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  1. Don't do texting, call them and set up a date. Talk when you meet them in person, no texting or on the phone. Use the phone when you already know them as a convinience. Also, unless you did something awkward or are too pushy to them, then they don't know you and there's nothing wrong with you. They simply didn't have the patience to know more about you. In other words, if you behaved well and you're rejected it doesn't mean there's something wrong with you, it means something about your "offer" wasn't particularly interesting to them. Imagine you tried to sell to them something extremely co
  2. I vote not to see her on Valentines. First, the date itself is pressuring to do certain things at precisely that day and rushing things will just end sloppy. And last, be single for some time, maybe you'll get to the same conclusion I had when a girl dumped me; after 6 months of having my personal time to do X activity I didn't want her back in my life, I was having fun by myself and all my free time with out her
  3. Offer your arm when walking, and sometimes hold her hand in crowded places. If she reciprocates well, you might try to kiss her at a good moment; like when you walk her home. Eventually you two will agree to be in a relationship. Good luck
  4. Thank you for your answers my friends, I'd like to focus more in how to feel a bit better more than what could be done to clarify the situation with this girl I like. (We know each other because we play the same sport at the same club. So the walk at the park isn't that creepy, is more like a light exercise. A few days ago she couldn't be on time for meeting me at a coffee shop. She's not the 16 year old girl that approached me once. Is hard for me to like someone's character romantically, I'm picky for romantic relationships, that's why I come here to ask for help. I don't flirt or date
  5. I like a girl but I don't see her having a "clear" interest in me. She's friendly, gets a bit nervous around me, but doesn't follow up when I lead. Yesterday I asked her out again, for a walk in the park, but she had plans and didn't suggest any other date. I feel sad, like hopeless. I don't see why she doesn't like me. I never have trouble with girls and if I ask them out they go out with me even on weekdays. How can I feel a bit better?
  6. Age gap is fine and she's over 18(21) so it's between young adults. All I can tell you from my experience is that she may not be rewdy to settle at the time you think you're ready. So enjoy your relationship and don't pressure her to marry, move with you, stop partying with her friends, until it's the right time
  7. Te pasaste como rata, escurriendose entre las personas con la cola entre las patas
  8. 3 years since you asked me out of the blue for a 'time out'. What did I saw in you S?
  9. I had two choices with the email you sent this morning after NC for more than 15 months; 1. Read it today or hold it for sometime later. 2. Trash it. I decided to trash your email and keep moving on. I'm sorry, I still love you now, is just that I care more about me and I'm preventing myself from feeling sad.
  10. It's stil fresh, so in my opinion is a good time to speak. Tell her the truth, you dont want to get hurt again and say no more. After, say a month, if you didnt recomcile, maybe will be a good idea to start No contact and then really start ignoring her deliberately. Anyways, you know better what to do because you know her.
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