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  1. Ok heres how it goes theres this girl i met a few months ago we liked each other i asked her out the next day after we met (lol) and we went out for a bout a week and then we talked because we felt we were moving way to fast. So we changed it to dating and not going out and we barley kissed or held hands anymore or anything like we did at first and then we changed it to friendly dating because even the words dating scared her as much as the words boyfriend girlfriend. Then she told me that she has this really close friend who she loves and they are like best friends and i found there dating to but to her dating is going out and hanging out and having a good time and she doesnt want to to get commited to anyone which is fine she was just in a 4 year realtionship with somebody and they broke up like 4 months ago so i can see why eveything is werid and why she wants to move slow and is confused. It just bothers me that she will give me kisses on the cheek and this other guy who keeps saying shes her boyfriend but she says there just really close friends she kisses him on the lips and is always sitting on his lap and being more affectionite towards him then she ever is to me anymore. We talked about it she asked about just being friends or if we shoudl still date and we decided to still causely friendly date which is just hanging out and having fun this is all fine but this whole thing is werid and totally diffrent for me and im confused what do you think about this stiitaution and what should i do or think me and her can really talk about anything and everything. I just wonder what i can say about all this and what i should say and why now is she more affectiontie towards him and not really me that much at all anymore it seems like there dateing and were just friends. I dont know what to do because i really like this girl alot. any opions would help. thanks please help as it is hot here in texas and this is really stressing me out
  2. Hey guys hows it going. Ok heres my question and its very very important. I have a friend whos female she's 18 and lately for the last 6 weeks shes had a problem. Everytime she eats something no matter what it is she gets really sick to her stomach and sometimes she pukes but not that often its usally just that she gets really sick to her stomach and also has cramps sometimes to. Were trying to figure out what is wrong with her and why this is still happening. If anyone has had this problem before or has any suggestions on what is wrong or what to do to fix this problem please post back asap. Thanks
  3. Hello, I was just wondering if anyone knew what some of the signs of a rebound relationship. I had a friend who just got out of a horrible realationship and she found a new guy that she liked and started going out with him and possibly thinks she might be in love with him. For some reason the realationship just dont seem right to me and i was wondering if anyone knew what a girl acted like in a rebound realationship or what some signs of one of these types of relationships might be.
  4. Hey ya life really sucks sometimes but theres no reason you should give up. Ive wanted to give up millions of times but i didnt. I know how it is to lose someone you care very deeply for. I was with a girl for 2years and im still not over and im still depressed and she just broke up with the guy shes been with for the last 2 years and we started to hang out again and she only wants to be my best friend she says she has no feelings like that for me anymore and shes with another guy now and i have to hang out with them and see them makeout and stuff it really sucks but i care about her so i still hang out with her. 6 years is a lot longer so that must be really crazy and i thought i was going crazy over 2 years so to hear about that. As far as your parents you should talk to them and try to get things worked out with them, there your parents theres no way that you guys are gonna fight forever that just dont seem possible. And look at it this way at least you and your ex still talk to each other and hang out just hang in there and mabie slowley with time you 2 will get that spark back and you might end up back together. But in the meantime try as hard as you can to move on and look for someone new you never know it might make your ex jelous and mabie she will realize how much she cares for you and will want you back You didnt get fired from your job so its cool just dont let it get to you. Good luck and dont give up. Hope i helped.
  5. Hey ive been hanging out with my exgirlfriend now for like 2 months we were together for 2 years and then we broke up and then she went with this ohter guy and they got engaged and things between them feel apart and he became a ******** so they broke up. We started hanging back out together all the time were together like almost everyday. Well she started to go out with this one guy she met at work when she was still with her ex and after they broke up she started to like this guy and started to go out with him she says she likes him alot. I told her i still had feelings for her but she does not for me she said and that we are best friends now well for some crazy reason i hang out with her and i even hang out with her and her boyfriend when there together thats really weird but i deal with the weirdness cause i really care about her so much still in so many differnt ways. Well she wanted me to come with them to his house but i told her i didnt want to and she got all weird this is the first time i told her i didnt want to go anywhere with her i usally always go. She started to say how i dont love her anymore and i really disappointed her and that no loves her and of course her new guy gets next to her and says he does and she smiles and stuff. But she got kindda of mad about it even though she was kindda sarcastic about it but still i dont understand why she says i dont love her anymore and weird things like that and how what kind of realtionship is this (what realationship were just friends and shes the one who doesnt want me back) i asked her when she was gonna be around again and she said im not coming back till next year kindda sarcastic and just said all these werid things to me and acted like i was being really mean and that i dindt care about her just because i wouldnt go with her one time. Does anybody know why a girl would act like this? When she does all this stuff and says all this stuff to me is she trying to make her BF jelous so hell try harder for her or something? thats what one of my friends said. Why does she seem to get upset when i dont want to hang out with her and her boyfriend all the time? i dont mind hanging out with her but i dont really wanna hang out with her and her boyfriend all the time when there together you know. Just theres so many strange things going on with this whole situation its really messed up. Why would she act this way when she doesnt want to be with me anymore and shes with him anyway? Can a girl really be that upset when your just friends and you take one day away? Im just really confused about the way she acts and things she says sometimes. If any one has any opinions on this kind of thing or has seen a girl act this way before please tell me some reasons or some of the possibilites she would be acting like this. Thanks this might be to long and might not make much sense but any opions are appreciated.
