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  1. You're actually right on target. He's an extremely sensitive person in general. I think he overreacted but I did know how sensitive he is and didn't think about that.
  2. Thank you for sharing your experience Darlington. I really appreciate it and you've given me a lot to consider.
  3. Thank you so much Katrina for your kind, thoughtful, non judgemental and helpful response!
  4. Again that is your perception. 1 post on this site does not reveal the sum total of the relationship.
  5. I will figure out how I want to proceed. Thanks for your opinion.
  6. No, it's not quite like a celebrity crush that is one sided, but you're entitled to your opinion.
  7. Thank you for sharing. I think he's cool with how things are and I was but now I'm not. I have to communicate that and it's hard for me, but I have to do it.
  8. Awww thanks for sharing that story. It is possible to be in love in an LDR...it just sucks at the same time. I don't like to be vulnerable but I have to do a better job of expressing that if we don't see each other more often, this isn't going to work for me.
  9. Earlier in the thread I already stated that we need to talk about that and if it's not something he is willing to do then I will proceed from there.
  10. He's working on his doctorate so he won't be done until next year. He will not be relocating before then.
  11. I didn't say I want an engagement right now. We're not there. But given the infrequency of us meeting and the distance, I said that's not exactly leading to engagement.
  12. I have relatives who work for the sheriff's office so they've done some snooping of their own. Like I said, before the FB situation I didn't have any suspicions. As far as how often we see each other, that is a problem. We'll talk about it and if he's not willing to change the frequency then I will proceed from there.
  13. We've been speaking since Saturday. He expressed his view and I expressed mine. There was a situation in January where I posted about having a great start to the new year and spending time with an amazing person and he commented under that with details revealing that it was him. He said he prefers that type of a post because it gave him the option to comment or not. He said just posting a pic of us doesn't give him that same option. I don't completely buy it, but because it's an LDR, for now, we need to focus on changing the fact that we don't really see each other and are not that integrat
  14. I'm not burying my head in the sand. We definitely have a problem. I'm just being honest that I don't know if this a deal breaker or not. It has added to the bigger issue of being in an LDR where we barely see each other.
  15. We've spoken. I don't really know...1 pic doesn't equal posting all over the internet but apparently to him it does. So I don't plan on ever mentioning or posting him again.
  16. Yeah, I've honestly felt off ever since it happened. I didn't think there was anything he was hiding before this....now I'm not so sure....
  17. Yes, sadly, I think I may be leaning towards this thought as well. Some people are cool with never posting a pic of them and their significant other on their page...ever....I don't think I'm one of those people. I at least want the option. I'm not interested in posting every single day and every single time we go to dinner, or out driving or the beach or the gym, etc. (because some people do and it's annoying), but I can't share a pic on Valentine's Day? He and I will never see eye to eye on the issue. Or course, I won't be posting anything about us again and that makes me sad.
  18. I wanted him to get a notification that I had posted it on my page. I thought he had the filter to approve posts first before it appears on his page. I even went on his page after and didn't see it. He later admitted he deleted it.
  19. No, it was not a mark my territory thing. I did not intend for it to appear on his page (only mine). We have a small # of mutual friends in common. The distance is creating a problem, that part is true.
  20. I see how it can come across as look at me but it wasn't meant that way. I just have a different viewpoint of social media. There are different types of sharing and even though I don't post EVERY SINGLE DETAIL of my life or relationship (like some people do), I like sharing sometimes. He doesn't.
  21. I haven't decided if it's a deal breaker yet. It may be. I don't post all of my business online, but I actually like the option to post a pic or 2 of me and my boyfriend here and there. He's not comfortable, for whatever reason, so where it goes from here.....
  22. I have the same setting. I thought he did too but he doesn't. No the right is not more important than respecting his wishes. I failed to communicate how I felt about that before putting the picture up.
  23. Yeah distance is taking a toll on me. I can admit that. He's working on a doctorate degree and an educator. I'm also an educator and working on my 2nd master's degree this summer. He prefers flying but does have issues with money (for example, we were looking at flights for President's weekend, but he lives near a smaller airport which is more expensive and we couldn't find a flight for under $500). I on the other hand and better with money so I plan and decide how I'm going to use my money for travel. He hasn't shown himself to be that way (a planner and vigilant over his money).
  24. Thanks Molly. That actually gives me some comfort and I really pray that's all it is.
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