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  1. Thank you both, I get it. That was my initial hesitation, I usually refrain from hitting on women in their workplace. I’ll keep at that rule. Thanks for your insight from the other side
  2. I guess you guys are right I’ll keep it professional and just enjoy the crush for what it is
  3. Thanks boltnrun I’ll consider it since I still have that option
  4. I hear what you guys are saying but I just see it as a simple, hey do you want to go out. It’s a yes or no. I don’t see it as much of a big deal. I’m just concerned about making it difficult since it is her work
  5. I wouldn’t change trainers, I don’t think it would be awkward. It’s much more than just her hot bod and the attention, she seems like a really sweet girl. I am asking for the best way to ask not if I should or shouldn’t
  6. Yeah I thought about that. I’m not really in a rush to change trainers since I’m so new to fitness. Switching trainers first seems way more drastic. I believe she’s single yes
  7. Hi everyone! So I hired a personal trainer whom I’m extremely attracted to, I know I know lol. I want to ask her out but not sure how. We only had 3 sessions and she’s very professional so I can’t even gauge if she’s interested. I have her number so I thought about just calling / texting her instead of asking during one of our workouts. What do you think? Is the direct approach a good idea? Should I wait until a few more sessions? Although I hired her I am in a trial period where the sessions are free so I haven’t paid yet and not contract bound. Thanks !!!
  8. I’ve never tried it but I have considered it. With that said, I’m not sure if my opinion will be helpful. The reason I’d rather not is because I think it will serve as some sort of crutch like another poster said. Breakups are something that appear to be an instance where it happens, you accept it , and you move on. I would be afraid to wallow too long and focus even more on something that we really should be working towards moving on from. If I did seek therapy I think it would be for some level of self awareness but not strictly to cope with a breakup. But that’s just me. I think this forum
  9. This is very true especially the part of not acting on the feelings we have. Our relationship didn’t work bc we really aren’t compatible. With any topic on hand, my answer was left and hers was right; mine up and hers down. We never agreed on anything or had the same views. Thank you for reminding me how normal the feelings are and I’m not just a crazy person that can’t let go
  10. Carus ha! Thank you for the laugh. Time is the only thing I have at this point. Hopefully I will be better to the next, or if she ever reconsiders I can take in all the advice provided and apply it accordingly. Thank you
  11. I hear you and I’m trying to navigate through this the best way possible. Maybe control was the wrong word choice. I’m just used to getting my way, anything I want in life I work hard and I get it. But relationships just don’t work that way and maybe relationships aren’t for me for that reason- guaranteed uncertainty. I never thought my behavior was okay and never tried to make excuses for it. What I did was wrong. Why I did them, I’m not sure immaturity I imagine. Lack of experience. I would never blame her and I have apologized profusely to her for the things I’ve done. I promise you I’m
  12. Thank you Annia. I can admit I haven’t been good but I genuinely feel like I can be good now. I do care about her, and I want what’s best for her which I truly believe is me. But I appreciate your insight and I totally understand where you’re coming from. I wouldn’t be surprised if she felt the same way. It is a huge risk. I knew my behavior was inappropriate but to hear the word abusive is extremely unsettling for me. But apparently I have been , and I’ve been taking my behavior too lightly when indeed it was a big deal. I am trying to grow and I’m trying to learn from my mistakes to
  13. Thank you boltnrun I will definitely keep this mind and will refrain from contacting her. I see it is more harmful than I realized
  14. You’re right Miss. I’m just so used to always getting my way. I’m sure you understand that my intent is coming from a loving place but you’re right, I need to just respect her and her wishes. Definitely a huge step in maturity for me. I don’t want mean to be malicious but I see exactly what you’re saying. I’ll listen to what she’s saying and I guess just hope that she is genuinely happy with her decision. I made the mistakes so I have to suffer the consequences even if they are as drastic as never speaking to her again.
  15. I will continue with no contact , even if it hurts. Can’t wait until it’s months from now when all of this is just a memory. Thank you for your support
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