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  1. Youre right, maybe its time to kill the thread. Is there a way or who do I talk to delete my posts and profile? If that is possible. Like yes, I got some great help and support over the years but if its causing a problem maybe its a good idea to quit.
  2. We are with each other 6 years, mostly all of this came way back then, there is nothing she doesnt know about me, I am a fairly honest person and have no problem letting people close to me know anything about me. My health has vastly improved in the last 3 years, to the point of saying the person who wrote that then is not the person writing now. I am not violent or have never needed medication, the stuff written then was mostly crazy ramblings at the height of a mental breakdown coupled with anxiety and panic attacks. I did a lot of work on myself over the years, it would do nobody any good to relive that, it is actually quite tough for me to read through any of it, not that there is anything bad or something to hide in it as she would have seen first hand the craziness of it, its just a period of time that I would like to leave there and I know she would too.
  3. Its not this post Im worried about, its the other posts that have me concerned, they contain the true state of my mental health, which is between me, this forum and some Councillors that I had been seeing, I got great help through this forum at that time when I needed it, I would be kind of embarrassed for someone I actually know to see all that
  4. Hmm no she was clearly snooping, the post in question was a year ago and there was 6 pages of comments from me before she could get to that comment, I asked her how did she find me here and told me and showed me how, so it was snooping. She knew about this site in general as I often told her about the site and that I would post here when things were getting tough but never named the site or username. Anyway, I cant take it back now or undo what I said, I can only work on it.
  5. The thing is, I dont really have anything to hide, my facebook is open all the time, emails, facebook on my phone, the kids use the phone sometimes and she does too, Im not worried at all about them seeing anything because generally there is nothing, except a lot of nonsense and pointless arguments about politics. This website though she would have had to have searched for and read through all the posts to get to that one, which was last year. Anyway, looks like I have a bit of work to do.
  6. No I agree, I would be fairly pissed to if I read that, Im not saying that I would be ok with it at all and realize that it is an issue. The other side of this is I wouldnt be snooping in the first place and the bit that is really annoying me is that, I wrote a lot of crazy stuff that I didnt want anyone to know, nothing to hide, just deep down stuff that I would never say to anyone in real life, thoughts, feelings and complete off the wall craziness and the majority of it was when I was in a complete mental breakdown and the reason I put it here because I thought it was anonymous. But clearly what is done is done, she cant unread it and now I will have to just work it out with her.
  7. One of my biggest regrets is that I never made more time for friends, and the ones I had I never kept in contact with, for me it was a trade off between career and social life, the social life lost out. Now here I am at 38 with that biggest regret. Dont get me wrong I can still talk to people and meet people who I am friendly with, but I dont have a network I can be in contact with regularly, thats the bit I regret
  8. I said to her last night to look through the site and read the stories, if she thought this was an issue read through other peoples stories, then get to me. But yes I will contact the admin and see what I can do
  9. I could easily just do the same to her except look through her phone, I am awake every night as i work late nights I could simply just take her phone and go through but I dont really want to or even would have the idea to do that, but youre right she wouldnt be too impressed if it was the other way around
  10. I agree, it would have been a bit of a ty thing to read and Ill admit that if it was the other way around I wouldnt be too impressed either but in saying that I wouldnt be searching through the internet for things about her to be honest. And if she is reading this site again after yesterday, well what can I say, except she is just making things worse for herself
  11. Well apparently I left this website open on my computer months ago, yesterday I was supposedly on this forum, which I wasnt, I was on another forum to do with software I work with and she didnt bother asking anything just jumped into conclusions rushed to this website and searched through all my posts till she found that one, which I think is 5 or 6 pages back in all of my comments. And to drive her suspicion even more, while I was looking through the other forum yesterday, I was clicking between pages on my browser real fast, which I probably was, I am a web designer and 3D artist, I would have sometimes 20 pages open in my browser and flick between them while working away. That is the story as to why
  12. Ok just as the title says this is the post that caused all kinds of problems today, I dont know how she found this or this website to find me, its not a place I post often and certainly not a website I would have open at all. Apparently I left this site open a while ago and she seen it and now has followed me to it I would like some input from people I dont really have a crush on celebrities per se. Im somewhat different in that way, I like "normal" women, like there are women around where I work, I would secretly like. Like today I had to go somewhere, but one of the girls behind the counter just like blew me away, she was in her work clothes, i dont know maybe a dentist assistant or something, I see a few around my job, hairdressers, salons etc. I work in a well known shopping centre / mall whatever you want to call it. So on the floor below my office, there are two salons, beauty salon and then a health centre. I would just see these women and think, if I didnt already have a girlfriend and family, I would run away with one of them, I think some of them like me too. And here is the original thread, you can see the comment is unedited - 71 Personally I dont know if this is bad or not, I have never cheated nor have I ever put myself in a position to cheat. The comment is related to when I worked in a place for 3 years, I have never spoken to any of the girls there or anything, I must have came across as a weirdo. Personally I take being faithful to the extreme, when I am with someone I am with them and only them, everyone else isnt important. The only women I spoke to in that job, were the ones I worked with. So when my girlfriend seen this earlier she went nuts, accused me of cheating, lying etc. Maybe people see it that way, I think that they are only thoughts, which I wrote on the internet, anonymously and have never acted or had any intention of acting on. Just looking for peoples thoughts on this
  13. Whats really annoying me now, it wasnt earlier, is people in work, the boss to be specific, walked right by me today but "didnt see me" is that hard for people to say hello, especially when they are getting credited for the work I am doing for them. Really feel under appreciated in that job.
  14. Oh I loved the first season, cant wait for the second. My only complaint about it was the 30 episodes. My favourite scene is when he went to have dinner with the girls parents, priceless. I was skeptical about it as I wondered how it would transfer from movies to series but they made it work
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