  6. Hey i was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions or any tips on some good ways to quit smoking besides the gum or the pacth. I smoke at least a pack or 2 a day and im always feeling like crap from it but i continue to smoke. I feel like its a stress reliver but in reality ive heard that it actually casues more stess is that true? Post any suggestions or home remedys you could think of that might help or something that you have personally tried that has worked for you.
  7. Ya you never know i guess i am there for her its i just wish i could be more and as far as shes concered he thinks hes a rebound but she says she really really likes him and that hes not.
  8. HI i was just wondering a few things. Well first of all about 4 years ago i was 20 and this girl i became friends with was 14 she liked me alot and after hanging out for like 4 months she asked me out and we went out well we ended up being together until she was 16 and i was 22 we had a bunch of problems for some reason we got into huge fights and a few times we got into physical fights which really sucked. Anyway a whole bunch of crap happened and we broke up and then got back together like 2 weeks later the only thing was after we back together that time she didnt kiss me and we never had any romance between the 2 of us i just dealed with because i loved her. I know its bad for a 14 year old and a 20 year old to hook up but for some reason this was a one time thing and i really liked her and her family. Well we broke up and then i went through depression hard core and im still not completely over it but im not like i was back then totally depressed. During this 2 years that i was going through this she found a new BF and they moved together and got engaged and were gonna get married well he started to become abusive to her and cheated on her and they broke up well that takes us to a month or 2 ago me and this girl started to hang out again together but through this realtionship with this other guy she was with we kept in contact for those 2 years on the phone and the internet and we saw each other like 3 times. We started hanging out again and i really enjoy it shes now 18 and im 24 i asked her for her to be with me again and i wanted to be her boyfriend again but she said no because im not her type anymore and that would just be weird because we allready went out. She forgave me for the mistakes i made in the past she said and she told me that were best friends and that im her favorite guy in the world but we could never be more then friends. She started to date this guy she worked with after knowing him for 4 months and she really likes him and ive hung out with them together a few times and its cool but it really sucks because i get to see her holding his hand and being all close to him and i hated it. Well we got into a big fight the other day she was drunk by the way i was sober and she said that she dont think we should be friends anymore becuase she cant handle the fact that it bothers me when i see her doing things with other guys she says she doesent want to have to worry about how i feel and i shoudlnt be that way so after arguing for like 3 hours about how we cant be friends anymore and we shouldnt talk to each other anymore we went out to eat and made up pretty much while we were fighting i told her that it doesnt bother me as much as it did the first time i saw it and that it really wont bother me anymore and bla bla i kindda dont let it bother me but truth be told it does a little bit inside. So the next day we laughed about it and were friends again. We went back to this guys house and this time she was all over him unlike the other times this time she was making out with him constantly and things like that. I tried not to let it bother me but it did. I wasent about to tell her though because i dont want to lose her as a friend we have been hanging out like almost everyday and i love it and as much as i hate the fact she dont want me as her boyfriend anymore i definitly dont want to lose her as my friend. While we there she aslo said to this one girl that was there that i was her favorite guy in the world and she told us all including her boyfriend that me in her got into an argument she was like me and Crazyworld(Which is me) got into are first argument last night but we laughed about it today it was really weird the way she said it you had to be there. Well she s always talking about how much she likes this guy and things like that and when hes around she talks to him alot and not me as much but when its me and her she talks to me alot but then other times she hardly talks to me at all and we listen to music together while crusing. I was just wondering if anyone had any opinions on this situation. I was wondering are girls that are 18 really confused and dont know what they want? Is the reason she has no feelings for me anymore and even after hanging out with me all the time becasue she was so young when we were together? Is this new guy possibly a rebound even though she likes him so much? She did just get out of a crazy realtionship with this guy that she was engaged to. Why do you think she says these weird things about me and stuff? By the looks of things do you think that there is ever possibly a chance we would ever be together again even though she says we could never be more then friends again? I just want some opions on this whole situation cause its really weird lol. I really want to be with her again but weve been hangin out to much and i really like her and no matter what i dont want to lose her as my best friend. Thanks sorry so long.
