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  1. dear enotlaone I am being forced treatment (antipsychotic ) medication. if i don't take it the police come to get me. It has ruined my life. I feel terrible. I know I need a different psychiatrist, but it is not that easy since everyone runs away once they've heard my current one is forcing treatment. It has caused significant physical side effects and I hate the psychological changes. I am fighting it with a lawyer. However, they almost always rule in favor of the doctor. multiple professionals met me at the hospital and reviewed my medical records and said "the doctor has nothing on you""i think you're thinking very clearly". I also got a second opinion from a forensic psychiatrist who said I had 0 psychotic symptoms upon review and testing. I told my story to the governing body for doctors and they said they want me to file a complaint. I don't know what to do. my current one is piece of s he lies, and is basically relying on baseless allegations from family members who I hate to determine a diagnosis . Do you have any advice. I've been going to therapy too it really helps. does anyone know if CBT is an alternative option?
  2. thanks for the responses. does anyone else have experience?
  3. has anyone had or known someone who has had a sinus lift and dental implants? how was the recovery? surgery? were they happy with the results? I'm pretty terrified of the idea but I think it will make a big improvement in my quality of life.
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