I came off as a desperate guy. I stopped trying, didn't really talk to anybody and just cruising through the day by myself. No improvement. At this point i'm not sure what to do. I'm 23 and I don't have a GF yet. At this "doing nothing" stage, I feel so hopeless. I felt better when i'm myself but that did not solve my problem.
  11. Is it better to be a nice guy or a jerk in this world? Maybe it is just me, but jerks get more respect, more friends and more girls in my experience.
  12. how about dating problems such as anxiety when approaching women? What r u guys doing to combat the problem?
  13. I'm different. I'm shy and i'm not confortable with it. I feel that shyness is not me.
  14. What r u doing and how is it working out? I'm current using the Desensitization method to get over my fear. u can see it at link removed Has anyone done it and if so what's ur list of fears look like?
  15. Do you make eye contact with men on the street or do you look alway? By eye contact I mean looking for at least than 3 sec.
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