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  1. I don't want drama. I hate this. Its miserable. He's hurt and distant. We had no drama up until recently. I've known him longer than two weeks. We've been in a relationship for two weeks. Before that we were dating. He's coming to see me this afternoon and now acting like nothing is wrong, but there is an awkwardness that I know is from everything yesterday. I ruined everything and I don't know how to fix it.
  2. He claims he is just upset over the situation. He isn't happy or excited. He isn't him. I fear he will break up with me or our relationship will go down hill from here. He claims he loves me and that isn't it. He's just frustrated. I wish none of this was happening. He was so happy that everythimg had been going perfect and he saw it as a sign of things going well and working out with us. He told his mom I was the one. He never felt this way for anyone. Now, he is so distant and emotionless. I can't take it. I've gotten over this. My mom too. He should too. I want to take him. I've begged him. At one point he gave in. Then said he was too uncomfortable and I needed to take her. He felt guilty and couldn't do it. I don't know what to do to make this better. I care so much for him and want to make him happy.
  3. I did make up my mind and I chose him. He refuses to go and insists my mother to go. She refuses to go insisting he go since she knows its what I want.
  4. Everything is all messed up now. He is upset and angry. I told him the truth about everything. Refuses to go on the trip with me even though my mom insists we go. He feels too guilty going and insists I take her. She won't go knowing I'm happier going with him. He is upset and doesn't seem to trust me as much. He is now suspicious of my family being over bearing and now is negative about our other trip where my parents are coming for three days of the six days. I was the one who originally told my parents about our plans and said that if they wanted to book at the same place for a couple days we could do fun things together. He is not happy now saying that it was OUR trip and he doesn't believe me that I initiated. He thinks my parents can't let go of me and are clingy and insisted on joining us on vacation. He's unhappy. I am devastated. I care for him so much and he isn't himself. He is distant and withdrawn. He even said something about maybe we need to pump the brakes on everything. Everything was perfect and now its a disaster. He is coming over today. I don't want to lose him. This is all my fault. He thinks I have to go with my mom to make her happy. He makes me so happy. She keeps telling me that we should go, him and I. He thinks he lookals like a bad guy to my mom. Which is not true. She knows its what I want. I am so afraid he is never going to get past this. He seems withdrawn and upset. He is now saying stuff like "well I don't know if the other trip will happen either" I'm so upset. He is so mad.
  5. I still feel so stuck. Not sure what to do. I know I hurt her. I love her. She has done everything for me and more. I want to say that my boyfriend and I do have a trip planned months after this one together for 6 nights at the 5 month mark. Three of the nights my parents are going to join us for some fun. My boyfriend was totally okay with this.
  6. So now he is insisting that he cone with me. He is rearranging his work schedule to make it work. I feel trapped and I casually mentioned thst my mom might want to come and he sounds so sad about it.
  7. I know. I going with my mother. I just care about him so much. I fear breaking the news to him because he is so excited and keeps talking about it. His work is tough right now. He messages me he is miserable. He's looking for new jobs. He talks that our trip is something good to look forward to. I don't want to rip it away from him. He's a wonderful man. He treats me so well. I can't picture my life without him. He says the same about me. I am so scared to tell him I am going with my mom. And because we aren't going, I won't see him for two weeks because the days we spend together I have to go on the trip.
  8. So I have been seeing the guy for a while now and we have slowed down. Things have been really positive. We go out, have fun, and love each others company. We are exclusive and its been a really solid thing. We go out to eat and just want to have fun with each other. He's kind, attentive and we have phenomenal communication. This is solid. I feel confident and calm. He does too. We are excited for fun activities for the summer time. I'm genuinely happy with him. One thing I struggle with now is splitting my time between him and my family. Months back a work trip came about. My family didn't want me going by myself so my mom said she would come with me. Its a free hotel through work and my boss promoted I bring someone to see the sights. My mom took time off work for it, but we never made a clear defined plan. I mentioned it now to my boyfriend and he wants to go with me. I was so excited he wants to go. But now I'm stuck in the middle of him and my mom. My mom is so hurt and upset that now she is second choice and she took the time and I'm ditching her. I feel horrible about this. She is devastated. We never fight, but we had a huge fight. I love her. She is my best friend. We have made up, but I can still tell she is hurt. She told me if I really want to go with him I should go, but she will second guess making any future plans with me. Again, I feel terrible about this. I don't know who to go with or what to d. My boyfriend is so excited and he is sending me stuff on things what we can do there together. He told his parents. They are so happy for us. What do I do?
  9. I wasn't. When I questioned him on it, he said he meant he loved my personality and talking to me
  10. I do read a ton of that stuff already. I practically have it memotized. Its like I meet someone new and every person is different and I relate to differently. I am very understanding and accepting of people, because I know I am not perfect either.
  11. I don't have an extra $100 a week to go. I have too much debt to pay. I can't not eat or pay rent. Counseling is expensive
  12. I can't afford counseling or therapy right now. I truly don't know why I am so strong in my everyday life, but men turn me to jello. I don't know why. I just feel like I know I'm successful, accomplished and kind. I truly have my stuff together. I think I feel like "Oh this guy doesn't see this, guess I have to try harder for him to see my wonderful" And if I win him into seeing how wonderful I am, then I am deserving. I am worthy. I always have wanted someone to fight for me. Never just let me go.
  13. My life in general. I had a severe issue with second guessing myself left over from a toxic ex. He always made me think how I felt wasn't right nor justified. So I started second guessing. Eventually I did it so much that it seeped into every avenue of my life. I would get upset and anxiety ridden at ordering at a restaurant and thinking I ordered the wrong thing, because what I wanted couldn't be right. She helped me get out of this terrible habit where I do make sound decisions for myself and feel confident in them as my feelings are not wrong.
  14. He goes to a therapist already. He has depression and anxiety. I made sure and asked him if he went before we met. He said yes. They obviously aren't helping him. He made me feel overly stable and mentally sound comparatively
  15. I want to go back to my counselor. I loved going. I just can't afford the steep payments. It adds up. I try and remember what she taught me and what we talked about. My life has improved a ton since then.
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