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  1. out of the blue i got the urge to send a text to you, so ill do it here instead.. hey.. whats up? and its no diffrence because you prolly wouldnt respond...
  2. so you have really kept to your guns with no contact latley... one week ago you were crying on my couch saying you wish never done this to us, and were ready to move back home because your not over us and still have feelings for me, and your new bf is into you more than your into him. What happened from the time i seen you last monday morning to now? i watched you drive off to go break it off with him and what could he have said to you to make you not wanna come back? i guess ill never know, im just shocked because you seemed so set on it and for once i beleived you. you did this to me twice
  3. i woke up with you on my mind and heart, i feel pretty weak right now, but i will not break down. as i sit here with my thoughts and re-evaulate the situation and think of our past , out of the 6 yrs i was with you i cant remember a time where we were happy for more than 2-3 months.you always brought your ex into our relationship and was unfaithful to me. but what you never knew was evertime you walked away i expected you too so i ended up adding atleast 8 new partners to my list just so when you walked out you didnt have one up on me. SORRY. you always picked up and left, and never was i as
  4. you said you didnt want to make a hasty decsion and you did... if you think replacing me is the answer to getting over us then so be it... remember i know you and your past and you always jump from one relationship to another without being over your previous... you have a pattern, fix yourself before you try taking on another relationship... i seriously dont wanna see you or talk to for a loooooooooooooongggggggggggggggggggnnnnnggggggggggggg tiiimmmeeeeeeeee bye now
  5. wondering what your doing, who your with.. sitting here thinking about you, wish you were thinking about me... good bye lover, good bye friend, you were the one, you were the one for me.
  6. dear ex you just left my house and when i dont respond to you know its because i keep seeing you and not getting what i want out the relationship, ive been here trying for 3 and half months to get your attention to work it out, you tell me to go our separate ways but you still continue to come over every other nite and i let you because i truly love you, you cant let go of me but you cant be with me fulll time so if you cant make the decision i will for you.
  7. well i planned on starting the NC but she texted me and came over for a little bit tonite and hung out, i confronted the situation and she said its that one min she wants to be in a relationship the next she says she content with being alone....i said then ur heart cant be in it anymore she said thats not true, she says she likes tings about us and doesnt like things bout us... i asked about the dislikes and she said she doesnt like the routine of us... i basically just said we im done trying to win ya back i submit and thrwoing the white towel.... i didnt know what else to say....
  8. me and my ex were together for 6 yrs on and off and 3 months ago we broke up but kept in contact, everytime we start trying everything will be fine then she will say we need to go our separate ways then a few days later she will end up texting and hanging out then bam say it again . well this past weekend she slept over 4 nights in a row everything finally seemed we were heading in the right direction had a great time together and the next day she texts me saying i just dont wanna do this anymore your my comfort zone and thats isnt ok... i dont nderstand how we could have such a great weekend
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