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  1. No one is that special. Take her off the pedestal and step up and care for yourself instead of falling apart because someone you dated won't. This is about you, and how you treat yourself, not her. I understand the pain and inability to function, but really you're fine. ...trying to take my own advice.
  2. Do not tell him. End the relationship and figure yourself out.
  3. The door is closed. It sounds as though you've closed it. It is as closed as any door is when relationships end.
  4. This sucks, you suck. But I sucked first I know. I want my friend back but I'm not going to be your backup plan. I know it's difficult to go through what you went through. But it's not OK to treat me this way. You're lying to yourself to say that you gave it a shot. You were holding out just in case. You didn't even give it one minute.
  5. I'm sorry. I messed up. It's my loss. I wish you the best.
  6. Yes, I miss you. But I've said everything I can say. Everything else is just more of the same. I can't see going back now. But I am saddened by this loss.
  7. The blue arrows after the quoted name are links to the original.
  8. This was part of a series of steps to letting go.
  9. I am moving on with my life but I find I love you and miss you beyond the words I have to express it with.
  10. I miss you and I am sorry for the part I played in all of this.
  11. Back to 0 5 minutes after posting this. Not by my choosing.
  12. Over a decade together much of that attached at the hip. Things were deteriorating over the last couple years. Over six weeks into 3rd big breakup in that decade. This is the second 20 day NC period. Six weeks out I'm in a much better place. I still have breakdowns. I still miss her dearly and want to share things with her. I no longer feel like I've just been in an accident. I can eat. I am having fun. Building a new life. I have been dating and meeting wonderful and interesting women. I have a lot of freedom and resources to do what I want and add new experiences and hobbies to my life
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