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  1. well sounds like you already have it all figured out. Good Luck
  2. please divorce her. this marriage is nothing but toxic all around
  3. Leave her now. You don't need someone in your life that you can't trust
  4. Congrats on your Friend finally getting out of the friendzone
  5. yeah she's cheating on you. All the red flags are there. Next time you're with her look her right in the eye and say "I know the truth." Then wait
  6. have you ever been told the saying "actions speak louder than words"? This is going to be a good lesson for you.
  7. Been in your exact situation. Cut off all ties to this woman.
  8. spunkmire


    *sigh* I really feel bad for his kids (if they are even his). They're are going to be so messed up in life because of their parents.
  9. how did he reach out? can you report him to HR?
  10. Plot twist: his gf is pregnant too and is about to tell him
  11. I would say you should quite the job as well. If him giving you a look is enough to cause the reaction it did you need to get out of there fast. Staying there is like trying to quit drinking by hanging out at bars 24/7 where alcohol is readily available.
  12. his silence makes me think the worst
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