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  1. Good for you, and I hope your post is a step towards overcoming anxiety. Do what you think is best for yourself. If you think your family will impede your happiness, then you're not obligated to come out to them. Good luck in your life, and kudos to you for being able to overcome such a bad lot.
  2. Be upfront. If you get rejected, then at least you'll know. Yeah, not being confident is the hard part. A part of it is figuring out how to not care about rejection. It sounds like your ex only sees you as a friend, but you won't actually know until you ask.
  3. Reverse psychology? I don't know, but in zorba's words, "People are REALLY attracted to what they used to have but no longer have."
  4. If you were a good boyfriend, then she'll come back. It took one of my exes 2 years, but she didn't really come back. I had actually contacted her to catch up platonically, but it turned out that she had been waiting for me the entire time. Funny, because I was the dumpee. Classic case of grass is greener syndrome with a classic ending: the dumpee (me) practically told her that there was no chance of reconciliation.
  5. Let's try it again. Day #2, though this isn't about healing.
  6. Heh, this thread's probably past its point usefulness for me, but I'm bored, so I'll play anyway...kind of. Umm...day 2. Looks like I'll just post again on Nov 14th. Should be easy enough unless my ex contacts me.
  7. Going NC, making contact, and then going NC again until the next contact is essentially LC. I guess semantics are important, since they apparently screw with people's heads. If distance was the deal breaker, then the only way she'll come back is if she only finds people much worse than you, coupled with actual plans to physically be together. In my experience, women would rather stay in ****ty relationships, even abusive ones, than put the effort into making a physically-scarce relationship work. The ones who have already gone through LDRs definitely never want to do it again. Al
  8. Truthfully, FB doesn't matter. Seeing how an ex is doing over FB doesn't make you miss them less. There's still a lack of contact, friendliness, and closeness. Honestly, if I miss a person, then seeing how he or she is doing on FB isn't going to make me miss him or her less. If anything, you can just keep going about your life on FB, and your ex will realize that you've moved on without them. If I ever check my ex's FB, then I know she hasn't fully moved on even though she's with somebody else. She still shares things that are about me. I didn't go NC either. In my case, both NC and
  9. The only correct answer to your question is yes. There is always a possibility for anything. Realistically though from the bare amount of information given, it's not going to happen.
  10. Keeping this short. Got assholes apparently stalking my posts and trolling me. Anyway, it feels pretty good. I probably wouldn't take her back unless...let's see...9 more months pass. 2 and a half at the very earliest. Scheduling reasons, nothing more lol. I'm not sure if I feel good because time has passed or if it's because I know her affection's growing. Anyway, she keeps breaking the NC that I initiated, and there's nothing new, interesting, or important to respond to, so there's no urge for me to respond. I responded because I didn't want to feel like a jerk, but whatever lol. Sh
  11. We were together for 10 months. We've been apart for two. She's still figuring out the break-up, but the one clear-cut issue was distance. The conversation lasted an hour. It was light-hearted and fun. Come to think of it, I've always been relaxed during any contact since a week after the BU. She kept apologizing because she felt guilty, but I was just whatever about it. It weirded her out a month ago that I took the break-up well, and she's still surprised that I haven't victimized myself and blamed her because that's what she's been used to with her exes. Nah, I wasn't really eager a
  12. I'm the dumpee. After I went NC, my ex reached out to me, so I responded. She told me her feelings for me were coming back, so I asked if she thought about reconciling. She said no, since she wants to be decisive and stay with the new guy (I didn't know they were dating). I'm going to go back into NC, but I'm wondering since absence made her heart grow fonder, is that going to stop growing now that I reached out, and she knows I still want to reconcile?
  13. Small things probably won't have a permanent effect. There's more than one person out there for you. With that said, the more "wrong" things you do, the more you delay reconciliation assuming there was actually a chance. A longer delay means more time for her/him to find somebody else, rebound or not. From both a dumpee and dumper's perspective, an ex getting mad at me makes me think I need to give them "extra" time than I normally would for that particular person to smooth over the resentment. An ex whose only words from start to finish are swearing and cursing, well...that's permanent
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