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  1. Okay so same guy but now seems to keep taking about me leaving him or breaking up. Driving me crazy and I told him so. Then he says I love you so this morning he sends this Have a good day at work, and stay out of trouble! It took me 10 years to find you…..don’t want to have a long term relationship (but I would with you if needed 😘) with you while you are on a rig 😂😂. What the hell is going on with this guy. Is he giving me hints on wanting to leave as I have repeatedly told him I’m not going anywhere. Then he will say he is not leaving me he wants to marry me. What do you guys think
  2. He just texts I am so in love with you dawn I’m keeping my guard up this time
  3. Maybe who knows. Saying he in in love with me doesn’t make sense if he wants out
  4. Thanks for the advice makes me feel better. But also thinking he wants out and can’t tell Me
  5. So dating a new guy for 3 months. Everything was going great flowers dinners walks together all good. Lots of texts saying he is in love with me etc. Past few days he seems off and constantly saying I’m going to leave him or illl dump him. Then when I say no I want a future with you he says good I don’t want this to end ever What is going on with him. Also what’s ne to spend the nights at his house but then says he can’t sleep with me there. I’m so confused. I don’t want to get hurt and I don’t know what to say to him. I left this morning and after he send a a text have. A great day with lots of emojis Oh my this sucks
  6. Not that I know if he even takes anything
  7. Oh I do that for sure. So this just happened I say Thank you for coming over. I never want you to leave I would be Heart broken and he says The same goes for me, it would be so disappointing. In a huge way. Now the reason this all happened is that he couldn’t have intercourse. He tried the last few nights but nothing. We had no issues before so maybe he is not into me anymore and is trying to let me down easy. Who knows anymore
  8. So he kept saying I’m going to marry you one day. Then last night he says I didn’t mean really marry you just that is to show you I’m really committed. Mentions that why would we get married at this age 50 again. Holy mixed up now
  9. Little update on the new boyfriend. So as soon as he got off the plane he called many times and texted. Today he met my mother and the rest of my family. When I text him he takes forever to reply and no emojis like he usually does. Again not trying to stress but seems like he is distant. He even told my sister in law that he is taking me away for 2 days on a trip. I am trying not to stress about this but still unsure of his motive.
  10. Thanks everyone for your comments. Let’s see what happens when he gets back. Whatever happens it’s the way it should be. I’m not stressing about this I don’t have that much invested
  11. Yes I told him to new to talk marriage to me. While on vacation he is always alone only texts when he wakes up and in a coffee shop from where he is staying.
  12. He has been a gentleman since I met him I was thinks he is insecure
  13. Yes he always says it in a joking way like I have someone else with me
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