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  1. that's how i feel. except i come home and play my gamecube and waste time not doing my homework. but yeah, i had a friend tell me that i needed to try to be happy without a guy, but see, that's almost a different issue here. you just don't have many friends to hang out with. and this ex of yours sounds like someone you should stop wasting money on because he doesn't reciprocate what you put out there, and in turn, is taking advantage of the fact that you love him. (or did, i didn't catch past or present tense, i'm quite tired). i myself am a hermit, so i'm inside all day when i can be. it makes me feel lonely 'cause i wanna go out and do stuff, but since i have limited friends and most of them need rides to hang out (and i hate getting lost on the other side of town) it just becomes easier to buddy up with the internet or my gamecube. i have no advice except to try to make friends at school. i hear college is full of people who are the same as others. i'm sure you can find a friend or so if you try. then again. i stay inside all day long.
  2. i don't have a job but i have a way with drawing. so i usually draw things for my current boyfriend because it comes from my heart. ...and mooching off my mom gets harder the older i get.
  3. either they are completely evil and like leading people on, or they just want to get to know you better so when they do decide they want to be in a relationship with you they'll know everything and there will be no secrets between either of you. or they're just evil.
  4. well, just keep doing what you're doing, no harm in just being her friend for now. if you truly like her you will keep at it, but don't bring it up, let her, and don't make any jokes about the situation at all, it's kinda awkward.
  5. well, your ex shouldn't be going to your house, makes you seem desperate. masterbate if you need the orgasm that bad. and, for the sake of both of them, take a break and think, and please use your brain, not your penis, when it comes to deciding who you like.
  6. i've dated taller guys, shorter guys, fatter guys, and, well, myself (which means being lonely). hum. the fat guy was a bastard, the short guy was self-centered and had a big ego because he felt he needed to make up for his height, and the taller guy was an all-around sweety because he listened to his mother and has had a stupid life with evil foster parents. so, it's all in the personality for me, obviously it's not hard to pick buttmonkeys, but if you're just a pure sweety, a PURE sweety as in not faking it, then you're shiny.
  7. well, don't worry about it. i've had dreams about guys i've liked before. in fact, i had a recent one. meh. then i had one about a friend whom i am not attracted to at all and we wound up kissing. it was so weird. but, yeah, it's your brain being evil. evil brain.
  8. umm.. yeah... i think emotions are just confusing me now. i think i'm falling for alex all over again. the only reason it's weird was because i thought i liked someone else, but i can only assume that was misplaced emotions, but i can't tell. it's just so weird. could it have just been misplaced emotion to the guy closest to me until i realized i truly cared for alex, or was it just a crush until i realized that i liked alex.. again. i dunno, it's weird. help would be nice.
  9. well, that sound very unkind what he did to you. maybe he is scared of the permanent commitment to one person. don't fret over him. he'll come back when he wants, but when he does, make it a little hard on him, don't take it back too soon because he might get the wrong idea. for me, the only regret i ever had was breaking up with alex, someone i was madly in love with. and it all started because of one simple comment he just wouldn't take back(it was about religion). we're okay friends now, but it's so weird. he tells me he loves me, and it kinda makes me uncomfortable. it almost drives me away. so, what i'm trying to say is, if he does want to remain friends, don't push the "i love you i want you back please be mine" card no matter how long you guys were together it makes things odd and he might force himself to remain your friend because he feels guilty and misses you.
  10. if only i could. if only i could. it's one of those "i don't want to ruin this friendship but i gotta know but i can't know and you can't know because if you know then you'll know and you might reject me (again)". it wasn't a mean rejection either just a "i'm not going to date for a long time" kinda one. i've talked to many friends about this and enotalone seems to be my only recourse. if i could use a God it would be right now...
  11. is there a next level? how long have you liked him? does he have a personality that attracted you to him or is he just cute? oh, and how do you know the note was anything good if a friend wrote it? it could have been a silly knock-knock joke he thought was oddly cute.
  12. the thing is, it wasn't that at all. it stopped during the school year, toward the end, and picked up in the second month of summer. i hadn't talked to him except via the internet for the summer. just oddness, i tell ya.
  13. i should also add that i did get over my crush for a few, about 3, months, somehow, but then it came back twice as bad a few, maybe 4, months ago. so yeah, its pretty weird.
  14. well, at first it was a major crush, ya know "wow i'm glad i'm not a guy because you could tell i was 'happy' and he's not gay so it wouldn't work anyway if i was a guy" but now it's kind of a thump in the chest, "wow i like his voice", "those pants aren't black they're navy blue or maybe he's washed them a lot without using woolite dark" kind of weird little observations. i almost anticipate the next time i see him, but now i'm trying to back off becauseof my strange feelings. and it also seems to be one of those "i like you but i can't like you so i'll flirt subtly but i might just be being friendly and you'll never know it because you're caught up in your emotions."
  15. when can you tell when a crush turns into something else, like obsession or possibly even a deep, deep affection so close to love it feels like it? i'm just trying to gather some information so i can semi-sort things from my last post.
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