  9. Thanks for the advice dont get me wrong though i love hanging out her with all the time its great but when she talks to her bf or we go over there it just drives me crazy and i miss her really bad when shes gone and i dont really want to stop hanging around her all the time but if she doesnt want me back then i have to because im growing way to attached again. Were best friends now she says and she also said that she would let nothing or noone come between us but she wont go back with me but she does say weird things that dont make sense sometimes. She is really confusing on some of the things she says to me somtimes. I dont know but thanks for the advice. Later
  10. Hey hows everyone doing here. Im not doing that great as ive posted here before me and my exgirlfriend are still best friends and its slowly killing me. Well as i said before me and my x became best friends and she has a boyfriend now whos far away so she only shes him once or twice a week if that and talks to him on the phone. Me and her are together like everyday almost all day except when im at work and even then she comes and sees me there once in a while. She doesnt want me back as a boyfriend casue she says we went out long ago and im not her type anymore and that she doesnt understand why we just cant be friends because of me writing her a letter and asking her about us getting back together a couple times but i told her when we first broke up 2 years ago that i couldnt stay her friend but i did and now im stuck where i am my problem is i still have really strong feelings for her and hanging out with her everyday all the time is not making those feelings die down at all. Im growing very very attached to her again and shes only been away from me for less then 10 hours and today her boyfriends coming down and i work 2 jobs today so i wont see her at all. It just is really bothering me i was just wondering if any one had any tips on how to make her miss me and things like that when im not around. I kindda of want to take some time away from her altough i really dont i think i have to but im scared that if i stay away for a while that im either gonna lose her completely or shes just gonna end up getting ahold of me and ill end up going and getting her like always. So if any one has any advice on what i should do to relize that im not gonna be here like i am for her now once shes more involved with her bf and make her miss me and possibly some how make her realize how close we really are and how much mabie we care about each other any tips would be appreciated. Thanks
  11. Hey Swingfox thanks for the advice but i dont know what to really do because she is always telling me that she loves me and she always like flirty towards me sometimes and stuff like that and i think if i stopped hanging around her she would get really mad at me and things like that. Another thing that sucks is that shes always telling me how she cant wait to see him and that shes been feeling really shitty these last couple of days which we were together with each other actually and that she cant wait till she gets there so he can hold her and make her feel better and things like that. I dont understand after all we have been through how it can be like this.
  12. Hey enotalone members i got a problem ive become best friends with my exgirlfriend and i love being her friend but its driving me crazy! Shes got a boyfriend that she likes a lot now and i cant stand to see them hold hands and kiss and stuff. Weve been broke up for almost 2 years now and wee stayed friends via the internet and phone. But we have been hanging out almost everyday for over a month now and shes been with him about 5 times within this month and now when were all hanging out together at his house there holding hands and kissing and i told her i hate it but i dont think she understands alls she sees me as now is her best friend and i feel like a knife is cutting my insides out and its starting to really get to me i dont know what to do i still love her so much and i like being her best friend but i cant handle her being with another guy. I really want her to be with me but she likes him and wont give me a chance again im going crazy. Thanks
  13. Ok well ive posted here before about all the crazieness thats been happening in my life and it still is! Well me and my girlfriend were together for almost 2 years we had some good times but we also ended having a lot of bad times we got into alot of fights and stuff and we broke up and then got back together for 3 months and during that time we were going out but we did not have any intimate times or did we ever barely kiss. We ended up breaking up again and it tore me apart for almost a year i was a mess we still kept in contact as friends since then and talked on the internet a lot and on the phone once in a great while. Well that went on for about 2 years and then her and her boyfriend that came after me that she was engaged to broke up. We started to hang back out as friends a lot and we have been together almost everyday since then. I told her how everything has changed and how the realationship would work great this time and how i still felt about her and how i still cared so much but she said she cant see me that way. Well ive been helping her through all her ruff times and even helping her when shes upset about this one guy she really likes who she says is perfect and she likes so much. We became best friends now and we have been for almost a month now i really still like her as more then a friend still but i dont know how to convince her to give me a try again. I love hanging around her and i have a fun time except when