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  1. Agreed. Time will tell. I’ll be on the lookout.
  2. hmm perhaps TMI. I guess she just felt comfortable. Yes, definitely relieved. If she mentioned that initially, i would've been totally fine. Let her have as much time as she likes. It's just the sudden disconnect that got to me, that's all.
  3. She has yesterday, we spoke on the phone. She was on her period (which I thought she might be) so she had cramps in her stomach, plus she was sun-burnt from staying at her friend's when they were at the pool, so she spent all day in bed when she got home relaxing and healing, and just wanted some time.
  4. I am aware of that. I'm not the attention-craving type. Both of us engage in minimal texting through the day and have a long phone call night. Neither is needy. It's a balanced reciprocation. And my concern isn't having a break or space, if anything it's good and healthy. My concern is her sudden change of behavior. That's all. Anyhow, till will tell. Thanks for your feedback though I totally agree with you 100%. Too much neediness from either side isn't healthy. And believe me I pace myself pretty well, I've learnt so. Besides, her overnight sleepover was a good 2-day break as we
  5. Yes video chatted. And sure single and sure 29. Perhaps. But one person changing their actions overnight, when the past 3 weeks have been daily interactions, does raise a yellow flag.
  6. Wasn’t watching her IG specifically, just noticed her watching my story. Something is just not right, its evident. Time will tell what it is. Anyhow, thanks for your feedback. I’ll suck it in for the night, and see what’s up tomorrow.
  7. Because it's highly unlikely. We're under quarantine with 7pm curfews so there is only so much that can be done. Plus noticed activity on her Instagram. I know these may not be enough reason to believe so, but it's also a gut feeling.
  8. Passed out as in sleeping. No she doesn't drink at all, nor do her friends. That's what I'm doing, focusing energy elsewhere, as annoying and tough as it may be. Decided not to text today, i'll just do so tomorrow morning and take it from there.
  9. I guess so. It's just itching me and I hate it. Thanks for your feedback.
  10. You have a point. It's itching me, wont lie. Better not be one of those "tests" that some girls do.
  11. We haven't met in person yet, due to covid. I agree with you, it's just not typical of her not to connect back, that's all. And yes, maybe we don't know each other well enough, but talking daily for 3 hours and sometimes up to 5 hours for 21 days straight gives you somewhat of an indication of what kind of a person she is.
  12. We do have hours and hours given the current circumstances. Realistically a date to actually happen will probably be in another 3 weeks or so. I am not setting an appointment to call, but usually that's our quick way of calling. I just ask or she asks if we're free to call. If not, it'll be later. We keep it simple. Thanks for your feedback though.
  13. girl-friend. It was a bunch of girls. Like 7 of them. I'm 33, she's 29. We have distant mutuals. We met online and it is temporary long distance, because of quarantine otherwise I'd be where she is now (2-hour flight)
  14. I've been talking with this girl for the past 3 weeks. We talk on the phone daily for hours and hours. You know how the first phase is. On Tuesday, she went to her friend's house to sleep for a night, as her friend was having a sleepover. We exchanged normal texts on Tuesday and Wednesday morning too. By Wednesday night I reached out to see if she was back home. She responded this morning (Thursday) saying she was passed out. We exchanged minimal dry texts and I asked if she's free so I can call her, she said she's busy with her parents and will let me know when she's done. It's been 9 hou
  15. My friend (we'll call Adam) recently approached me to help him in the sale of a private jet for his lawyer's client. I have decent connections of who can help. I approached by friend (we'll call Rob) as he has even better connections. He spoke with his broker friend who has solid direct contacts within the aviation industry, and mentioned he is very interested as long as he can he get a 60-day exclusivity. I spoke to Adam and his lawyer directly, and the lawyer agreed it can be done, but first he'll need an LOI (Letter of Intent) from the broker, which is normal practice. After that, the l
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