she calls this guy and talks to him for an hour or so on the phone. The other day we were suppose to hang out but then this guy that she likes came up to see her and she decided just to be alone with him at her house and she would see me tomorrow. She always tells me that she loves me before she gets off the phone with me usually but i think shes being sarcastic and she made me say it back to her one time i didnt want to say it but i did. And before we got off the phone that night i told her to have fun and she said shes gonna and told me about how shes off her period and how her and this guy are gonna have sex again tonight and that really made me upset i hate picturing that in my head and it makes me upset. I really love her and i really love being with her everyday im growing attached again just like when we were together but she wont take me back and she tells me what she gonna do with this guy its messed up. When were hangin out and shes drunk she leans on me all the time and i bought her a beer one night and gave me a big hug and kissed my neck. That same night she was really drunk and she started to lean on me and for some reason we started rubbing each other in a romantic loving kind of way on each others arm and i felt the feeling you know. That same night is the night that asked this guy out and they started going out but then by the end of the night she said that she wasent sure that she wants to go out with him that she still wants to be single and she was drunk so shes gonna tell him that she doesnt want to go out with him and that she wants to wait to get to know him better at least that what she tells me and she still hasnet told him that and there still goin out i guess and then he came over the other night and they did all that stuff i mentioned above. I dont understand why shes like this and why shes so confused and how shes confusing me and i still care about her so much. Why cant she just give me a try and forget about this guy that she thinks is so perfect and if she doesent have any feelings for me like that anymore why does it seem like she does sometimes and why does she act that way when shes drunk and we see each other more then her and this guy do. I dont understand i need some advice thats all i know. Thanks
  14. Well i posted a topic about me and my ex girlfriend and the whole story about us the other day and she told me that we are best friends. Yesterday we hung out with some people and she likes this one guy who lives a couple towns away and then last night she started to like this one guy who i never thought she would like hes really not her type at least until yesterday and she likes him i cant believe it. Atter we left i talked to her and i told her how i felt about her and asked why she would even choose this guy and not even putting me in the lineup and her reply was because we went out allready. As we continued talking she told me that she would not go back out with me becasue of the all the bad things and all the bad fights we got into when we did go out but everything has changed and i told her it would work this time and it would all be differnt but she still didnt budge. After this talk she seemed upset or mad she said she was tired but i just feel like i did somethign wrong was it a bad move to talk to her about this and all that stuff? Do you think mabie she was mad at me for talking about it. I just want her so bad to see how much i still care and love her and how it could work but she says were better off as best friends.
  15. Well ive posted here before me and my ex girlfriend have been through a lot together over the years are realtionship was good but things started to get bad and we stated to fight all the time over little things but they became big fights. After we broke up we kept talking an i tried to get her back but she didnt want to come back. So she finally started to go out with this one guy and then i didnt talk to her as much but we still kept in contact over the next 2 years and talked on messenger and on the phone and i saw her like mabie 2 or 3 times in person. When we talked one time she even told me she would have stayed with me forever. Well now we come to december of 2003 her and her boyfriend that she was engaged to broke up he cheated on her and hurt her. She moved back around here again and we stated to hang out and she liked this one guy a lot who we went and seen i even went with her a few times and then he ended up being a jerk and now shes all depressed about it and everything all the time. She said he was perfect and really liked him and that are no good guys left or anything. Over the past few weeks we have been hanging out a lot and talking on the phone everyday. Ive been talking to her and helping her get through and get over her ex and now trying to help her feel better about this other guy that was screwing her over and shes always talking about hot guys and things like that and when we first stated hangin out again she told me i wasent her type of guy anymore and she woundlnt give me a second chance now after weve been through all this and ive been helping her shes told me that i am her best good friend and things are just strange after all this time i still love her very very much and still want to be with her really bad and it hurts when shes talks about other guys and stuff but im dealing with because i still love her do think my chances are getting better of possibly ever getting back with her or do you think im gonna remain her good best friend i wanna be more then just her friend or her best friend. Any advice or help would be appreciated. Thanks!
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